15 Decoration Hacks - How To Decorate Home Furniture for any Festival

Festivals are special days partly because of all the wonderful things we get to do, and partly due to collective involvement of our near-dear ones. Whatsoever, it’s an excuse big enough to decorate the abode you live in your home.

In this article, we’re going to talk about one of the most essential aspects of festive décor, which is, furniture. So, let’s start right away with 15 amazing hacks.

1.  Facelift with Finish

And polish. Festivals, after all are all that gloss and shine. If the furniture is made in wood, you can choose anything from glossy matte to rugged vintage to country side rustic finish. If it is metallic, perhaps a fresh coat of paint dipped in black or copper will do.

2.  Make Space with Singles

De-clutter and leave space for the centrepieces to self reflect themselves in the floor. If your living room consists of a sofa bed, a center-table, coffee table and chairs, you can shift the chairs to some other room while making space for the sofa bed to steal the limelight.

3.  Garnish with Greens

Let your furniture hold the breath of fresh air by decorating it with plants. Plants not just offer a soothing freshness to space but also lend positive vibes which your guests will be able to sense when they visit your home during festivals.

4.  Structure & Stacking

Stack the bed against the window. Let the shelved racks settle themselves against the walls. Organize the coffee tables, nightstands and cupboards. Even if you do nothing to revamp your furniture except for organising it the proper way, it can improve your overall home décor drastically.

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5.  Dress & Drape

Every festival requires a different kind of ambience, and upholstery. Diwali season demands draperies to be all luxury, metallic and creamy. Whereas if it’s the season of Holi, you can’t experiment with expensive upholstery as it might get stained with stubborn colours. The idea is to update the furnishings based on the festival vibe.

6.  Get some Woodwork

Of course, it’s not always possible to go for full-fledged woodworking every year. However, there’s an alternative to this. That is, try getting some woodwork done on your existing furniture pieces. Maybe that dining chair requires a repair in its leg. Or maybe the coffee table needs a fresh coat of varnish. Likewise.

7.  Keep the Party to Outdoors

Festivals involve food, feast and cleaning. A good example of this is the festival of Holi. Instead of letting the guests sit and walk all over your furniture, you can keep a small table outdoors with plates of snacks and sweets, with a bowl of water to wash off the colours before entering the house.

8.  Rearrange & Reposition

Not every year is it possible to switch the furniture. Thus, simply rearranging the setting of different rooms and repositioning key furniture items can be an ideal way to go during festivals.

9.  Dot it with Lights

If you look forward to experimenting with something eclectic, this is a wonderful idea. Change the look of furniture piece in an instant by dressing it up in strings of light beads, or pipes. From your favourite wardrobe to the centertable in your lobby, this is valid for pretty much any area, provided it is not sensitive to heat or light.

10.  Use Mirrors

For the time and being, mirrors have been in use to create illusion of spaces in the houses. So, this festive season if you’re looking forward to add a new dimension to your furniture, let it be mirrors. It can be intricate mirrorwork or simply hanging a mirror down a cabinet.

11.  Get Creative with Colours

Turn your home into a cosy space by repurposing your furniture with popsticks of colours and waves of hues floating everywhere. Begin with your door knobs, or almirah handles maybe, and then go all the way to decorating cabinet doors, coffee table tops, dining chairs and more. Bucket paints and varnished stickers are best suited for use.

12.  Go Organic

If you can’t replace the furniture altogether and want to hide the itsy-bitsy damages, try adding materials such as bamboo, timber or straw. It won’t just add a holistic feel to your house but also give your guests a reason to complement this fabulous combination.

13.  De-clutter The Guest Room

Usually after breakfast or lunch, many people prefer retiring into a short nap. So, it’s a good idea to make your guest room spacey, especially for your elder guests. Just a bed, a side table or perhaps a reading chair will do.

14.  Embellish with Tidbits

The easiest and most exciting of ideas! Decorate your furniture with teeny-weeny accessories which may include anything from painting to glaze paper cuttings to bead work and embossing.

15.  Make it Multipurpose

Using a table just for keeping a vase year round isn’t that great an idea. So, why not try repurposing it to maybe a bedside table or teatime table is a wonderful choice to begin with!

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Posted On: 29 September, 2022

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