15 Decorative Paint Techniques For Your Walls

Painting your old, tired-looking walls can refresh and spruce up their look. Using some of the best wall painting techniques, even a dull looking space can be made to look lovely and elegant. Here, we bring you some of the best decorative paint techniques using which you can give a new and fresh look to your walls.

1.  Patchwork Wall

If you have a few cans of paint in different colours lying around, you can use them and paint your wall such that it becomes the focal point of the room. For instance, you can use different colours and paint one of the walls in the room in a patchwork design. This will automatically give a perked-up look to space and make it the centre of attraction. Take care of pattern proportion and symmetry.

2.  Go For Rustic Terracotta Look

If you have a huge living room with a fireplace, you can use some of the most exciting wall painting ideas to give the wall cast paver or a natural stone look. Instead of replacing the wall with natural stone, you can provide a facelift to the area by creating a “brick” look using terracotta hued paint. Make a border and then start painting one brick after another. Don’t aim for perfection as imperfections will make the design look realistic.

3.  Oversized Pattern

Instead of covering your walls with floral wallpaper, unleash your creativity and sketch oversized floral patterns on the wall. Once the sketching is complete, use the artist’s round brush to give a bold boundary and with regular interior latex filled in. It is sure to provide a whimsical effect to space.

4.  Sideway Stripes

Another way to amp up the look of any space is by painting sideways stripes that seem to push out the walls making even a small space look larger than actually, it is. Using an analogous scheme, choose any two hues of the same colour and start painting them in horizontal stripes and see the effect. It will add a sophisticated edge to the room. 

5.  Chalkboard Paint

Another way to make a room lookup in style and design is chalkboard paint. Create a dramatic chalkboard or calendar wall look using two contrasting colours or contrasting shades of the same colour. Paint the entire wall from floor to the ceiling to get a dramatic effect.

6.  Wall frame moulding

Another way to make rooms of your fell look refreshed and exciting is to go with wall frame moulding. It not only helps to make a large spacious room personal and intimate but also adds a beautiful, stylish look to it. Use impressive artwork or draw lovely floral patterns within the moulding to make it look attractive.

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7.  Raw Look

If you wish to decorate your room by adding a rustic touch to it, go for paint effect that gives a raw and unrefined look to it. You can create this look by creating squares and painting one square in glaze paint while leaving the other one as it is to give a natural look.

8.  Blast of Colour

Choose a colour that complements well with the overall décor and look of space. If your furniture is dark in colour, go with pastel hues to paint your walls. It will create a contrasting look while giving a more contemporary look to the room. Choose warm colours like pale yellow, greenish-yellow, and more shades to add a touch of warmth and comfort in the room.

9.  Charming Details

If you already got your home painted, but you have a few leftover paints, why not use your creative understanding to come up with charming and exciting details on the walls in the form of lovely patterns and designs.

You can go for a tree mural or a birdhouse and more to create a beautiful look. These details are eye-catchy and can attract the attention of the onlookers as soon as they step into the room.

10.  Wainscot Stripes

Using wainscot stripes, you can impart a dimensional look to your walls. Start by applying a neutral base coat and then pack some punch by picking a secondary colour. Outline the stripes and then paint them in such a way to give an icing-like translucence. Such paint techniques look very impressive and stylish.

11.  Wall Art

If you do not wish to paint your walls, you can rely on exciting wall art ideas to spruce up the area and make it look spectacular. Instead of keeping your walls blank, invest in good-quality wall art. Use large-sized iconic photographs and achieve a look of unpretentious sophistication.

12.  Contrast Styles

Add a touch of decadence by going with drape motif moulding on the wall. Go with abstract painting juxtaposed with a modern portrait and use these contrasting styles to step up the look of the wall.

13.  Handpainted Painting 

If you are decorating your house on the lines of traditional and ethnic décor, you can hand lovely handpainted paintings of prince and princesses on the walls and complement it with classic furniture and fixtures. There is no shortage of wall paintings that can add a touch of class and elegance to your humble abode.

14.  Wall Hangings

Discerning homeowners can also look for exciting and beautifully crafted wall hangings or murals that can be hung on the wall. Available in various materials like brass and other metals, these wall hangings can be decorative or religious designs.

15.  Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore paintings are known for their intricate work and detailed designs. The art uses vibrant colours. Hanging such a painting on the wall add a dash of colour to space and make it come alive.

Besides the above-mentioned decorative paint, hangings, murals, and wall paintings, several other art forms are available that can add splendour to a dull looking wall. Give free rein to your creativity and come up with an exciting play of colours that can create a focal point in the room.

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 08 September, 2022

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