Living Room Decoration(New Of 2020): 10 Designer Ideas For Living Room Decoration

Living Room Decoration: 10 Designer Ideas For Living Room Decoration

A living room plays the dual purpose in a house. One, it is one of the most relaxing and cosiest corner of the house. Secondly, it is also that one room which acts as a seating area for your guests. And so, a living room certainly calls for an inviting and statement look while keeping together the classic comfort that you need.

It’s not always necessary that you look for the combination of both of these elements in every accessory or item you purchase for your living room. Mixing, and balancing is the key basically. Here are 10 designer ideas which will help you get this nearly perfect living room for your abode. 


1.  3D Wall Panel As A Textured Backdrop For Sofa

Maybe, it’s a snowy white shiplap or perhaps, it is a 3D floral wall. It could be a textured corian wall. The main idea is to have some texture on the wall which makes the backdrop of the main sofa in your living room.  

2.  A Geometrical Mirror Tilted Atop A Floating Shelf

If you have a floating shelf in your living room, then, this is a great thing to do, especially when looking for some rustic fashion. Instead of Flowerpots and frames, this time try keeping a mirror on the shelf, in a slightly tilted manner. An oval shaped or octagon shaped venetian mirror are some good examples.

Make sure that the mirror has a sturdy frame like that of wood, so that it doesn’t slide. You can also keep it at a distance from the edge of the shelf, if you’re afraid that it might slip off the shelf

3.  Contrasting Wall Accents

This is especially a wonderful idea if you like to keep your living room plainly and minimal. Choose some dark colour paint for the room’s walls. Paints like dark grey, navy blue and dark wine red are likely to offer an elegant appearance.

Pair this dark paint along with some white or light coloured wall accents for a beautiful contrast. Some examples are, a white painted window or a framed wallpaper consisting of bright whites, pastel florals or soft greens.


4.  Mix Pastels With Metallic Furniture

Usually the requirement of pastels will be fulfilled by some wall paint or a set of pastel drapes. Something like this. For mixing these pastels with metallic accents, a unique example is copper furniture. This includes examples from a copper painted table to a copper toned chair and golden framed mirror.

5.  A Plush Velvet Couch

Simply adding a few touches of cosiness and luxury can turn around the look of your living room in an instant. As an instance, changing your regular sofa, couch or recliner with the one made in velvet can transform the mood of the space.

Besides, velvet offers just the right combination which is both luxe and lush at the same time. Consider shades like royal blue, navy blue, turquoise, maroon or dark purple for a fabulous look.

6.  Nautical Style Barrel Drum Shaped Stools & Side Tables

Exchange the regular coffee tables or those tea time chairs with some wicker or jute pieces for instilling a freestyle homely feel in your living room. The ones featuring barrel drum shape are both common and perfect.

For a farmhouse style living room decoration, consider blending them with charcoal toned swatches on the walls or some stone lining in an area like fireplace.

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7.  A Combo Corner of a Drinks Station & Your Favourite Pastime

If you’re likely to have a glass of whiskey or a bottle of drink in the evening or late night, nothing could be more beautiful than a setting like this. Think of a drinks station coming alongside a shelf on which you could keep your favourite pastime, or something which you like to do while having a drink.

It could be a telephone for talking to your best buddy while having a drink, or it could be anything like books, music, television, snacks & nuts, a tablet or a laptop.

Place this station alongside a rocker chair with a throw pillow, fluffy cushions and soft rugs for feet. You can also think of a station consisting of wheels so that the station could be moved to any other room when needed.


8.  Pompom & Tassels Everywhere

Pompom curtains, pompom cushion covers, cushions with tassels and all. What a playful ambience to have in your living room. Besides, the choice of colours is terrific to match with your living room’s colour palette or decoration theme.

9.  Greyscale Theme With Hints of Bright Tones

If you have a colour theme of gray-white-cream-charcoal in your living room, then this is a great opportunity to jazz it up a little with hints and touches which offer surprising bursts of colour. Examples are, a touch of monochromatic bright red or touches of bright orange here and there.

Apart from brights, there is another beautiful colour to match it with. That is, golden yellows. Whether it is in the form of pots, vases, sofas or cushions, try to have subtle hints of golden yellows along with the greyscale palette, for a uniquely balanced appeal.

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10.  A Patterned Rug Pulling It All Together

A rug lined floor is not uncommon a thing to do especially if your living room area spans a large amount of space. Apart from giving a neat appearance to the room’s detailing a well maintained rug is also a surefire way to imbibe a cosy setting. As an example, you can look for a rug featuring some patterns which match the colour theme of furnishings like cushion covers and throw pillows, etc.