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Black Ceramic Door Mortice Handle...

  • ₹ 1,200.00
  • 81 In Stock

Cream Crackle Mortice Handle 2.25

  • ₹ 413.00
  • 33 In Stock

Cream Dot Mortice Handle 2.25

  • ₹ 413.00
  • 74 In Stock

Cream Mortice Handle 2.25

  • ₹ 413.00
  • 121 In Stock

Grey Dot Mortice Handle 2.25

  • ₹ 413.00
  • 67 In Stock

Grey Mortice Handle 2.25

  • ₹ 413.00
  • 157 In Stock

Mustard Leaf Mortice Handle 2.25

  • ₹ 413.00
  • 2 In Stock

Pink Crackle Mortice Handle 2.25

  • ₹ 413.00
  • 137 In Stock

Pink Floral Moritce Handle 2.25

  • ₹ 413.00
  • 11 In Stock

Pink Dot Mortice Handle 2.25

  • ₹ 413.00
  • 227 In Stock

Mortice Ceramic Door Handles

The name mortice door handles comes from the word mortice which means ‘a pocket or valley’. And as its name suggests, a mortice handle requires a pocket called as mortice to be cut into the door, drawer or a piece of furniture. Inside this pocket, a plate is fitted, which is usually accompanied by a protruding pull such as a knob, lock of handle.  

Mortice door handles are relatively newer inventions of door hardware as compared to the ones made of bone, stone or metal. The best part, even the kings of Mughal and Rajput palaces couldn’t witness any of these handles which you can do very easily now these days. Even after years of its discovery, mortice door handles were used only in the homes of the wealthy and royal. However, in the present day, these handles are commonly used in homes, offices and buildings.

This selection of mortice ceramic door handles by Indianshelf showcases mortice handles made with ceramic knob pulls. Iconic looks and classic designs make each of these handles a terrific addition to any door or drawer. Coming with the glossy appearance and longevity of ceramic, these handles also make up for long term companions for your home décor. Good quality spindles and plates polished in metal add to the sturdiness of the handles.

Each handle features a glazed white ceramic knob designed in beautiful and colourful patterns. From polka dot patterns to floral designs and crackled honeycombs, the handles are available in a wide range of designs. Choose from your favourite shade and add tiny bursts of colour in different areas of your home!

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