Top 15 Birthday Decoration Ideas At Home With Balloons | Balloons Decoration Ideas

To explore some of these birthday decoration ideas using balloons, scroll through the list given below. Balloons Decoration Ideas.


Balloons are just like life.

The more you let go of the strings, the more it soars. The more you’re filled with spaciousness, the more limitless you become.

Much like the spirit of the party hearties, balloons too are cheerful and cutely glamorous by nature.

And so, when you ask about a theme for an upcoming birthday party, nothing can be recommended enough and more than ‘balloons’. Of hundreds and hundreds of decorative ornaments and accessories available these days, balloons solo are enough. Yes, even if it’s your grandma’s birthday.

A cluster of balloons is a whole new party theme by itself. Usually, when mixed and matched with the right colour palette or design templates, they go well with other kind of decorations too. To explore some of these birthday decoration ideas using balloons, scroll through the list given below.


1. Balloon Wall

Turn a plain wall into a balloon filled backdrop. Ideally, you can create a balloon wall simply by taping balloons of different sizes to a wall in the party room. Colours can be selected based on the overall decoration theme. If you are hiring a party planner to do the same, there are even more balloon wall styles you can choose from.

2. Balloon Ceiling

Just like the balloon wall, you can cover the ceiling by grouping colourful balloons of different sizes together. The only thing to take note here, to not tape any balloons close to the radius of ceiling fans or electric devices if any installed on the ceiling.

3. Balloon Columns Or Walkway

If you have a garden or some outdoor space in your home, a balloon walkway is an interesting way to welcome your party guests. To make a pathway out of balloons, you can tape or attach the balloons along the sidelines of your corridor, yard, walkway or space allowing them to float freely in air while staying attached to a wall, surface or ground.

4. Balloon Arches

While the column style decorations are suitable for large-sized party venues, arches are ideal as well for anything from small-sized home apartments. From half branched balloon arch to a full twisted strand arch, there are dozens of balloon arch patterns to make selection. If you’re going for a full arch decoration, consider smaller sized balloons to avoid giving an overwhelming appearance. When it comes to the choice of colours, generally, balloons in 2-3 different colours are just perfect.

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If you are arranging the party in a large-sized home, you can also use a combination of the balloon columns and arches. Something like, a walkway of balloon columns leading to a balloon door arch entry. Simply fabulous!

5. Rainbow Balloon Pool

Host a birthday pool party with your besties by filling a pool with rainbow coloured balloons. As one group of the guests splashes through the water, the rest of them will try to catch the colours popping through. The one who catches a balloon will receive a winner’s prize while the one who misses the balloon will fall in the pool and join the splashing game. Surely, a fun-filled game to cheer your birthday party guests!


6. Glitter Balloons

Nothing is easier to the eyes than a basket of white or yellow balloons filled with lots of glitter. You can easily make some glitter balloons for your party right at your home. Also, they are commonly available in shops selling toys or decoration accessories. In addition to birthdays, glitter balloons look just as fantastic in wedding and anniversary decorations too.

7. Confetti Balloons

Confetti is synonymous with colours. And balloons, with fun. Combine the two and the celebration has already begun. Confetti filled balloons are obviously wonderful for kids’ birthdays but even if you’re an adult, don’t hesitate in reviving the schoolhouse bubbly spirits!

8. Candy & Chocolate Balloons

A popular idea you might have seen in many birthday parties. Balloons are filled with toffees and tiny chocolates. As the birthday guests pop burst the balloons, a bounty of candies spreads out and covers the floor. So tell us, how many candies did you collect in your palmcups?

9. Glow Balloons

When determining the mood of a party, the role of lighting can’t be denied. Let’s say, you’re throwing a surprise birthday party for your better half. So, in addition to the fun-and-cheer element, you might want to introduce an ambience of romance too. In that case, either balloons or lighting aren’t enough when used alone. But if you weave together the two, something magical is on the way. To do this, fill each balloon with a lightweight glow stick or use some LED light balloons to add melody to the party evening! 


10. Printed Balloons

From polka dots to little hearts, from quotes to greetings, from florals to geometric patterns, balloons these days are available in hundreds of designs. The best part of using these designer balloons is that you can coordinate them perfectly with the chosen theme of the party. Complement your balloon decorations with other home accessories such as tablecloths, curtains, linen or furniture.

11. Donut & Heart Balloons

Just like the different designs of printed balloons, there are various shapes in balloons too. If you want to use balloons but not the traditional round ones, go for shapes most resonating with a birthday party such as cupcakes, donuts, ice cream cones or hearts.

While the basic shapes like hearts and donuts can be easily found in the market, others such as ice creams and cakes can be created at home using craft. 

12. Self Inflating Foil Balloons

Also known as helium balloons, foil balloons are relatively smaller-sized balloons resembling a glossy foil. They are usually made in a material called ‘mylar’ which gives these balloons the metallic appearance while offering the necessary stretch required.

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The helium filled in these balloons allows them to inflate longer than the regular balloons. Often, they come available in the designs of letters, numbers, or greeting labels.

13. Balloon Cake Toppers

While you enjoy your birthday party with your friends, let your cake have its own mini party by topping it off with a gathering of teeny tiny balloons rejoicing over its head. It looks gorgeous. And oh, don’t worry; the balloons won’t fly away with the slices of your birthday cake!


Group some balloons together and let them dangle down from your ceiling with the help of tassels, sticks or strings. Make use of decorative ornaments such as inflated stars, neon cut-outs, doilies etc. to pair with the balloons according to the height of the room’s ceiling. To give a sparkle effect, cover the balloons with sequins before hanging them from the ceiling.

14. Photo Balloon Hangings

Take some of your favourite photographs and put them on display by clipping them down from the strings of balloons. In addition to photographs, you can also use lightweight photo cards or even some colourful sticky notes with handwritten messages. If you don’t want to use loose photographs, try clipping the balloons to photo frames kept on a shelf or hung on a wall.

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