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Photographs are the most treasured heirlooms that capture the picture-perfect moments of our life. They are pleasant reminiscences of the times spent together with our family, friends and loved ones and an acknowledgement of the fact that the days were truly lived.

New Photo Frame | All Photo Frames | Picture Frames | Digital Photo Frames

Our memories might wane with time but the pictures will retain their charm and will persist in being afresh and live. To preserve such rich memoirs, it is imperative to safeguard them from wear and tear by encasing them in attractive photo frames.

1.  The significance of Photo Frames

Photo frames provide creative reliability to your determined attempt at capturing the flawless photo and focuses on the features and place of the picture taken. They come in large variations ranging from plain black frames to striking shades like red, sea green, olive natural and turquoise. You can browse through the photo frames section in, an online shopping portal featuring home décor and handcrafted products. New Photo Frame such as a golden door, sea green, and turquoise will make your rooms come alive with their charming hues thereby permeating the rooms with elegance. The classy appeal of these photo frames will supply a distinctive look to your pictures. They being accessible in a variety of dimensions, apart from just framing photos, they can be also utilized for displaying an eclectic compilation of artwork.

Many times, purchasing gifts for our near and dear ones can be quite a daunting task. The very first question that pops into our mind is ‘what exactly should I purchase as a birthday present for my best friend?’ And the moment we reach a solution, it suddenly dawns on us that we had already gifted the same present last year itself. During such precarious situations, photo frames turn up as our saviour. Try giving a beautiful heart-shaped photo frame to a friend who will soon walk down the aisle. As girls have a fetish for the ubiquitous heart design, be assured that your friend too will set her heart on it!

2.  Things to Consider While Buying Photo Frames

Rather than struggling through the endless photo frames and undergo the pangs of indecisiveness in settling on anyone, it is better to consider a few things before taking the plunge.

  • The first thing that needs to be considered is the recipient of the photo frame; that is whether you are purchasing it for yourself or as a gift for somebody else. Choosing frames for special occasions or for a loved one is unchallenging and trouble-free unlike when selecting frames for your own images. Gift stores have individual segments allotted to themes like baby picture frames, wedding frames etc. that renders it much easier to grab the ideal gift.
  • The next thing that should be kept in mind is the budget. If you have a specific budget within which you want to look for the ideal gift then, it will also narrow down your choices thus making it a lot easier to surf the frames. And the best part is you can always get an array of frames for every single budget.

3.  Optimum Utilisation of Round Frames

With the distinguishable design of round picture frames, there are several tricks and methods following which the round photo frames can be put to optimum utilisation. Let us go through some such tips mentioned below.

  • Photographs captured further away from the camera should be put in round frames as they add a remarkable aspect to these frames.
  • Images pertaining to scenery if placed in round frames will look pleasing as they serve as an aperture in catching a glimpse of the outer world.
  • Adorable photos of babies are also a wonderful option to amplify the round frames. Babies are commonly associated with the words round, chubby, roly-poly etc. and this makes them the ultimate prospects for featuring in round frames. Jali Photo Frame and Bone Photo Frame are the two types of round frames on Indianshelf which can be your prized-possession capturing the innocent smile of your child.

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4.  Steer Clear of These Things with Round Frames

  • Refrain from cropping your photos as it tends to make them cut-off or squeezed into the frame. Well, this can be dealt with if the subject in the photo is properly centred within all photo frames.
  • Close-up shots of people staring straight at the lens are also a big NO. Round frames make the faces even more round than they normally are and is not very complimentary. However, babies are an exception to this case.
  • Thus, sticking to the above-mentioned tips and tricks can make these round frames an excellent home décor.

5.  Benefits of Digital Photo Frames

Gone are the days when pictures were settled on the side-table or hung in a staggered formation on the walls. With the advancement of technology, taking snaps and laying them down on display has become a child’s play. Earlier camera used to be an indispensable equipment for capturing the precious moments. But now, it does not even matter if it has escaped your mind. Cameras have been replaced with cell phones that capture impeccable pictures which are then transferred to the digital photo frames. You can then place these digital frames anywhere, be it on your computer table, on the refrigerator or by your bedside. It will keep displaying the various pictures transferred to it as a slideshow. This way you can relive all the fond memories attached to them at a greater pace and ease.

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Posted On: 29 September, 2022

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