Tropical theme Jaguar Ceramic Cab...

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Tropical Fruits Animals Ceramic C...

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Tropical Macaw birds Ceramic furn...

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Pink Polka Elephant Face Knob

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Baby Elephant Shape Ceramic Dress...

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White Brown Bee Flat Ceramic Knob

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Owl Knob-03

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Pisces Flat Ceramic Knob

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Green Butterfly Kids Knob

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White Blue Butterfly Kids Knob

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White Grey Butterfly Knob

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Black Butterfly Flat Kids Knob

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Black Butterfly Painted Knob

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Blue Butterfly Ceramic Kids Knob

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Orange Butterfly Ceramic Knob

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Grey Star Crackle Knob

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Pink Star Ceramic Knob

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Red Star Ceramic Knob

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Ceramic Kids Room Knobs

The tender age of children is meant to dive into a playful exploration of life while bridging the discovery and development of the self. These tiny tots have a lot of work to do. In each little new moment, they have something new to do. Ironically, they are busier than most adults. And so, their playroom too must get the attention it deserves.

While kids just want to have fun, there must be something that satisfies their curiosity while stirring their imagination at the same time. This array of ceramic kids room knobs by Indianshelf is curated to do just that.

Create a little animal nursery for the kids for; there are knobs with animals, birds, fishes and reptiles. Instil in them a taste of mythology with knobs featuring dragons and zodiac signs. The teeny trains and majestic boats are perfect to welcome them in the territory of education.

There are also maps, monuments, landscapes, portraits, labels, alphabets, queen’s crown and even skulls to let their open mind wander wherever it wants to. To add a classroom style feel in their room, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes like clouds – plain or dotted, buttons, elephants, baby dolls, stars, footballs and fruits.

Offering a fresh spin of colours, these door knobs also provide a high substance strength which has been derived from the use of ceramic materials of different crystallinities. Each knob comes with a spindle and mounting bolt. Choose from the metal finishes of silver, golden and antique.

While these knobs are ideally suited for kids, their toy chests, almirahs, study tables and bookshelves, they also complement other spaces very well. They will look great and playful openings for boxes, trunks and kitchen cabinets.

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