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Purple Polka Ceramic Fish Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
  • 422 In Stock

Green Owl Flat Ceramic Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
  • 253 In Stock

Purple Polka Elephant Face Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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White Rabbit Face Ceramic Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
  • 702 In Stock

Pink Owl Flat Ceramic Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
  • 212 In Stock

Cream Shell Flat Drawer Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
  • 99 In Stock

Green Fish Polka Dot Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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White Tortoise Ceramic Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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Turquoise Fish Ceramic Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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Green Elephant Face Kids Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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Sky Blue Fish Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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Conch Shell Ceramic Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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Baby Elephant Shape Ceramic Dress...

  • ₹ 175.00
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Sage Green Ceramic Owl Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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Cream Fish Ceramic Drawer Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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White Fox Face Ceramic Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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Fish Ceramic Fauna Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
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White Deer Handmade Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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Grey Owl Flat Ceramic Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
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Cream Sea Shell Cabinet Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
  • 536 In Stock

Grey Fish Polka Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
  • 418 In Stock

White Shell Flat Ceramic Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
  • 58 In Stock

Cream Elephant Ceramic Knob

  • ₹ 90.00
  • 236 In Stock
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White Little Bird Pattern Cabinet...

  • ₹ 54.00₹ 90.00
  • 4129 In Stock

Ceramic Fauna Knobs (shapes)

Animal style art, also known as zoomorphic style has been a popular art form originated in China and a tradition carried out since 1st century, perhaps even earlier. During early days, this style could be seen in objects, hardware and motifs which accompanied sculpted animal heads attached to a door handle, spindle, embellishment or embossing. Horse head knobs could be seen on the maces of courtiers. Metallic serpents were apparent in the jewel boxes. Cows, lions and elephant heads could be noticed in home decorations.

This selection of ceramic fauna knobs by Indianshelf carries forward this animal art while blending it with the modern day taste and a large assortment of colours. Featuring interesting designs like polka dots, stripes, painted faux animal fur and coloured trimmings, each knob has been intricately sculpted by hand in finely glazed ceramic. Animal heads come in choices of elephant, cow, deer and rabbit in addition to silhouettes of butterfly, tortoise, owl and fish. If you would like to add a rather seashore kind of style in your space, you can also select from shell-shaped ceramic knobs available in various shapes such as spirals, sundial, conch, scalloped and cockle. 

From a classic kids room to retro fashionista, from a background décor theme of pastels to a charcoal-denim themed room, these ceramic fauna knobs will add a style to your decorations which is both eclectic and light hearted. These chunky little stunners are also ideal for spilling a safari style in your kitchen, porch deck or backyard.

Relying on their long lasting nature, give these animals the center stage in your home, guest house or kitchen. Do not worry; they won’t chow down your food while you’re away. Rather, they will protect it.

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