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Flat Glass Knobs

The art of glassmaking has been prevalent in India since decades. However, taken globally, the glassmaking dates back to even earlier periods. To be precise, take the example of flat glass; the making of flat glass runs back to nearly 3500 years ago.

The crystalline display of flat glass that you see these days were once the discovery of glassmakers of Roman Empire as they collected the glass materials from erupted volcanoes in that region.

In the earliest days, the flat glass was produced by pouring these molten glass materials on an iron table and then stretching the resultant with different tools.

Upon the invention of blowpipes, the technique lead to creation of bubble trap glass as the blowpipe could be used to blow bubbles upon a surface and then flattening them.

Hopping forward to today, the flat glass is usually created with a process known as float glass process.

This selection of flat-panelled glass knobs by Indianshelf come with accelerated innovation. From octagonal to bubble trap and multicoloured, you will find multifarious varieties here.

Adorned with rich smoothness of the surface, these plate glass knobs offer a kaleidoscope-like view to your furniture pieces.

Composed of rich percentage of magnesium oxide, the flat glass is said to have properties of high chemical durability.

Perhaps a wonderful thing for the doors of your porch, garden or terrace. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that due to this very reason, the flat glass was used in the making of curtain wall windows, vintage glass pulls, windscreens and storefronts.

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