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VENETIAN MIRRORS   A complete masterpiece in art, a true art form in its complete sense, this beautiful man-made creation has surpassed all other art forms. We are talking about the one and only, Venetian mirrors! Venetian mirrors are eye-catching decorative mirrors that are transforming your...Read More

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To preserve the beauty of Venetian glass, it must be cleaned with care. First, use a clean, dry cloth or a soft-bristled brush to remove dust or dirt. Dampen a microfiber cloth with a moderate glass cleaner or a mixture of warm water and vinegar to remove fingerprints or smudges. Avoid using abrasive or strong chemicals that could damage the glass.
Wipe the glass surface gently in a circular motion, careful not to apply too much pressure. Rinse the towel regularly and thoroughly dry the glass to avoid water marks. Regular cleaning will help preserve Venetian glass's clarity and beauty.

Mirrors have been used in Italy since the ancient Roman era when they were first formed of polished metal. However, evolution in mirror manufacturing occurred in Italy during the Renaissance in the 15th century.
Venice became a major centre for glassmaking. Venetian glassmakers were the first to create high-quality mirrors by coating glass with metallic mercury, resulting in a clear and reflected surface. This approach transformed mirror production and cemented Italy's reputation for fine craftsmanship in mirror-making.

Like all forms of glass, the Venetian mirror or Murano glass - one of the most popular and the expensive ones are not resistant to cracks or breaks. Moreover, once it falls or breaks, it is not the most suitable ones that can be repaired or replaced on a budget.

If in case, you opt to glue Murano glass, it is not an easy task. It is observed that in most cases, most of the glues fail to leave their mark on this stuff. As a result, if your mirror or especially if it is a Venetian one breaks down in two or more pieces then you surely need professional quality results.

Yes, with little care and upkeep, you can opt to place and flaunt your Venetian mirror for ages to come. These are created with abundance that lingers closely on the lines of delicate masterpieces.

Venetian mirror glasses often come in various designs and sizes and can be easily put on any room of your home. Thus, it has the power to transform your monotonous and dull rooms into a unique piece of decor and accessory. The same has a unique personality, charm, taste and style. So, these excellent mirrors can be used for a variety of decor alternatives and styles. These can be very well adjusted to suit both classical and contemporary home decor needs.

There are numerous ways in which the Venetian mirror has a clear edge over the other alternatives available for purchase. Most of all the lavish homes these days carry the same and have a clear edge over the others. You can attain a significant edge and style by investing in a high-end version of this mirror that will last with you for a long time.

Even if you are planning to renovate your home, using these mirrors is a good idea. Equal care must be given to their placement so that the best results can be achieved. Moreover, all these mirrors are art pieces that are created with abundance and care apart from having intricate carvings.

Using a Venetian mirror means that you have access to an eye-catching and attractive set of mirrors that have the power to transform your home with its beautiful charm. One of the major reasons that people use it is that the same features excellent results especially with its intricate details that may include motifs like -
• Floral arrangements
• Motifs
• Leaves, etc.

Using the Venetian mirror available from leading online stores is a great idea to attain the best results for your investment. Alternatively, you can visit our online store to attain the best results for your benefit and save huge money on the same.

A Venetian mirror is an art masterpiece and a true art form. This is one of the most important man-made creations that have the capability to wow all your friends and family members. These eye-catching mirrors are not only functional but also extremely decorative in style and appeal. These have a capacity to transform your home into a beautiful abode.

It traces its legacy to the earlier 15 centuries where it was firstly created in Venice, Italy. The same has gained huge popularity over the years and as a result, is known worldwide as one of the finest quality craftsmanship that uses extensive experience and skills.

The Venetian mirror finds its origin in the Italian island of Murano and is therefore also called the Murano glass. These are produced using the utmost care and a labour-intensive manufacturing process that ensures that the resultant product is incredibly beautiful and one of the purest forms of mirrors ever designed by mankind.
Since its origin in Venice in the early 15 centuries, the Venetian mirror has been the epitome of the best quality mirror that sets the bar for other quality mirrors. Therefore, the same is an ever-popular investment for many luxury homes and rich investors.