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Beautiful Lord Shrinathji Pichwai...

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Adorable Pichwai Painting of Lord...

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Rectangle Shaped Shrinathji Pichw...

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Beautiful Pichwai Painting of Lor...

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Multi-Coloured Pichwai Painting o...

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Beautiful Pichwai Painting of Kri...

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Multi-Coloured Lord Krishna Teasi...

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Pichwai Cow Painting Of Shreena...

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Pichwai Art Annakut Srinathji Pai...

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Pichwai Art Paiting Of Krishan Te...

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Sharada Purnima Sreenathji Pichwa...

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Pichwai Painting Of Arti Of Shr...

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Sreenathji Pichwai Design Paintin...

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Pichwai Paintings Of Lord Krishna...

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Hand Painted Lord Shrinathji Pain...

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Lovely Pichwai Painting Hand-Pain...

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Pond Pichwai Painting in Multi-Co...

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Hunting Scenery Pichwai Painting ...

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Beautiful Pichwai Paitning of Lor...

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Lord Shrinathji Pichwai Painting ...

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Pichwai Painting of Pond for Livi...

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Adorable Pichwai Painting of Maha...

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Eye-Catching Pichwai Painting of ...

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Hand-Painted Hindu God Painting f...

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Mahavir Swami Pichwai Painting fo...

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Beautiful Cow Patterns Pichwai Pa...

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Hand Painted Lord Krishna Playing...

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Hindu God and Devotee Pichwai Pai...

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Lovely Pichwai Painting of Hindu ...

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Traditional Painting of Hindu God...

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Buy Original Shrinathji Pichwai Paintings Online

Pichwai paintings have established their existence from ancient India that is used to embellish the walls if the temples that time behind the idol. The major differentiating characteristic for these Pichwai paintings is that they are broadly represented with features such as broad eyes, big fat nose and heavy body. These features of the Pichwai paintings are like the painting of lord Shrinathiji which is another form of Lord Krishna lifting Govardhan Mountain (one of the very famous legendary tale).

Exclusive Range Of Original Pichwai Paintings:-

Except for these permeant features, Original Pichwai paintings are made for a variety of different occasions, different seasons and according to different festivals. For example, during the festival of Sharad Purnima, these Pichwai paintings are made depicting a night scene with a full moon. Similarly, during the summer season, the modern Pichwai paintings are recreated with lotus flowers, depicting summer colours. During festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Govardhan Puja; these paintings are made depicting each festival.

The temple backdrop is created within a time span of 2-3 weeks and is prohibited to be clicked by the viewers. The major pilgrimage destination for these Pichwai paintings is Nathwada, located in Udaipur. The Pichwai krishna painting is made as a rough sketch in a starched cloth and then filled with rich colours such as red, yellow, green and gold along with heavy brushes. Initially, the artist used all-natural colours from flowers and the brushes were also made up with the hair of horse, goat or squirrel. But now with time and other forms of creating a Pichwai painting, painters have switched to artificial brushes. For a common man, the smaller versions of  Shrinathji paintings are made which are decorated with pure old which add a separate value and give it an extra charm.

Indian Pichwai Paintings:-

Pichwai paintings are especially for the ones who are great devotees and love to decorate their shrines at home as these paintings are majorly made representing Lord Shrinathji. The paintings on the website are made up of complete natural colours and brushes and are given a final touch with pure gold. Most of them are of Lord Krishna, depicting various stages of His life such as dancing with Goddess Radha, lifting of Govardhan Mountain, famous dance of Holi festival.

The paintings are available at various prices ranging from as low as 12000 INR to 50,000 INR. But once you will take a look at these prints, you will soon realize their value and the hidden talents of the Indian artists coming from the streets of Rajasthan.

How to Restore and Clean Pichwai Paintings

Paintings are essential to home decor because they make rooms more aesthetically pleasing and elegant. They can act as focal points and impact the overall ambience of the space. Moreover, Paintings add to the character and detailing of the house through vibrant landscapes or thought-provoking abstracts.

Though with time, paintings may lose their features and vibrancy if not taken care of properly, by following specific guidelines, we can improve the longevity and aura of a portrait.

Pichwai Painting Maintenance and Cleaning

Follow the below steps to clean the paintings -

  • Avoid placing the painting in areas with much smoke or pollution because these substances can build up on the surface over time.
  • A soft, clean, and dry brush, such as a soft-bristle or clean makeup brush, should be gently and frequently used to dust the painting.
  • Handle paintings with clean hands to avoid transferring oils and dirt to the painting's surface, or wear sterile cotton gloves.
  • Keep the painting away from harsh sunlight, high humidity, and sudden temperature changes.
  • Use a sturdy frame that offers the painting the proper support and protection.
  • To prevent paint damage, keep the humidity level in the display area stable.
  • Never use household cleaning products, strong solvents, or abrasive materials on a painting because they can harm the paint and varnish layers.
  • Pichwai Painting Restoration

    Start by thoroughly inspecting and evaluating damages such as cracks, discolouration, and flaking in painting.

    Next, use soft solvents and swabs to remove accumulated dirt and grime carefully. Use reversible methods to patch rips and holes, adding fresh paint if necessary.

    Ensure the tools and methods you use are compatible with the painting.

    Retouch faded areas by carefully blending and precisely matching colours. Apply a shielding varnish as a final step to protect the repaired layers.

    To maintain the tone and authenticity of the artwork, you must have the expertise, persevere, and adhere to art standards.

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