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Created since ancient lithography is a unique art form of printing that is based upon the use of oil and water. It is an exclusive form of art that requires a lot of creativity and efficiency. The unique about this kind of printing is the base on which these paintings are made.

Oil and water are used to create an image on a stone surface. The image is formed using a crayon and a pencil on the stone, and the stone is then covered with water. The next step involves applying ink on the stones which get attracted to the oil-based surface. The image Is then transported from the stone to the paper. And after completion of these few steps, a masterpiece is created, and the viewers are left stunning and guessing the art behind it.

This unique form of print is exclusive in its quality and creation. These were created primarily by those craftsmen who had some different ideas rolling in their minds. This wall art form is not produced in masses, and it is rare to find in almost every art gallery. Th best about this kind of paintings is that they do not require any extra efforts from the artists regarding etching the image on the stone or a metal piece. They require a simple crayon or a pencil. Though initially, this form of art does not need much of the labour work from the painters, yet the final step of colouring is equally opposed to the initial stages.

Indianshelf offers rarely find lithographs and prints that are available at various prices and in different magnificent designs. The photographs are from very famous artists who gave lithography a well-established platform. One such painting is by M.b. Aghmiri of an imaginary paradise who has created a beautiful piece of art. Another example is a print of Zubaida Agha of an island which is famous for creating artworks inspired by nature and its beauty. All the paintings are ranging above INR 1000 and are worth their cost.

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