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India Old Brass Tiffin lunch Box...

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Copper Three Container Lunch Box

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Functional Brass Tiffin Box With...

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Brass Handmade Tiffin Food Box

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Old Brass Tiffin Box With Four Co...

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Brass Tiffin Box With Three Tier ...

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Copper Flower Design Old Indian L...

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Brass Lunch Box Four Containers A...

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Brass Ring Tiffin Box With Four C...

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Brass Lunch Box With Four Contain...

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The reason we love Vintage Lunch Boxes and why they are back with a bang!

The traditional copper or brass tiffin or "Dabba" is often a metal version of the lunchboxes. The larger dabbas can have 3-4 compartments and can be used to carry meals for a small family on the go or send love-cooked meals to a close one during times of sickness and distress. This larger Dabba comes with a rod-like stand that makes it easy to store and carry.

Even if carrying your office lunch in these seems too much, you can place these around the house as a décor item. Giving these tiffin a new lease of life is possible by transforming these into garden décor or planters for the balcony area. Surely, the humble Dabba can help to boost your home décor ideas.

Choosing the Vintage Lunch Boxes is a delight as no two pieces are created similarly, and these are from an era when everything was crafted using hands and intricate details. These assorted pieces can be the perfect quirky décor idea that you need to bind your limited city spaces. These tiffin boxes can also be used in your food and beverage business to add a touch of royalty to the spaces.

The collection forms part of our extensive collection of traditional Indian vintages and décor items, and each design is unique in its quality and design. As a result, each of our products is well-loved and treasured by all our customers. These charming and vintage brass chapati dabbas are crafted with delicate designs and engraved with floral and animal motifs and come from the houses of top artisans from all over the nation.

Vintage Lunch Boxes make all the difference to your home and kitchen décor concepts

Copper has been the widely used and cherished metal for the past 9000 years, and using utensils designed from copper are ideal heat conductors, durable and corrosion-resistant. Copper conducts heat five times faster than iron and is twenty times more effective than stainless steel. The alloys of copper carry antibacterial properties and thus are effective against disease-causing germs and bacteria. Using copper, the transmission of germs is avoided.

Since copper Vintage Lunch Boxes are created by hand, slight imperfections can be seen, highlighting the importance of the handiwork. It doesn't have any negative property and is an effective way to store your meals.

However, one needs to be aware to store these tiffins in a clean and dry place to ensure the best results. You can also use special copper cleaning solutions and alternatives to keep these in pristine condition. Cleaning using fine-grained salt and lemon juice is also possible, making it perfect for your everyday use.

Some of the Vintage Lunch Boxes have also been crafted from brass, and as a result, the same makes the food stay fresh and hot for longer. Even the homemade chapattis and rice stay fresh and healthy in these.

Some of the offerings can be used as a chapatti box, and womenfolk of the house can use this as a serveware for happy occasions. The designs can carry engraving and special designs on the lid that make it perfect for gifting purposes. The stylishly designed boxes come with handles and, as a result, can be easy for safe-keeping.

The copper variants of these are excellent conductors of heat, making the product an extremely great product for temperature management and control. It is perfectly useful for delicately created dishes and does not require special fine-tuning. Even if you wish to heat the stuff before eating, the same will not impact the quality of your food. Also, the metal has been validated by Ayurveda and traditional Indian medicine experts for its healing properties and forms the part of essential elements needed for the human body.

The copper derived from such meals is used by the body to produce energy, metabolize iron, synthesize connective tissues, etc. It is also effective for mental and physical health and wellness. A basic diet of an adult man must include 1400 micrograms of copper, and this copper ends up in the skeleton while the excessive intake is released through bile and urine.