Top 10 Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Ganpati Decoration Ideas: If you too set the mandap for Ganpati in your home, workplace or office, there are some eye-catching decoration ideas coming ahead below.

Ganapati Decoration: The word Ganesha has been derived from the words gana and isha, referring to the ‘Lord of multitude or abundance’. Also known as Vighneshawara in Sanskrit, Lord Ganesha is also considered as the remover of obstacles and difficulties.

Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons why the lord is worshipped every time people start a new business, purchase a new home or enter any new beginning in life.

Carrying forward this analogy to Ganesha Chaturthi, it is truly an occasion of abundant celebration, prosperous beginnings and plenty of positive feelings.  

Popular by the name of Ganpati, Ganesha Chaturthi is an elaborate festival celebrated in full bloom for nearly 10 to 12 days, prominently in the regions within and surrounding Maharashtrian Ashtavinayak temples.

If you too set the mandap for Ganpati in your home, workplace or office, there are some eye-catching decoration ideas coming ahead below. You can implement these to jazz up the festive feel. Let’s get going.


1.  Preppy Peacock Feathers Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Did you know that Ganesha is also known by the name of ‘Lord of Peacocks’? Saying this, the peacock design plays an important role in Ganpati decorations. So, consider bringing a peacock decoration in your home during this red letter celebration.

Peacock feathers are super wonderful; easily available and cost effective too. If you can’t find the real feathers somewhere nearby, you can also create your own with the help of thermocol, glitter powders, paper cutters and glue.

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To make them look even more dazzling, adorn them with beads, stones and mirrors. Decorate these feathers on the both sides of Ganesha idol or as a backdrop on the throne.

2.  Lavish Lotus Theme Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Lotus has been known for ages as an epitome of pure heartedness and expansive mind. You too might have noticed various forms of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi sitting on the lotus.

To bring this analogy to your Ganapati decoration, bring in some artificial lotus petals, or lotus seats. Alternatively, you can create a lotus out of paper origami as well. Also, these days, you’ll find rotating lotuses in the market.

3.  Bunny Banana Leaves Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Ever wondered why many temples offer prasad kept in a banana leaf? Why dishes such as rice, idlis, dosas and mithais are served in plates made of banana leaves? Well, a banana leaf is considered sacred and spiritual in countries all around the world.

To decorate your ganapati decoration mandap with banana leaves, consider wall hangings. You can also pair them with flowers and fruit candles.

4.  Stunning Swing Chain Ganpati decoration ideas

As the final day of Ganesh Chaturthi arrives, let the little Ganesha play around your house a little. Purchase a little Ganpati idol and place it over a cutesy swing chain. Children in or around your house will love to play with it.

To choose a swing chain, you can go for materials such as metal, wood, wire mesh or beads. You can also coil the sides of the swing with fairy lights for spectacular festive feel. 

5.  Flair of Flower Arches Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Unlike a general notion, flower arches don’t just go well in weddings but they look as pretty as well in home decorations too. So, this time you set up the Ganpati mandap in your living space, consider getting it decorated with a flower arch. Ideally, marigolds are the best choices. Otherwise, you can select from various craft flower options.


6.  Lots of Little Mirror Balls Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Also known as disco balls, mirror balls offer a stunning light-brimming effect. Bring home some mirror balls of small to medium sizes. Use them as danglers from the ceiling covering the head of the idol.

7.  Metal Ganpati Shadow Diya Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Shadow diyas look pretty sophisticated while maintaining the artistic traditional feel. Especially if you have a large-sized space, a hall or a room, this is such an amazing idea to think about.

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For Ganpati, usually, these diyas come attached with some Ganpati statues, Ganesha-Lakshmi sculptures, Ganpati figurines or likewise. In the time of the evenings, simply light up the diya, turn off the lights and see the magic!

8.  Beautiful Balloon Decorations Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Yes! Balloons make up for as striking a decoration for Ganpati as for parties and birthdays. Ganesha, after all, is a favourite among children too. So, why not instil some childlike spirit in the worshipping festivities as well?

Decorate a wall of your room with orange-red balloon taped to it. Or, think about some colourful balloon hangings.


9.  Marry Garland Strands with String Lights

As simple as it sounds. Greeny garlands are perfect for an outdoor wall or a front wall of the room. You will find these garland strands available in choices of acrylic, mirrorwork, beaded, and crystal-embellished. To make them shine even more, mix them up with strings of little bulb lights.

10.  Village Feel with Candles, Tea-lights & Bricks Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Stack some bricks atop each other into a trapezoidal or pyramid form. Now take some tea-light candles or diyas of small size and place them in the gaps within the brick pyramids. As the sun sets, the decoration will give off an earthy feel and a rustic appeal.

Closing Thoughts

Ganpati festival is widely celebrated in homes countrywide and people participate in this festive celebration. When it comes to the decoration, apparently, the true gift of prosperity is not in receiving something rather, in doing the preparations itself. So, get together with your friends and tell us your favourite Ganpati decoration!

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Posted On: 09 September, 2022

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