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Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way, yes I am talking about the much-awaited festival of lights and mesmerising decorations! - Christmas and christmas decor. A beautiful ending to a year is given by the most awaited festival of the year. It is the festival for some yummy and sweet delicacies and surprises packed in gifts for the kids along with beautiful and eye-catching Christmas decor.

People start counting down for Christmas from early November. They start shopping for Christmas decorations or for xmas decorations a month before as the excitement flows within them. Christmas accessories include a lot of things like Wreaths, garlands, lights, Christmas ornaments, baubles, Santa stockings, ugly sweaters and so much more. The best part is that you can get most of the Christmas decorations online.

The much awaited Christmas eve is meant to be filled with lights, carols, christmas decor, hot chocolate, joy and laughter with many more delicacies and traditions to be followed up. You can get ideas to decorate your fun loving evening online by checking out Christmas decorations online or decorations for Christmas.

From small children to adults, people of all age groups love decorating Christmas trees with beautiful Christmas ornaments, snowflakes, Christmas crafts and many more Christmas decoration things. Indianshelf provides a wide range of all the enormous varieties of items required for decorating not only your Christmas tree but also transforming your house into a beautiful decor.

We have indigenous varieties of Christmas ornaments available in different sizes, colours and materials. Their shine and glitter are worth their price and genuinely eye-catching. The other array is of the Paper Mache ornaments which are unique in their entire form.

Before further wasting time, now is the time to read the fantastic range of Christmas decor that we are offering:-

Paper Mache ornaments

Paper Mache ornaments serve as a perfect alternative to glass ornaments which are not only a little expensive but are also risky for the kids in the house. They are friendly in all means. Indianshelf offers beautiful designs of christmas decoration items like paper Mache ornaments, keeping in mind their handmade essence and originality. From stars to the half crescent moon, the models are intricate and mesmerising.

Christmas ornaments

You might quickly find Christmas decorations online in every other online website or any offline store. But I am sure there cannot be any particular shop or online company that can offer all the colours and designs of ornaments in all possible sizes! Now you don’t have to travel and waste your time and money searching for ornaments of different shapes and sizes because, on IndianShelf, you will find these Christmas ornaments in all possible formats! Let’s take a look at the various sizes we are offering.

Size 1 inches-2 inches

These are the smallest size available of the ornaments with a minimal price of Rs33. They come with an attached ribbon which can either be hung on the doors or windows or can be decorated on the Christmas tree.

Size 2 inches-3 inches

These small sized ornaments come in a set of six in different designs, shapes and colours.

Size 3 inches to 4 inches

These medium sized Christmas ornaments are available in heart and bell shapes that give a perfect look to your trees or fences. Because of their affordable size, they can be placed and decorated anywhere in the entire house.

Size 4 inches to 5 inches

These ethereal ornaments are a little higher in cost due to their increased size and variety. Their price ranges from 200 to 1000 Rs, depending on the choice of quality and colour. They can be placed on the window pane or the railings, thus giving a beautiful transformation to your house.

Size 6 inches to 7 inches

These ornaments are available both in a set of six or a single piece. Because of their size, they are available in 2 different sizes of round shaped balls and elongated bulbs. The beautiful amalgamation of colours is worth watching!! They will surely talk among your guests.

It is high time that you start buying the merry Christmas decorations and christmas accessories and make your festival an edge over the others. I am sure you will not only buy these decorative pieces for yourself but will also recommend these to your friends and relatives! Every one of us celebrates this festival and decorate our houses in some of the other ways but using the decorations offered by indianshelf is worth watching and complementing.


Christmas ornaments are available in a variety of sizes and colours. You can decorate these or use these to gift to your friends and family. Using personalized ornaments is a great way, especially if you have specific decoration needs. You can use paint, glitter, ribbon, sequins, etc., to achieve specific decoration ideas. These work great and can help to create one-of-a-kind designs.

To get the best results, you can buy the best tree decoration ideas from Indianshelf by keeping the tree profile and construction in mind. Remember that the size of the tree plays the main role in determining the number of ornaments that you need.

Christmas ornaments or baubles are the common forms of decoration used to bring festive cheer. These decorations have been used in various ways, either as - weaved blown, glass or plastic, molded Ceramic, metal, wooden, etc. These ornaments signify the cherished spirit of the day.
Mixing and matching ornaments help to add variety and depth to your trees. When decorating the same, you need to add large or heavy ornaments where the branches are thickest. Smaller-sized ones work best on tips of the same.

In the early 1800s, the German originated Christmas ornaments and decorations made their way into America. Slowly, these were widely used all over the world, and others too thought that these looked great on their trees instead of hanging apples or sweet goods.

The popularity of the Christmas tree skyrocketed during the reign of Queen Victoria. Despite the general distrust of the German population, the traditions were kept alive by her, which became the core part of the Christmas festivities. Slowly, having a well-defined and decorated tree became a fashionable answer to Christmas decorations.

If you plan to store the Christmas decorations outside of your home or in a garage, you need to opt for plastic storage bins and containers. Using cardboard boxes is a poor choice as the weather conditions may take a toll on the beauty of these products.
Holiday ornaments, lights, etc., can lose their shine and quality over some time. Thus, it is the best idea to use an airtight storage container to prevent any form of exposure. Also, keep these decorations away from direct sunlight. You can use a plastic wrap or tree bag to bring a protective layer to an artificial tree or can buy a special storage bag for the purpose.

Ornaments are a great way to decorate your home. The good idea is to put all your ornaments into a single plastic storage box. To store these easily, you need to wind each strand carefully and then place these into the box. The good idea is to use a shoebox, zip bag, or cotton as the best way to store these items and to retain their original shine.

You can gather a large number of ornaments into groups and place these into plastic bags. Then you can glue these into the cardboard box. Another great way is to use plastic cups and put this inside cardboard to store them easily. For extremely smaller-sized ones, an egg carton can be used.

Many ways are using which you can spruce up your home decor. These help to add a meaningful air to your Christmas decor ideas. When you and your family decide to contribute to this task, it makes your holidays happy and fun.
There are a variety of ways using which you can decorate your Christmas tree. For instance - you can use glitter, acrylic paint, etc., to decorate your home. These are inexpensive and can instantly give a new lease of life to your old ornaments. Other extensive decor ideas are also available but can be a bit pricey.

The earliest Christmas decorations for trees made the use of fruits, sweets, and baked sweetmeats. Slowly, these were replaced by hand-blown Christmas glass ornaments. It became the symbol of the culture and Christmas celebrations.

In the late 1800s, entrepreneur F.W. Woolworth had the genius idea of using these as a part of commercial-grade Christmas decorations in the USA. It is how the glass ornaments came from Germany to the USA and later to all parts of the world. The round shape of the baubles originated from replacing the fruits, nuts, and baked goods and hence, attained this particular design.

The Christmas trees that we use as a symbol of the holidays originated in the 16th century. The tradition of using trees as a decor choice dates back to the Romans and Egyptian civilizations. The triangular-shaped trees are a symbol of the trinity, and this was considered to be associated with the birth and death of Christ.
Hence, to decorate these trees or create a filler between the others or make your tree unique, you can use glass Christmas ornaments. With the right selection of these, you can create the perfect choice for your home and showcase your style.

One of the most popular forms of Christmas decorations makes the use of a Christmas tree, and by adding lights, buntings, and glass ornaments, you can enjoy the perfect Christmas trees.

These glass Christmas decorations are used by blowing the glass and then giving it a specific design or embellishments. These ornaments are available in a variety of shades and decorations to adorn your home. These can be used to decorate your tree and be reused to enhance the home's beauty using DIY projects.

Unless your local municipality has specific plastic or glass disposal machines as a part of their recycling initiatives, you may need to put these broken pieces into the bin.

For this, you need to contact your local waste management authorities or private waste handling businesses to understand and seek advice on what can be recycled and what needs to go to the bin. Doing so will help you to make the right decision about what you need to do with your Christmas decorations.