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Venetian Mirror

Designer Venetian Mirror

Designer Venetian Mirror

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Oval Venetian Wall Mirror

Oval Venetian Wall Mirror

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Crown Venetian Mirror

Crown Venetian Mirror

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Vintage Venetian Mirror

Vintage Venetian Mirror

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A complete masterpiece in art, a true art form in its complete sense, this beautiful man-made creation has surpassed all other art forms. We are talking about the one and only, Venetian mirrors! Venetian mirrors are eye-catching decorative mirrors that are transforming your house into a beautiful décor. Building its roots since 15th century, from Italy, vintage mirrors have gained popularity over the years. One major reason is the newer generation has an instinct of vintage items as they leave a lively impact in your living areas. And another reason is over the years, simple large glass panes have now been casted with intricate designs such as floral, motifs, leaf designs and many more.

Gone are the days when mirrors were just used as illumination. The time has now completely transformed I terms of using these beautiful art pieces for elegance and sheer beauty. Using them for the actual purpose of use is now an afterthought. Almost every big lavish house want to summarize and add a class and elegance to their homes by adding vintage mirrors. But making these mirrors as a centre of attraction is a tricky tasks as for that you requires to renovate your entire rooms décor keeping in mind the placement of these mirrors. These beautiful art pieces are created with abundance of hard work and creativity, carved with intricacy and meticulously.

Venetian mirror glasses come in various designs and sizes. They can easily be a part of any room, living room, bedroom, and bathroom and transform your monotonous rooms into a unique personality, taste and style. Ranging from makeup mirrors, decorative wall mirrors, round mirrors, small, big; vintage mirrors come in a huge variety of designs and sizes and can adjust in every form.

Majorly, these vintage mirrors are available in 2 forms. The first one are the etched designs that are created with big glass panes and are engraved, cut and beveled to create sharp and shiny mirrors deigns. Sometimes these mirrors are beautifully recreated by adding different shades of rainbow colors which are in a complete sense a unique art form. The second category are the glass blow mirrors that are recreated by literally blowing the glass panes and then decorating these small glass pieces n various craft forms such as flowers, leaves, motifs and other amazing designs.

Indianshelf has each of the beautiful pieces of Venetian mirrors that will leave you awestruck once you visit the website. They showcase each and every variety of decorative mirrors that will surely transform the ambiance of your room. Some of the varieties are:-

  1. Vanity mirrors- decorating your living areas with vintage but leaving the bathroom area is seriously unfair! Vanity mirrors are unique designs that are not found in every household. Adding vanity mirrors in your bathroom, will make your bathrooms look much broader and elegant.
  2. Make up mirrors- make up mirrors are a small handy mirrors that are either available with a stand or simply handy that can be carried in your purse. Beautiful Venetian make up mirrors become an apple of everyone’s’ eyes.
  3. Acrylic mirrors- acrylic mirrors are acrylic sheet that are placed on the walls which are only for the purpose of adding a whimsical touch to a traditional or a modern room.
  4. Bedroom mirrors- bedroom mirrors are the ones that truly reflect your style and class. They enhance your room décor and make even small bedrooms look brighter and wider. We have a huge variety of such mirrors that are worth trying and buying.
  5. Mirrors with lights- now with modern technology, we have mirrors with LED lights that are an added advantage for the make up lovers and are also safe to touch.
  6. Mirrors in different sizes- mirror creating art is in itself a unique style of creativity. We have a huge variety of mirrors available in various sizes which are perfect for your dining rooms and your bedrooms. The round shaped ones can be used in your main living rooms as they give a brighter look o your rooms. Similarly, small mirrors can be used in your entrance areas and will leave your guests’ eyes wide opened. Small mirrors at the entrance give an elegant look to your halls as in the very beginning your home leaves huge palace look impact!

Purchasing the mirrors is comparatively an easy task. The tedious job is to find a perfect place for placing the mirrors. The mirrors should be placed in such a way that they gain everyone’s attention and the most important part is that must be working as a reflector for any light color object such as the window or any unique piece of art.

Venetian mirrors looks vivid when added on a bold color on the wall. Bold colors give a distinctive feature to the mirror and outshine it over other art pieces.

Another form of placement is hanging them over the headrest of the beddings. They make the rooms look big and beautiful. You not need to opt for buying mirrors with many designs, instead simple glass panes with just a simple mirror art will suppress other unique items. One thing that should be kept in mind is that these decorative mirrors have their own personality and hence they should be placed keeping in mind that no other art pieces are overshadowing their beauty. Placing oversized mirrors near the wall hangings is also a unique idea.

Venetian mirrors have a different traffic in the handicraft industry. Art workers spend months in creating a single piece of art and after working for hours, comes a masterpiece. The intricacy and beauty of these mirrors make them a unique creation.