Birthday Decoration Ideas: 12 Wonderful Wall Decoration Ideas For Birthday

Birthday Decoration Ideas: Talking of wall decorations, here are 12 amazing birthday decoration ideas for the walls.

12 Wonderful Wall Decoration Ideas For Birthday

Got a birthday party coming soon? Well, let’s make a guest list first. What about the party invites? Oh, remember cake and food. Okay, now comes the decoration. Wondering where to begin? Begin with walls. Yes.

When it comes to party decorations, don’t underestimate the importance of walls. A large windowless wall can be the perfect blank tapestry for adding decorations of your choice. Good wall decorations can sweep up a normal, boring space into something party-ready.

Talking of wall decorations, here are 12 amazing birthday decoration ideas for the walls.


1. Ice Cream & Cupcakes Wall Hangings

Make some ice cream cones or cupcakes using coloured paper. Turn them around to form garlands or wall hangings. Not just this is simple to execute but also, absolutely appropriate for an occasion like birthday. 

2. Confetti Wall Backdrop

Use a punching machine to create colourful round-shaped confetti. Paste these confetti dots on a plain wall for a splashy wall backdrop. You can also buy a readymade confetti explosion wallpaper or wall artwork

3. Patterned Masking Tape Decorations

Patterned masking tapes are incredible not just for party decorations but otherwise as well. Decorate the entire wall or a part of the wall in multi-coloured masking tapes. Consider the designs such as lines, chevrons, polka dots and block prints.


4. Happy Birthday Wall Banner

What better a space in the house than a wall to display a party banner? Consider a rope string banner or a labelled bunting. Birthday walls couldn’t be complete without this! 

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Add accents of stickers to cover up the remaining wall if it is blank. You can tie some lightweight soft toys from the ceiling to dangle down on the sides of the banner.

5. Collage & Photographs

It is said that inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened. Especially if this is the birthday party of someone elderly such as your parents, grandparents or a surprise party for your teacher, taking them into some nostalgia is a great idea.

One of the best ideas is to get a giant collage made from their old photographs. But even if you can’t have a collage, you can simply create garlands out of these photographs and top them off with accents of fairy lights. The wall is going to be the highlight of your party, it’s a deal!


6. Showering Candies

Chocolates. Candies. Ice creams. Cupcakes. Kids love these things. Adults too. And therefore, couldn’t be a more interesting idea than to offer them a birthday bash with these sweet treats showering all around.

To do this, simply cover a wall in some shimmery gift wrapping paper. Now spray paint some good-quality glue. Paste some wrapped candies, toffees or little chocolates on the paper.

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The guests would love to pluck these sweets and eat them. Also, this doubles up as a space-saver for a section in the buffet. Decorate further with pompoms and balloons. 

7. Disco Style

If you wish to celebrate your birthday disco style, include some shimmery decorations. Differently sized mirror balls, retro-pop canvas wall paintings, antique pop wall art, and sequin mosaics are some dramatic decorations to choose from.  To complement the table or drinks station, you can use metallic straws. 

8. Street Party

Use graffitis, tapestries, streamers and balloons to host a street style fun-filled party. Other ideas are banners and pinwheels. To complement the decorations, place bowls of street style food snacks beneath a street wall backdrop. Simply rocking!


9. Chinese Paper Fans

Chinese paper fan isn’t simply a decorative accessory but also a significant symbol in feng-shui arts. While hosting a party, it makes up for a magnificent decoration, especially if you and your guests are from a creative field. To begin with, look for layered paper fan art for wall decorations.

10. Giant flowers

Flowers offer a feel of celebration like nothing else. Decorate your party walls with some gorgeous colourful blooms. You can purchase them from the market or you can create these at home too. Ideally, the best materials to use sheets of crepe papers, glaze papers, tissue papers or coffee filter paper.

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Some of the best flowers to create include peonies, roses, daisies, tuberoses, lilies and coneflowers. The step by step tutorials on how to make these flowers can be easily found online.

11. Clusters & Layers

Got some old plates? Got some old hats or baskets? Got a collection hobby? Well, party walls aren’t always all balloons and ribbons. When carried out neatly, even cluster decorations look as amazing as well.

Means, you can decorate your walls with clusters of different or similar things. It can be a collection of paper flowers, canvases, paper quillings, plates, baskets, hats, cushion covers, craft items, even buttons and beads.

12. Tassels

Consider tassels in eccentric settings such as in the form of tassel garlands or metallic tassel curtains. If you have a collection of tassel earrings, even they are pretty cool to hang up on the party room’s walls.

While hosting a girls party, you can even purchase some new tassel earrings. They come inexpensive. Tie a rope to the party wall and clip these earrings over there. As the girls leave after party, you can ask them to unclip and take away a pair of earrings with them as a return gift from your party.

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