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Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 20 January, 2022

Decorating your room also has many other benefits. It helps unravel your creativity. It also helps in making the atmosphere in your room more relaxing and fun.

Your room tells a lot about you. Keeping your room clean and tidy tells people that you're organised and a cleanliness freak. Decorating your room now and then tells people that you like change. If you want to impact people, decorating your room will help you make an impression. Decorating your room also has many other benefits. It helps unravel your creativity. It also helps in making the atmosphere in your room more relaxing and fun. And there's no place like your room. After a busy day at work, you look forward to having a relaxing day in bed, so why not make the entire experience even better by making some cool additions to your room! Here are some lovely, easy to implement room décor ideas-

1. Sparkling and shimmering fairy lights

Fairy lights are a set of small lamps strung together on a piece of wire. They can be used for lighting up your balcony and also for home décor purposes. They are energy-efficient, which makes them 100 times better than traditional bulbs. You can hang them in whichever way you want, and they'll still look cool. Print some cool pictures of yours, clip them on the fairy lights, and then hang them in your room. It'll make your room look aesthetically pleasing. Along with that, fairy lights are also very safe as they do not produce heat, are cool to touch, and are eco-friendly.

2. Faux plants for a greener look

Faux plants can be a cool addition to your room. They need less maintenance, so you get to save time. Whether it's winters or summers, they always look fresh and beautiful. Cleaning them is also relatively easy as they are not so fragile. They are also durable, so you don't have to change them again and again. They also have a very realistic appearance so you definitely won't regret buying them. They also don't require sunlight, so you can place them wherever you like. You also don't have to worry about developing pollen allergies, so you can enjoy having them in your room.

3. Amazing Wall Adornments

If you need to add a more personal touch to your room, putting posters on the walls can be a very good idea. Whether you're a fan of different bands, actors, singers, just put it all up. Wall paintings draw a lot of attention and give an instant upgrade to your room. Let people see a part of you and what you like. Wall paintings can make your room look very stylish. The value of art also increases with time, so money-wise, it's a good investment. Just make sure that the wall paintings go with the colour palette of your room.

4. Stunning Door Handles

If your door handles show signs of wear and tear or have become outdated, now is the time to replace them with newer options. There is no dearth of styles, patterns, and designs available in this door hardware. Take out some time to explore these options and select something that goes well with your home's overall décor and theme. You will find a sea change in the looks and appearance of your room once this simple yet elegant change is done. The designs you choose will give people a slight peak into your personality. Go for designs that mean something to you. Your room is like a plain canvas, so don't let anything stop you from doing what your heart desires. Let your goofiness dictate your room décor!

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5. Go Green with Hanging plants on elegant Wall hooks

If you're someone who obsesses over plants, this might be a good option for you. Buy trendy wall hooks to hold your planters. It is also believed that having plants in your room can help lighten your mood, reduce your stress levels and also help in enhancing your creativity. According to a scientific study, having plants in your room helps you get a better night's sleep. They'll also make a significant difference in the air quality of your room. Having plants in your room will not only make it look refreshing but also enhance its overall appearance. They will give life to your room and help turn you into a healthier and happier person.

6. Lovely ambiance with beautiful chandeliers

If you're looking for a way to unleash your creativity, there's nothing better than making homemade chandeliers. If done properly, homemade chandeliers can make your room look unique and divine. You can make these chandeliers with the help of paper, fairy lights, balloons, threads, etc. You get to choose your designs which will help you get exactly what you want. It'll help you transform the appearance of your room and turn it into something magical. You also don't have to worry about damaging your walls. Trust your creative instincts and see how these chandeliers make your room look amazing, along with being easy on your pocket.

7. Replace drawer knobs with an elegant option

It is surprising to note how simple touches here and there can bring a remarkable difference to your home's look and appearance. If you have an antique bedside drawer or a console table with many drawers in your room, change its drawer knobs with something trendy and stylish. It will look cool and attractive. Let your creative juices do their job!

These room decoration tips are simple, easy to implement, and cost-effective solutions to an extraordinary change in the looks of your room. These simple touches will lend an elegant and chic look to your space and make it a perfect place to unwind after a long day at work. Your room is your personal space where you relax and rest. Thus, please make efforts to make it a more comfortable and relax retreat for you. So folks, with an eye on your budget and aesthetics on your mind, it is time to unbox your creative skills and use the ideas shared above to give a makeover to your room.

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