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Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 15 January, 2022

Not all of us can have the luxury of a Master Chef kitchen. You can be an expert baker yet small space may make you appear out of control.

It is where you need professional assistance to transform your kitchen decor. It is essential to select the final small kitchen design such that it can hide the flaws and make the same appear practical and sophisticated. 

Small kitchen design ideas 2020

Using the kitchen design ideas for 2020 means that you have a great space that can create an illusion of larger areas and elements. Here are a few tips to help you get the best results for your needs.

1.  Multiple storage spaces

If you are looking for modern kitchen designs for small kitchens, then storage spaces must be your priority. By smart strategy, you can maximize the appearance and storage spaces.

Although you cannot afford to bring on an island, you can add smaller ideas and foldable options.

An organization's strategy is to store the items based on their usage. It means that last in will be last out. Hence, store frequently used items first. Use the lower shelf for storing knick-knacks and accessories.

2.  Crisp small kitchen ideas

Decorate a small kitchen by using excellent small kitchen ideas that allow light and air to travel in.

It is best to opt for natural colour schemes like beige and cream to get spacious decor. You can also use white tiles along with marble countertops, to create an impressive look.

Add to this, duck blue kitchen cabinets for a crisp decor scheme. It helps to make your kitchen appear light and spacious while keeping the affordability.

3.  Unique kitchen ideas for small spaces

In a small kitchen, you need to have the creative styling kitchen ideas for small spaces. It becomes even more critical if you are looking for additional storage or redecoration. Use wire panel shelving techniques to maximize storage by adapting to your personal needs and expectations.

Depending on your needs, you may opt to hang the shelves or take them apart. For instance, you may choose a wine rack or similar items to increase the storage space.

4.  Opt for a bold kitchen design

Space is always a premium for small kitchens, and the same goes for stylish cabinet handlesIn a small kitchen, you need to go for bold tiling and patterns of flooring. The idea behind this is to distract the eyes and give an illusion of a larger space than is available.

5.  Hide the appliances

With small kitchens, you need to get a storage space for everything. It would help if you kept appliances well hidden. For instance, hanging copper planter is an effective way to add a new lease of life and decorate the kitchen. Whenever possible, leave behind the cluttering workspaces.

Keep surfaces clean and tuck in cluttered stuff like toasters, kettle, coffee machines, etc., in a breakfast cupboard. Use cabinet knobs to create access to smaller corners for storing smaller appliances.

6.  Reflective surfaces and wall hooks

Small kitchens can benefit hugely from stainless-steel decor and cabinetry. To prime, use wall hooks and laser printing ideas for getting the best results. Stainless steel helps to reflect the light and create a sense of movement.

7.  Multifunctional peninsula

Making the most of your countertops is an essential and functional aspect of small kitchen decor. Use wall hangers around the multifunctional peninsula and get the right place to Cook, wash, dine, etc. It is a one-stop solution to all your needs.

On the other hand, a kitchen island may sound like a terrible idea. When you opt for a peninsula, you get space for cooking and storage in a single go.

A slight overhang from the countertop can ensure that the bar stools can fit inside the peninsula and avoid instances of tripping.

8.  Paint the kitchen in a strategic way

You can enjoy the illusion of a spacious kitchen in a small area by using strategic planning. For instance, you can use checked tiles to bring modern kitchen designs for small kitchen. In this case, it is better to opt for white or pastel paint to cover all the walls and the cupboards.

All the units blend in beautifully with the decor, and the checked prints create a smart highlight. It also helps to keep the kitchen both airy and light.

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9.  Turn cluttered corners into decor spaces

Another smart kitchen design is to turn all the corners into storage or decoration spaces. If you have a boxy kitchen, use the edges to create the illusion of vast areas. Place an expensive cup or single decorative element into space and let it work on its magic.

It also means that you need to swap a cupboard for drawers to add more space. The smart drawer ideas help you to maximize space and finding the stuff quickly. 

10.  Sleek grey kitchen areas

A sleek grey kitchen features large door panels that in turn may hide and conceal stuff. Several large door panels are used to create unique millwork to hide the small space when needed. 

You also need to put in the windowsill, shelf or recess and add a selection of sturdy baskets to stow bottles of herbs.

11.  Say goodbye to the washing machine

You may think that kitchen is the best place to keep your waging machine. However, this is not true. Take the European way and move the machine to the bathroom. If not, run the same to the area below the cupboard.

12.  Elongate the sink

Your small kitchen may need a double sink. Use the same to store both clean and cleaned up dishes. It won't create muck and keep your home clean and healthy.

13.  Add Additional Storage Space

Your cupboard and drawers must bring better storage resources. Using internal storage solutions will help you make the most of the available spaces.

Bring in drawer dividers for utensils and spices. You can store spices and pans as well. Boost your storage space by using mobile storage solutions like trolley, butcher block, etc.

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