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Copper Flower Urli, Small

Copper Flower Urli, Small

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In the South Indian States, an urli is a renowned utensil that is used mainly for cooking. The utensil or urli is in the form of a shallow bowl accompanied with a large circumference. The vessels made up of urli are commonly known as Urlis. Most of the urli showpieces come in the form of handmade crafts. Additionally, to fit into your home décor, the urli showpiece is composed of terracotta material. In terms of durability, the urli is composed of high fired clay to give a strong and shining texture to the bowls.

In terms of designs, the urlis are handcrafted by talented artisans. Consequently, you can choose an urli that is made by using conventional methods. For enhancing the texture of the urli, hand paintings and decorative floral designs have been used. For making the urli elegant and reliable, the exteriors of the urli have been embellished by using mehndi cones and glittering stones. Eventually, you can use this urli to decorate your home garden as it is water-resistant.

Apart from this, the pot and planters are suitable for adding a contemporary look to your office and house. The pot and planters are made up of plastic, ceramic, concrete, metal, fiber- foam, terracotta, and wooden materials. Additionally, they come in different shapes such as geometric, square, oval, and round. The pots and planters have been allotted a matte white, black, grey, and blue color in terms of texture. These pots and planters are suitable for decorating the kitchen, deck, shelves, office, and patio.

In terms of dimension, the diameter of the pot and planters is 4.7 inches. In terms of height, these pots and planters are 4.5 cm high. For preventing water leakage or spills, pots and planters are featuring a saucer and a drainage hole.

Consequently, the role of the drainage hole and the saucer is to gather excessive amounts of water. If you are willing to give your loved one's plants, cute pots and planters are a good idea. These pots and planters' glazed ceramic texture can act as a medication to soothe your sore eyes.

These pots and planters come with a drain hole and removable saucers to promote plant health. The removable saucer bases that come in the form of bamboo or plastic trays can catch excess water. Your plants will thrive as the drain hole in these pots, and planters can prevent overwatering. Moreover, the hole mesh can avoid leakage of soil on the floor.