Awesome DIY Birthday Decorations to Ring in Another Joyous Year

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 13 January, 2022

Throwing a birthday party can be intimidating as you need to prepare for the perfect cake, gift, and decorations. Having this stuff at the birthday party is important to make your favourite person feel special on the big day!

Awesome DIY birthday decorations

Here is a detailed DIY birthday decorations guide to help you make the celebrations a bit more manageable and more comfortable. 

Even if you wish to throw a big birthday bash for your loved one or a small intimate family party, these DIY decor ideas will prove to be a big help. Undoubtedly, you will be able to impress both the birthday guy and guests with your smart ideas.

DIY projects that bring the best results!

The birthday decoration ideas include ones with a gamut of colour to subtle and sophisticated variants. These are perfect for throwing a big bash for a small kid to an adult.

So, if you are worried about preparations or inspiration for your toddler's big birthday bash or hosting a perfect party for a parent or best friend, here is an ideal birthday party decoration idea available for your every need -

1.  Create cupcake buntings

Another of the favourite charms for the dessert table includes a sweet bunting tucked smartly inside a cupcake or cake display. You can opt for a DIY chalkboard style version that can be attached using the Baker's twine or a regular string.

2.  Hot paper air balloon

A hot paper air balloon uses vintage charm and flair to create a stunning birthday party look. You can use this paper balloon idea to light-up a birthday party decor in a jiffy. Also, you can add LED tea lights to create a beautiful lantern that will be the cynosure of all eyes. 

3.  Confetti filled balloons

It is essential to dress up standard balloons by filling them with free confetti. When these balloons are busted, it results in colourful party decor! It is an excellent idea for a person of any age group.

4.  A Painted bottle centrepiece

You can also create table centrepieces using DIY decor ideas. This helps you to turn any jars into an excellent decor idea. You can opt for spare mason jars and use stencils for making these even more impressive. These can be used as both a decor item and a gift.

5.  DIY Table Runner

First thing first, you need a perfect table to hold the big birthday cake and to decorate the table, you need a beautiful table runner. Using the above DIY birthday party decoration means that you do not have to buy a new one each year for the special day.


You can create your table runner using a pink fabric and detail the same using eye-catching golden designs. You can use stencils for the purpose as well. Using the above idea, you can save money on buying a new runner for every party. 

6.  Photo cake toppers

Put the birthday boy or girl on the top of the world by bringing these awesome cake toppers. You can easily cut the snap of the guest of honour and then use small party hats to decorate this. 


Attach on a spring or skewer them on wooden sticks and watch the event light up with fun and laughter. These are super awesome for any friend who needs to take a bit of fun now and then. 

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7.  DIY cake stands

You can design your eclectic cake stands using these simple DIY ideas. For this, you can use plates, candlesticks, vases, etc. lying around the house for a first birthday bash. If you do not have these, you can opt to buy them at super affordable prices from the local flea market.

8.  Popsicle stick runner

This table runner is something where you cannot go wrong. Using the best materials, you can easily create the most adorable table runner.

Also, you can easily use popsicle sticks to create the base for an affordable yet beautiful and fun-filled festive table runner. Use splatter paint to get the best party looks right.

9.  Beautiful flower bombs

Here is an over the top DIY b' day party ideas - use flower bombs as installation to impress your guests and Birthday guy. Thus, the flower bomb decoration idea is especially recommended for delighting little ones or close friends.

10.  DIY tassels Paper garland for the table decor

It is essential to decorate the mantle using colourful paper garlands. This can be a time-consuming process but is exceptionally cost-effective and beautiful. Use the help of friends or family to make this task easy and efficient.

11.  Festive backdrops

Use a few tissue papers to create confetti and create a punch pack backdrop. You will need an excellent message for the backdrop and then hang it behind a cake table or as a great photo op. For the best results, use a basket filled with festive props to make the theme more fun! 

Designing your unique birthday candle is an excellent choice for smart birthday decorating ideas. You can also add a touch of aesthetic appeal using a cookie cutter to create a magical request! Your guest of honour will let out a squeal of joy on seeing these beautiful designs!

13.  Grocery store flower decorations

Now you do not need to burn a hole in the pocket to buy impressive flowers for the birthday parties! You can simply transform the supermarket flower into an affordable yet remarkable masterpiece. Your friends will be bowled over by this gift and will thank you for an excellent gift.

14.  Streamer tied balloons

Balloons remain the central idea for many affordable birthday party decoration ideasFor this DIY idea, you need birthday balloons filled with helium gas. Once done, put a fresh twist to these using an assortment of colours, ribbons in varied colours, widths, textures, etc. Your room will instantly turn into a beautiful place and bring a Birthday cheer!


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15.  Cupcake liners and garlands

Use the cupcake liners to create an excellent DIY decor idea. Use string to join these paper pieces together and make a beautiful and elegant garland. Let all the guests wear this garland and participate in the fun-filled birthday celebrations. 

16.  Disco ball pinata

In this case, if you need sparkle and shine to the birthday party, you need to create a DIY disco ball pinata. This can also be used by using old discs. With little lighting in the right places, the guests will enjoy the party like no other. So, you have an instant disco night that all will remember for the whole year.

17.  Beautiful tissue paper flowers

If you wish to create a floral theme, then these tissue paper flowers can bring a positive impact on the birthday decorReal flowers are pretty but are overly expensive.


Thus, tissue paper alternatives bring a beautiful look to the party and are super affordable. Call in a few friends to help you with the same and enjoy creating a surprise floral themed birthday celebration for your loved one.


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18.  Bright and extremely bold decorations

What better gift than to impress your loved one with a bold play of colours. Depending on the age of the birthday person, the colours can range from the rainbow to lovely pastels. Soft pinks can be beautiful for a teenage girl. You can also go for bold colours to liven up space and impress all others with your smart ideas!

19.  Icecream garland

Use party hats and pastel honeycomb decorations to create an adorable ice cream garland for your dessert station or ice cream birthday table decorations. This is worthy of an Instagram image. These garlands can create a unique festival cheer to the party and bring fun-filled memories of the day. 

20.  Unique paper fan banners!

You need just to fold a piece of paper to make fans. Once you have a good number of these colourful paper fans, use them to make a beautiful garland. This is both elegant and extremely affordable. You can opt for multiple colours for children or a single themed one based on the favourite colour of the birthday person.

21.  Huge sized doughnut decor!

You need to have paint and tissue paper to get the vast sized doughnut party decor. Use multiple colours to liven up space and make the guests make a beeline for doughnut station!

22.  Pretty pink streamers

Crate paper decoration in the form of hanging streamers will bring a squeal of joy from your little one. Use pink hues to create banners and hang them up as chandeliers for your birthday party decorThese chandeliers are fantastic and affordable. You can create a bunch of them in no time.

23.  High-end designer birthday candles

Give the birthday candles a makeover. Add bling, glitter and embellishments to make them worthy of a stylish diva. It is best to use several candles and decorate the bottom half to get the best results. These candles pop brightly on the cake and will be the best surprise for your guest of honour.

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