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Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 18 January, 2022

Do you want to add a refreshing touch to your space? Let's get started with the empty walls that are filled with infinite possibilities. While a few additions to your walls can help you flaunt your creativity, they'll transform your house into a 'sweet home'. If your bland, stark, and empty walls often stare at you, it's time to turn them into contemporary and elegant centerpieces. Despite your fashion taste, you can use these tricks to spice up those stark walls and flaunt your taste and personality. Whether you like garnering art pieces or a nature enthusiast, or are a literature lover, you can customize your walls as and when you want. Imagine yourself surrounded by all the stuff you adore. Isn't that fantastic? If yes, keep reading our guide to discover and learn more.

1. Get started with a large-sized art

When hung in a small space, an oversized photograph or painting can grab the attention of almost anyone. To spruce up a minimalist space, you can stick to a black-and-white portrait. You can also go for a vibrant or abstract piece that's created out of several dark and bright shades. The blend of bright and dark tones can go with almost any home décor, whether traditional or contemporary. If your white walls are way too bland, you can add a blend of personality and color to them by coming up with a curated gallery wall. You can display a set of photographs or art that displays the stuff you adore to get started. For instant, if you love floral things or are a nature enthusiast, you can choose photographs that portray colorful roses, tulips, lilies, waterfalls, pine trees, mountains, and many more. Wall hangings or other ephemera are the most affordable options to spruce up your wall.

2. Hang up designer mirrors and fix wall hooks

Not only will the well-designed mirrors with elegant frames take your wall décor a notch-up, but mirrors and wall hooks are also showpieces that can reflect your style and taste. Mirrors can reflect light, which in turn can help a small space to appear brighter and bigger. You can consider hanging a mirror on you're wall opposite a decorative piece like a flower pots, statues, or so on. Mirrors are great when it comes to magnifying objects and accentuating the beauty of decorative showpieces.

3. Go for photographs with wooden frames

If your walls have been empty for a long time, probably it's time to mix up things! After creating a curated art gallery, you can opt for cohesive and simple frames that can be interspersed between those vibrant frames. A set of ornate or empty frames are the best variations to spice up things. You can consider extending the gallery walls up to the ceiling. It can create an illusion of a wider space.

Apart from displaying several accessories on your walls, you can use exceptional wall decoration techniques. How about creating an accent or a candid wall! Wouldn't that be fun? Try out a bold or bright paint color to make your wall's décor stand out from the others. You can use decorative paint ideas or stenciling. Besides, you can choose wallpaper or stickers with motifs and colorful patterns. How about ceiling transformation? These decorative patterns will make your walls appear higher while balancing your ceiling's stark and simplicity factor.

4. An appropriate wall painting

There are different types of wall paintings. You also have the option to mix different types of wall paintings colors to brighten up your room. Matte color is one of the most famous variants of wall paintings. Matte color doesn't come with any gloss or shine, but it flaunts a deep and rich texture. It's the best bet for roofs and walls that don't require visual interruptions. Although matte can be easily applied, you'll have to apply several coats to make it look rich and decently strong. Apart from matte painting, gloss wall paintings are equally popular. Its high glossy texture can be applied on wooden works or surfaces rather than walls. Gloss paints should be avoided as they can accentuate several flaws on the wall.

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5. Showcase a mirror or a fabric

A wall hanging or tapestry can add a pop of elegance, pattern, and color to your walls. If you love creating wall hangings out of colorful ice-cream sticks or yarn, it's time to flaunt your skills. If your personal space oozes a neutral feel, you can prepare photo frames out of ice-cream sticks while decorating their edges with colorful yarn. The yarn's softness is the best bet, especially if you want to add a touch of softness. You can also frame out elegant textiles or vintage scarves.

Pro tip: these wall hangers can be moved easily in comparison to those heavily framed paintings. So, you can take them along with you whenever you head to your new home.

You can display an oversized mirror or hang several small mirrors in a salon-like manner. Allow your walls to transport you to an imaginary and dreamy world. Yes, you can do this by adding murals. Whether you choose a ready-made wall covering or hand-paint one, the motif can work wonders. To make a large impact, you can choose to display them in front of an elegant mirror.

Apart from reflecting your creativity and royalty, walls are a great place to start when it comes to organizing your space while compromising on your interior décor. You can fix wall hooks on your walls as they're the most pocket-friendly option to organize your household items. The wall hooks are the best option to lift stuff piled up on the tables or floor. As a result, your home will appear organized. Whether you use them to optimize your closets, bathroom, bedroom, closets, or entryway, there's no other organizing expert than a wall hook!

6. Hang plates or go greener

If you love collecting fine china, it's more likely that you have several types of fine china plates lying inside your cabinet. It's time to show them off. Use a wire plate hanger to showcase your favorite serving platters and favorite dishes on the wall. If you love collecting any ornaments, this may be the move for you.

If you have several plants lying on your windowsill, try hanging them on your walls, or you can also bring in wall-mounted planters. It is a great idea to add a sense of nature and greenery to your walls or space. An artificial eucalyptus wall hanging plant can add a unique and cozy appeal to your overall interior décor. You can also go for removable wall stickers or art forms. First, you can select the adhesive murals with a beautiful matte finish and a plethora of styles. They can serve as the best form of art, especially if you live in a rented room or are unwilling to damage your house's walls.

7. Mount your flat television

Fix a flat-screen TV to your wall as it is a great way to create extra space above your media cabinet. Besides, it can accentuate your wall's glossy finish while updating the whole look of your bedroom or living room. Some televisions are designed like frames to serve as artworks when switched off. Some televisions allow you to switch to the ambient mode for showcasing the favorite images you have chosen.


If you're looking for a pocket-friendly idea to renovate your old walls, you can follow any of the above-listed décor ideas.

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