Hand Carved Wooden Bull Statue

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Hand Made Wooden Pot-06

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Natural Wooden Platter Or Tray

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Male Scholar Statue In Fine Wood

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Tribal Ganesha Statue For Temple

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Wooden statement pieces are sculptures and craft pieces that are made using wooden blocks. Wooden statement pieces remind of the rich tradition of wood carving from the north-east of India. Wood carving used to be an important tradition among some of the tribes. People are engaged in this tradition for centuries. They learn the skill from their parents and pass it on to their offspring so that the art lives forever. People start learning this art from their childhood only. Earlier wooden artworks could be found on the main doors of every house. The complexity of designs represented the status of the family. As different tribes are located in other regions, with different environments and flora and fauna, the wood used for carving could vary from place to place. Types of wood used for forming these wooden statement pieces include basswood, aspen, butternut, softwood, hardwood, and more.

But nowadays, the tradition seems to be lost due to industrialization and urbanization. The art is losing its value to cheaper products made using high tech machines. The art which shows people's emotions and values has changed to make more money. The companies are making these pieces in a huge quantity for more profit. Hence, it requires a huge amount of wood, having a bad impact on nature. So, people should try focussing on handmade artworks, which would not only save the environment but save an art form that contains real emotions and values.

Wooden statement pieces are one of the best tools for interior design. They enhance the beauty of the house and welcomes creativity in mind. Today, there is a huge variety of wooden statement pieces available in the market with extreme creativity. They include sculptures with deep meaning, which makes some people look at them even for hours. These are sculptures that express emotions and deep thoughts that people often feel. It attracts all kinds of an audience instead of just art lovers. 

These wooden statement pieces are now easily available in the market. You can order a good-quality showpiece or a nice key chain as a wooden statement piece. Several online websites deliver the product at your doorstep within a short duration of time in all range of prices and design items. Maybe it is time for you to bring some more decoration to your house.