Simple Bedroom Decor Ideas | Top 25 Quick Weekend Ideas that Helps You Amp Up The Style of Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your haven, a place where you relax after a long day at work. This is your personal space and you love adding your signature loving touches here and there to suit your style. The way a bedroom is done up reflects your personality.

In fact, it must come across as an extension to your personality. If you are a working professional and you find time only on a weekend to spruce up your bedroom, here, we bring you some quick, top 25 ideas that can help you in your bedroom makeover.

Try these DIY simple bedroom décor ideas and make add new aesthetics to your old, drab, and dull looking bedroom.

Replace Paint With Wallpaper

If you are tired of looking at your painted walls, replace it with a nice, floral wallpaper. Choose wall papers in soothing color tones and designs that make the area look nice and appealing.

This simple change can be done on a weekend and you will find a sea change in the look of your room. This is the fastest bedroom makeover idea.

A Blend of Cool and Warm Tones For Bedroom Makeover

If you are a person with an artistic bent of mind, you will understand the significance of warm and cool colors. Why not replicate the same in your bedroom?

For the uninitiated, when looking for a mix of these colors, choose warm colors like orange and yellow with cool colors like blue.

Both colors will bring a sense of serenity and calm while also cheering up your space. Choose bedsheets and cushions in such colors.

Add Seating Area

The bed is the most important element in the bedroom. While it is the place where you relax and enjoy your beauty sleep, you cannot be on your bed every time you come to your room.

So, add a lot of seating area by adding love seats or a high-backed cushioned chair to your bedroom where you can just laze around.

You can create a reading corner in your bedroom by placing a bench close to the window. It is a simple and quick DIY décor ideas for bedroom.

Dash of Color With Lovely Wall Hangings

If you just want to liven up your walls and add a dash of color to the room, look for interesting and vibrantly colored wall hangings that can add warmth and color to the area.

If your room walls are light or pastel shade colored, bright colored wall hangings in a variety of materials looks lovely.

Replace Side Tables

A simple change in furniture can also help the room perk up with color and style. Instead of simple, minimalistic side tables with your beds, replace them with ethnic looking side tables that comes with colorful or brass material drawer knobs.

If these drawer knobs are very creative and artistic in design, it is sure to attract the attention as soon as one enters into the room.

These days, there is no dearth of stores that brings the finest collection of such items that are high in functionality and aesthetic sense.

Create A Seamless Style with Matching Door Knobs

When planning to replace drawer knobs, also check out matching door knobs and bring a seamless look to your bedroom. Matching drawer knobs and door knobs will create a sense of style that would set the tone of your bedroom making it look lovelier than ever.

Hang a Mirror on the Wall

These days, mirrors have come up as one of the most stylish accessories that can help you in your room decoration in low budget.

Thus, if you are not keen to spend a lot of money on this makeover but still wants to make the room look up with style and aesthetics, hang a mirror with detailed-frames that can be painted, carved, or in metal or wood materials on your wall. This simple yet effective additions will surely change the look of your bedroom and make it look spacious.

Set a mood to your room

If you love things over the top, you can go for jewel toned accents and pillows paired with black accent wall. It is striking and sets the mood in the room. Without looking stuffy, it sets a sophisticated style to the room.

Light Up Your Space With DIY Bedroom Decoration Idea

Adding various mood lights in your bedroom can also lift up the look of this personal space. It is one of the best DIY bedroom decorating ideas on a budget.

Make lighting your focal point and go with hanging lights or lights close to the bed that are perfect for reading and more to add warmth, comfort, and cozyness to the room.

Choose a Mix of Color Palette

Instead of using different colors from widely different color tones, choose a color palette and stick to it. It will make it easier for you to get a balanced look in your color.

Choose a few warm colors and blend them with neutral colors like beige and white. This will add a soothing touch to your bedroom with a pop of color here and there. This also proves to be the best DIY bedroom decorating ideas on a budget.

Room Decoration in Low Budget With A Two Tone Wall

Another idea that works well in bedroom makeover is going for a two-tone wall. Choose any color and use two shades on the wall. It not only gives a dramatic touch to the room but also make it look distinctive.

Change Your Ceiling Color Tone

Another DIY Bedroom decoration ideas that works pretty well is changing the color of the ceiling. Paint it in some striking color instead of usually white or any other neutral shade. This will make the bedroom chicer. It makes the room brighter and bolder, especially when it is lighted up.

Replace Side Table With A Rolling Cart

If you wish to move away from standard furniture in your room and replace it something stylish, distinctive, and classy, replace usual side tabled with a rolling cart. Choose warmer, brighter colors for the same as it will help in make the room look vibrantly cool.

Decorative Wall Hooks

Another way you can make your bedroom look perked up is by using decorative, engraved, colorful, wall hooks available in different materials. Depending on the overall décor scheme of your room, you can choose stylish wall hooks that seems to be an extension of your décor style.

Make Your Wall a Work of Art

If you are a creative person and like to paint, why not hang your work of art on your walls and dress them up in a riot of color. You can also choose the work of a modern artist and hang it behind the console table or your bed and add a vignette on a plain surface.

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Patterns- The Best and Quickest DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you love chintz and soft florals, this idea works perfectly well for you. Choose a color tone and look for patterned textiles. Go for plaid, dots, stripes, and florals. You can also mix patterns like a larger paisley print with a tight, gingham like print.

Artistic Door Handles

You can also replace your regular door handle with an artistic one and match it with the ethnic bedroom makeover idea. When replacing these products, always ensure matching style so that it gives a seamless look to the room.

Jazz Up Your Room

You can also jazz up your room by throwing a colorful blanket on the bed or a printed pillow that goes with a plain bedsheet. You can also get the wall behind your wall painted as an accent wall. These small efforts will help you make your bedroom comfortable and classy at the same time.

Invest in New Bedding

If you are tired of your old bedding, replace it with a new one. Buy the complete set and take your room from girly to graphics, classic to modern, and pastel to primary and more with this simple DIY bedroom makeover idea.


Add a headboard to your bed and make it look sleek and lush. You can get it wall-mounted and create a lovely look in your bedroom.