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Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 15 January, 2022

The wedding is one of the most joyous and happy moments in the lives of the couple and their family and friends. Everyone pitches in to make this day extra unique and memorable for all.

Depending on the theme chosen for the wedding “do,” you can select some of the best wedding decoration ideas that will help personalize the celebration. Here, we bring you some lovely designs that are sure to appeal to your sense of style and budget.

1.  Cover the Ceilings With Lovely Drapes

Pure, vibrantly coloured fabric can add a lot of colour and jazz to the party. If the rest of the area is beautifully decorated, cover the ceilings too using lovely drapes. It will add elegance to the city and get an attractive decked-out party look.

2.  Patterned Pillows- Amazing Wedding Decoration Idea

If you have a lot of settees or sofas in your lounge area, get some lovely, patterned pillows to add some style to them. It is one of the best wedding decoration ideas that can create a pop of colour and design to make it attractive and appealing.

3.  Exciting and attractive Escort Card Display

Another one of the practical wedding decorations, go for the escort card display instead of a table and make perfect seating arrangements.

These escort cards can be creative and unique to look at and can be placed close to the party space. This way, the guests can make out their table number or seating arrangement with minimum hassle.

4.  Bandhanwar to welcome the guests

Bedeck your entrance gate with vibrantly coloured bandhanwars that can add style, grace, and traditional touch to the party area. It is the first of the several simple wedding decorations your guests will come across and are sure to set the tone of the party.

5.  Brass Oil Lamps for an ethnic touch

Light up the area with subtle and straightforward lighting ideas. Instead of going with massive chandeliers, place lovely brass oil lamps along the path to the area where the wedding reception party is held. It is one of the best wedding decor ideas that will help create a lovely ambience.

6.  Bronze Statement Pieces to make a style statement

If your wedding theme is Indian and traditionalist, placing bronze statement pieces here and there will add to the theme. It will also create a perfect ethnic era that people would love to enjoy and admire.

7.  Perfect wedding décor- Floral Hangings

Flowers are the best and perfect wedding décor ideas. Use seasonal flowers in a cornucopia of bright colours to hang above the dinner table.

Similar lush arrangements can also be placed on the tables amidst gleaming dinnerware. Flowers are soft, delicate, and a perfect way to create personal and intimate space.

8.  Jazz Up the area with signboards

Go for simple yet elegant looking signboards to help the guests know their way. Show your creative acumen to jazz up the area with spray painting and framed pieces of art.

9.  Place herbs for added fragrance

Herbs have a unique fragrance, and it looks nice as well. Place a sprig of herbs close to the place settings to create a perfect ambience. Choose herbs like lavender, rosemary, thyme, etc., for this purpose. 

10.  A Perfect reception decoration - Colorful Glassware

The choice of cutlery and crockery used can also double up as a lovely and unique reception decoration idea. Instead of going with regular or straightforward glass or chinaware, go with colourful cutlery like glasses and bowls that will help the area to look up charming and elegant. 

11.  Calligraphy Menus as a Décor Idea

Use handmade stationery to create engaging, calligraphy menus that can be placed on every dinner table. Such interestingly created lists serve the purpose of information and as an integral element of wedding designs.

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12.  Patterned Table Runners

Go for patterned table runners and use them as an fantastic wedding décor idea. Place small vases spaced out across the table and add a floral touch matching the patterned runner laid on the table. 

13.  Hanging Fairy Lights for warmth

Another wedding reception décor idea that works well is to hang fairy lights from trees or ceiling in case of indoor space. It creates a pop of light and a beautiful, serene, relaxing ambience perfect for a party. 

14.  Floral Trellis for colour and fragrance

Flowers are the best way to express unspoken sentiments and emotions. Create a lovely trellis of seasonal, colourful flowers and place it in different areas to add colour to space. 

15.  Photo Wall to add a personal touch

Add a personal touch to the wedding reception area to mark this special day by creating a photo wall. It is one of the most impressive wedding reception decoration ideas. 

You can help your guests feel involved, engaged, and know more about the couple and their families with this photo wall. Go for candid shots as people are more receptive to them.

16.  Exuberantly Colorful Paper Lanterns

Create a romantic ambience by hanging paper lanterns in different, vivid colours. It looks unique and, at the same time, an eco-friendly way to decorate your wedding reception area. 

17.  Lovely Glow of Tealights

Lights, flowers, glow, fragrance, and colour are a few essential elements that help to create a perfect ambience. Hang tea lights from tree branches or place them here and there on small foot tables.

It will create a warm, relaxing, and comfortable environment, perfect for the guests to relax, enjoy, and have fun at the party.

18.  En masse Mood Lighting

Use brass lamps that can be placed on a table or hung from walls in large numbers to create en masse mood lighting. It is a simple wedding decoration idea for the reception party that can be done without much effort.

Light and its glow have always been one of the significant décor elements when celebrating special moments. Use it in various ways for dramatic up-lighting. It will add magnificence to the whole party space and make it look spectacular than ever.

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