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Clear Umbrella Knob, Small

  • ₹ 88.00
  • 576 In Stock

Pink Umbrella Medium

  • ₹ 110.00
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Clear Umbrella Medium

  • ₹ 110.00
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Pink Umbrella Knob, Large

  • ₹ 165.00
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Umbrella Glass Knobs

The Umbrella Glass Knob is a fun and versatile home décor element that may quickly improve the look of your living room. This lovely glass knob comes in various colors and forms, making it a perfect choice for adding a touch of sophistication to your furniture, cabinets, and drawers.

The Design Aspect

The Umbrella Glass Knob has a striking and original design that sets it apart from other knobs. These knobs feature an umbrella-shaped glass top handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Skilled artisans created the glass, enhancing its individuality and character. The umbrella-shaped design not only looks good but also gives a good grip while opening drawers or cabinets.

Color Options

One of the most striking features of the Umbrella Glass Knob is the variety of color variations available. Whether you favor traditional and timeless colors or want to add a splash of color to your living area, there is a hue for you. Classic clear glass, exquisite blue, stylish black, appealing green, and many more shades are popular. This vast color range ensures that you will be able to choose a suitable knob to suit your existing décor or to create a striking contrast.

Shape Variations

In addition to the umbrella-shaped design, the Umbrella Glass Knob is available in various shape variations. While the iconic umbrella shape is popular, these knobs are also available in round, oval shapes. Given the variety of forms, choose the one that best complements your furniture or cabinet design.

Uses Of Umbrella Glass Knobs

The Umbrella Glass Knob is a flexible accent that will boost your home decor in various ways. Here are some examples of everyday use:

  • Cabinet Knobs: To quickly improve the look of your cabinets, replace outdated and typical cabinet knobs with the Umbrella Glass Knob. With so many color and form possibilities, you will discover the ideal complement for your cabinets.
  • Drawer Pulls: These lovely glass knobs will dress up your drawers. Their distinct shape and color palette make them an appealing alternative to modern and old furniture.
  • Dresser Knobs: Use these glass knobs as dresser handles to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. They may give an aged piece of furniture new life or increase the beauty of a new one.
  • Cupboard Knobs: Add a fashionable and valuable touch to your storage areas by installing these knobs on your cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room.


Indianshelf is a well-known online retailer specializing in unique and high-quality home décor and hardware supplies. We have various beautiful knobs and handles, including the Umbrella Glass Knob. Shopping from Indianshelf assures that you will obtain original and well-crafted goods that will satisfy your design, quality, and pricing requirements.

Shabby Chic Compatibility

The Umbrella Glass Knob matches the shabby chic decor style perfectly. These glass knobs' exquisite and timeless design fits wonderfully with shabby chic furniture, adding a touch of elegance to the style's rustic and worn-out appearance. The Umbrella Glass Knob is an excellent choice for enhancing existing shabby chic décor or starting from fresh.

Umbrella Glass Knob From Indianshelf For Home Decor

The Umbrella Glass Knob is a stunning home decoration piece that provides endless opportunities for altering furniture, cabinets, and drawers with its superb design, many color variations, and unique forms. The Umbrella Glass Knob is a fantastic choice for both individual and professional interior design projects because of the ease of online buying and availability at Indianshelf; elevate your home décor with the Umbrella Glass Knob's timeless beauty, and let its elegance flow through your living areas.

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