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Brass Lion Shape Lock with Keys

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Earlier in the time, before the invention of doorknobs, door locks were much more popular than now. To remain the door closed, people have to either put a lock in it or make a hole in the gate and use a leather thong or a piece of string to keep it shut. These vintage door locks were a crucial part of the routine to prevent burglary and unwanted people from entering. Due to so much use, they were quite popular. Some creative minds show their creativity on these locks, making it good looking and catchy and hence attracting more people. It increases the demand, and thus their business generates more profit. The designs were so good that people still use them to show their pride. Vintage door locks could be seen in a variety of designs for different customers. Some locks were imprinted with beautiful and attractive designs, whereas some were attracting people with religious minds. These locks not only provide safety but also creates a more decorative and pleasing environment in the home.

In earlier centuries, these door locks were very expensive. Poor people could not spend so much money on these locks when they already have fewer fundamentals. But for a richer class, vintage door locks were more than just locks. It was directly related to their pride and their better lifestyle. These door locks somehow provided a sense of royalty to richer class people, which could not be negotiated. So they like to spend more and more money on such kind of things.

Nowadays, the scenario is much better than earlier. These locks come in many range variation so that all could afford them. Even homes contain locks not only for the main gate. Homes come with both internal and external locks for ease of living. The exterior door lock is meant to provide safety, whereas safety could be sacrificed over a better design for internal ones.

In today's world, people like to spend more on things instead of buying more things. People prefer to buy a small and beautiful house instead of a big fort-like house. They want to spend money on getting nice things and decorate their home with them. They spend a lot of money on interior design. Talking about interior decoration, nowadays, people love to decorate their homes with vintage materials, including vintage door locks. Giving a vintage look to your house may give you a sense of royalty too. Maybe it's time for your old lock to get replaced with a vintage lock.