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Silver Jewellery

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Silver Jewellery | 92.5 Sterling Silver Jewellery Online

Silver(Silver Jewellery) has been considered the ‘Metal of the Moon’ for centuries. The pleasing look, the earthy feel and the enchanting resonance of silver taken together is said to cast a spell on the eye which is soothing and luxurious at the same time. You might have heard of the phrase silver spoon. As it implies, silver has been the symbol of wealth and wisdom since thousands of years. The traces of which, could be first observed in the ornaments made by Ancient Egyptians.

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Following this, the application of antique metal silver finds its origins in 12th century European metal-houses where the metal was employed for various purposes related to coinage, currency and commerce. A few years down the line, the metalsmiths began to use silver for creating items like buckles, plates and ornate coffee pots. Gradually, silver became the confectionary of the sweet-toothed royals. The silver rolling mills began to mushroom and silversmiths began to boom. Hopping forward, silver is believed to be a symbol of prosperity and sophistication even today.

92.5 Sterling Silver Jewellery Online:-

In fact, this very day, silver is preferred by more people than gold or platinum taken together. Take the utensils, take the jewellery, take the cutlery or take the accessories. Silver is everywhere. However, what you see is not the pure silver.  Also known as fine silver, the pure silver which contains 99.9% silver is generally soft in texture; so soft that if it would have been used to create your jewellery, it would slip wash from your hands right away.

The silversmiths would have great difficulty in molding the metal to create your favourite designs. Therefore, just the right amount of thickness, viscosity and composition is required. Just imagine, what would happen if your jeweller tried to make your necklace out of the silver foil covering the sweets that you eat Well, this is the reason that is, in order to make it slightly harder, silversmiths prefer using another variety of silver.

Sterling Silver Jewellery.

Sterling silver consists of 92.5% silver and remaining 7.5% other metals, copper most often. While it retains the original value of silver, the prices top up due to the involvement of laborious work of craftsmen apart from their intricate artistry.

Still and all, sterling silver is more affordable than other precious metals such as gold. This makes sterling silver jewellery even more popular among the ladies and modern women today. And guess what, the best part of sterling silver jewellery is that it is absolutely non-allergic as it doesn’t contain any allergy causing substance or metallic component. 

This brand new selection of silver jewellery at Indianshelf brings to you some of the exquisite and detailed artistic pieces handcrafted in sterling silver.

Be it a pendant or an earring, each piece features gorgeous designs some of which come with encrusted gemstones, pearls, metallic beads and other cut-uncut stones. Whether you are a lover of traditional Indian jewellery or a contemporary fashion jewellery enthusiast, this selection will take you inside the gallery of your favourite designs.

Pick from a juicy collection of paisleys, pyramids, jhumkis, peacock’s feathers, lotus petals, lion’s head, elephants, leaves & flowers, geometries & mandalas, serpents and other stunning sundry design motifs like these.

The bonus for your jewellery box is the addition of stones, pearls and ghungroos in different colours including blue, red, green and white. So come around, and add sparks of silver to your jewellery box with our silver jewelleryCheck over some of our most fabulous varieties of Silver Earrings and Silver Pendants.


Silver is known in the chemistry world as a noble metal and hence is one of the non-corrosive materials. Despite this, pure silver or its cheaper variants are known to develop tarnish when exposed to air containing sulfur. So, silver does not rust as such but reacts strongly to chemicals. Taking good care of the silver items can make all the difference.
Many people ask if water can also cause damage to the silver then the answer is yes and no. Water does not exactly damage sterling silver yet the same can oxidize more quickly (depending on the quality of water and it's chemical composition).

Pure Silver is not attracted to a magnet. However, if the percentage of the silver alloy used to make jewellery has more concentration of cheaper variants that make it stick to the magnet.

Silver in its natural form is not noticeably magnetic and has only weak magnetic properties. However, using iron, nickel, cobalt, etc. that are quite magnetic, and this implies that either your silver is not pure or is a silver-plated cheap product. You need to shell out additional cost to get the silver of the best quality and this makes it quite a good idea for achieving a long term and durable investment source.

Pure silver is the best especially if you are looking for short- and medium-term investments that have reasonable liquidity. It is important to buy silver bullions for the purpose. However, if you are looking for affordable price metal jewellery that is safe for you then you need to invest in sterling silver jewellery.

So, if you are in the market to buy silver then you need to identify the quality of silver using the certificates to identify if you are making the right choice. If you are still stuck, then ensure that the silver jewellery makes a strong ringing sound when rubbed on other metal.

There are numerous reasons to prefer silver as a source of investment. The same is already popular due to its affordable price tag and pure silver can be bought as a bullion investment.
There is a great market for such items and reasonable liquidity. All these make an investment into the silver items a good idea. Therefore, investing in silver items is great for short- and medium-term equity investments.

Although there are numerous variants of silver available for purchase, each of these has their own pros and cons. Fine silver has millesimal fineness. This is 999-grade silver or pure silver. Thus, it has 99.9 per cent silver and a minimal amount of impurities. However, the same cannot be ideal for everyday use as it is quite soft and easy to bend. It is therefore used only as a precious investment in form of coins.

In such a case, you need to have 925-mark silver jewellery that implies that it is 92.5 per cent silver and a minimal percentage of alloys to give it durability and shape.

Sterling or 925 grade silver is that jewellery that is one of the most standardized versions of silver across the world. It is an alloy of 92.5 percent silver that has just 7.5 per cent copper or nickel. Since pure silver is quite difficult to transform into a Jewellery item, the 925 is one of the widely used solutions for making precious silver jewellery items and is quite durable.

The stamp 925 indicates the genuine grade sterling silver that is standardized. So, this is a universally accepted standard that ensures that you are investing in the best grade silver jewellery for your needs.

Silver becomes black as it can react with the hydrogen sulfide in the air that triggers a set of chemical reactions. This chemical reaction can also occur in case of exposure to specific chemicals as well and therefore a black layer is created. Moreover, silver oxidizes faster especially in places where there is a lot of light and humidity. Therefore, keeping silver ornaments safely can reduce the instances of such issues completely.

Even if your silver gets tarnished then you simply need to put these in a bowl of appropriate size and then cover these with white distilled vinegar. Also, add a bit of baking soda into the bowl.

The use of silver in case of medicines is quite common and goes back to thousands of years. The scientists have been aware about the same being an antibacterial agent. It is observed that silver ions perform the desired results by punching holes into the bacterial membrane and kill them.

Similar studies have reported that silver potentiates the antibacterial properties of ofloxacin, ampicillin, tetracycline and gentamicin. It is also found to be effective against E. coli and P. Aeruginosa. As a result, silver kills bacteria and keeps chances of development of such infections completely. Hence, silver is good for your health.