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How to Bring the Wow Factor into the Home?

For us, our homes are more than just a place to live. It is the only place in the world where we find solace with a sense of security; that small part of this whole universe equals heaven. The place where we recluse ourselves from the outside world's chaos and delve into tranquillity. It is that house-made 'home' by the lovely people or the huge collection of compiled memories that inspire and make us cherish our lives.

So how to create your home just a serene place like this for you and your guests to go nothing but WOW! The addition of lovely statement pieces and utility items like doorknobs, mirrors, etc., can make a sea difference to our interiors, giving them a lovely and spectacular look.

Adding A Wow Factor

A wow factor stands for something like any object or design which is unexpected, something above the trend of normal. That thing which can draw your eyes immediately as you enter the room, leaving you amazed. The wow factor that is created using simple tips does not necessarily have to be costly stuff, but a unique way to project your personality with your choices and create a spark in the overall vision of the space.

How To Select a Wow Factor for Your Home?

There are multiple tricks by which you can make your house stand out. Here are some of the tips to give your home the spark it needs to outshine the rest.

1.  Experiment with color and texture

To give the room a peppy look, give it a bit of contrast to make you and others go amazed. You can also add a subtle pop color if your room is on the neutral spectrum, as it will give an exciting vibe. Also, apart from the colors, adding textured or patterned wallpapers would radiate vibrancy, setting up an uplifting mood. Texture and contrast color in the background will create a wonderful wow factor for your space, so move ahead from those trendy patterns and colors that almost everyone has and create an eye-catchy and bold-looking place with a comforting environment to offer to reside in.

2.  Get yourself a statement lighting

You go for the walls; lighting is one of the simplest ways a wow factor can be perfectly achieved. The lighting can affect the mood, and thus the type of lighting chosen should be according to the room. When we talk of statement lighting, we tend to select unusually shaped ceiling lamps or LEDs hanging on the lower side of the room to add up a bit of drama for creating a retro look. A statement lighting can do wonders for your room.

3.  Go on the greener side

One of the easiest ways to make your house seem a more welcoming and peaceful place is by adding greenery to the home. You can opt for plants that have air-purifying properties. The plants alone can give out a simple yet classy vibe to your home. You can experiment with combining small and large plants to add a touch of contrast. If you already have a garden at your home, you can use brightly colored flowers that would attract birds and bees. You can also use some of the flowers to be kept in flower pots in the rooms, making your home a paradise with a heavenly fragrance all day.

4.  Have your home's 'hero'

When going for the wow factor, it's not always what expense it will cost you, but it's usually how creative you can be. Often a simple yet unique idea can give rise to a spectacular visual piece to leave all your guests lo and behold. Get yourself wall hooks and a set of wall brackets to give your room a well-customized look with the statement piece or hero glorifying the beauty of the whole place.

5.  Everything you choose should have a purpose

When we are a newbie into the psychology of how the human brain perceives things as a whole, we live in a delusion that more equals classier and more attractive. In reality, those extra stuff appears unnecessary, and the space appears cluttered with things having no attunement with one another, projecting a bad impression of your personality and the way of life. A minimalistic lifestyle is far better than an evident chaotic lifestyle. There are various ways to add luxury without going too overboard.

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6.  Go with the classics

Either you are remodeling your house or searching for that star factor that seems missing in your heaven. It's always a great choice to go for classics, especially with the wide range available today. If you have opted for heavier furnishing, choose functional over the hottest trend. Buy a new sofa and cushion covers, new rugs, and carpet with an updated music system to turn your room into a place where you can fall in love with yourself all over again with the beautiful music playing in the background. For an overhaul to the room, replace your old furniture with the latest design, complementing the interiors. Give your room a gorgeous look with the latest designed silver-colored door handles and shiny doorknobs.

7.  Give your room some art

The wow factor does not just imply glittery or expensive stuff but is just gameplay of human perception. The artwork is an effective way to spice things up, especially when you have a neutral décor like a tinge of peach or beige. To create a dramatic focal point, even a single piece of artwork in a small dimensioned room can create a moment of surprise since the combination of size and subject matter can click to create a moment. Also, choosing the right artwork is essential as it can completely change the whole vibe. So, choose something big and bold to adorn your wall, which has a great meaning in your life.

8.  Keep quality as the top-notch priority

People tend to focus more on quality when on the way to a food venue or cloth store, but when it comes to aesthetic items, the price tag becomes the filter for choice. Always remember that cheap and poor-quality stuff neither carries that wow factor nor lasts long. Investment in quality pieces is the key to bring home the quality that lasts long. For a vintage look, go for antique items, sculptures that stand out rather than newly launched items.

9.  Play with the mirrors

When you want to sparkle things up but do not want to clutter the room with tonnes of accessories, mirrors are always the best choice to go for. Especially in a small room, mirrors can give an illusion of a spacious place. Besides, the mirrors can help in brightening your room. You can also get home a venetian mirror which will give a royal look to your entire room wherein you will wake up every morning and appreciate the very first person you see in it.

So, there are numerous ways by which you can bring out the best of your home in just a few steps and create those breathtaking and moments. A home is where our soul yearns to be, so why not make it super interesting and give it a personality that can leave your guests astounded and yourself the peace and calm you deserve.

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 08 September, 2022

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