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Posted On: 12 January, 2022

Whenever we talk about Indian wedding decoration ideas, a beautiful picture comes in our mind. Year by year, there is an accumulation of numbers of new ideas, and people implement them as per their requirements and suitability.

Whenever we talk about Indian wedding decoration ideas, a beautiful picture comes in our mind. Year by year, there is an accumulation of numbers of new ideas, and people implement them as per their requirements and suitability.


If there are numbers of Wedding round the year in your family then with the help of these unique ideas, you can easily plan for grand Indian traditional Wedding. By referring these unique ideas about tradition Indian Wedding to your wedding planner, you can quickly implement these ideas as per your choice and enjoy your every wedding occasion.


The decoration is an essential part of Indian Wedding. If the wedding décor is attractive and suits the mood of the guests then that Indian wedding décor is considered as the best one.


There are a large number of wedding decoration ideas starting from floral to Bollywood in different spots of wedding area like food, mandap, stage and beverages. So, don’t be late in selecting and planning the right ideas about wedding decoration. You can take help from the numbers of wedding decoration ideas:

1.  Stage Decoration Ideas

The stage is the most important and a place of central attraction at the wedding occasion. So, it is must that stage décor should be perfect. You can try from this number of ideas of stage décor:

       - Floral Decoration of Stage

Floral Decoration in any wedding occasion must be evergreen, and it will never be out of fashion. Decoration of flowers is one of the most top-rated ideas. To offer a lively and appealing look to the stage, you must choose to decorate the stage by original flowers instead of choosing artificial flowers.

If you paint the stage in semi-sphere shape decked up with traditional mogra and marigold flowers with hues of red white and pink then your entire floral decoration offers a heavenly look and makes your occasion beautiful.

Apart from these floral decorations, you can add colourful drapes or pink colour drapes with brass sofa. The entire decoration complements each other and offers a complete look of the ribbon.

       - Decoration by a combination of lights and Drapes

The combination of lights and drapes are just ultimate for stage decoration. Though this is a simple kind of stage decoration but still lit. If you want a unique look, then decorate all around your stage with white drapes and paint the entire scene with beautiful and colourful lights. It offers a perfect look and a beautiful backdrop for your wedding decoration.

       - Theme Based Stage Decoration

If you want to give a lavish look to your stage décor then go for theme-based stage décor. The entire scene will be decorated in a single or double tone theme. It will offer a luxurious vibe to your entire wedding stage décor.

Your decoration provides a lavish look if you decorate your entire stage with a white backdrop in a combination of gold colour-based drapes and flower pots.

2. Decoration by Umbrellas

the idea of Umbrella decoration is pocket friendly and most suitable for the people having a low budget. Decoration by upside umbrella is one of the ultimate purposes of wedding decoration.


Beautiful and colourful umbrellas offer a dreamy wedding with a beautiful backdrop for photography. It will make you feel that the numbers of colourful umbrellas are floating amidst the entire beautiful sky. You can choose the colour of umbrellas as per your choice. You can select only a white umbrella which perfectly suits the theme of the metallic issue. It’s a unique idea without making a hole in your pocket.

3. Wedding Decoration Ideas with Silver

the metallic or silver theme is a unique and traditional form of wedding décor. If you want to capture some unique and memorable moments, then decorate your wedding décor with a silver theme.

Decorate your entire stage with metallic topics only. Make use of the silver sofa and chairs furnished with white and red flowers.

Even decorate your food counter with metallic crockery on the silver colour table cloth. As the decoration is based on silver, ask your guests to put on silver jewellery only.


They can wear silver jhumkas, hoops and chandbalis. They can make use of any kind of silver earrings which suits to their dress. It will make your occasion memorable, and you will enjoy life long by viewing breath-taking photographs of the silver wedding with everything metallic or junk.

4. An Attractive Entrance

nowadays, bridal entry is too important. Guests wait for wholeheartedly waiting for the bride’s arrival at the wedding ceremony. So, there must be enchanted entrance. Some of the powerful entrance decoration ideas:

  • Flower shower
  • Smoke bombs
  • Palki Ride
  • Fireworks
  • Flower Path
  • Dance Entry


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5. Decoration with distinct and divine

wedding decorations makes our Wedding beautiful. It is the first attractions for the guests. Guests who expect some exciting ideas about the decorations in the celebrations. So, to have a unique wedding, our wedding décor must be unique. So try to give a strange and charming look to your wedding occasion. Some of the lovely ideas for wedding décor:

  • Ceiling Decoration
  • Centrepieces decoration
  • Beautiful backdrops around Photo Booth
  • Wish Tress
  • Personalized Addition
  • Bunting Creations
  • Wedding Lighting Letter
  • Table Runners
  • Chalkboard

6. Amusing Catering Ideas

Food is an essential part of any big or small occasion. Especially in the wedding occasion in India meal course occupies the utmost importance place. Starting from appetizers to different drinks, delicious main course to mouthwatering desserts, meals are always a complete segment which requires sufficient brainstorming involving both the parties.

But with the help of the internet and digital media, the things now become more comfortable. Now with the help of the internet, we can explore varieties of foods which offers fresh and new. You can quickly get the best idea for your catering. Some of the essential ideas:

  • Revamp Appetizers
  • Dessert Stop
  • Personal Taste Counter
  • Sip Solution
  • Cake

7. Advice Counter

The concept of advice asking makes your Wedding more exciting and full of fun. You just have to prepare different cards for asking advice related in the upcoming future. It’s a beautiful idea full of joy.

In this, you have to ger sure that your, every guest should positively receive the cards and then everyone with their own experience suggest or write individual advice to bride and groom. You can write any information of your choice. Ultimately this idea will give the bride and groom numbers of the original design to have a bright future.

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8. The setting of Wedding Reception

Apart from the arrangement of foods and unique decoration, the adjustment of seating arrangement is of great importance. As per your numbers of guests, you have to make the right selection of venue which can comfortably accommodate your guests and thus make some beautiful arrangement of the seating. In case of need, you have to keep some complimentary chairs and other things. Some of the essential settings for your Wedding Reception:

  • Beautiful covers of chairs
  • Special Duo Seat
  • Lounge Seating

9. Role of Lighting

Light plays a generous part in the decoration of Indian Wedding. Presence of beautiful and colourful lights makes your occasion more exciting and charming. From a series of bulbs to string lights, everything is essential in creating a perfect ambience on Indian Wedding.


If you have a tree in front or back of your house than you are too lucky as lighting decoration on the tree as hanging votives, strings, lanterns and fairy lights offers a fantastic look. To get a whimsical effect around your house, you can fill up your mason jar or beer bottles with views and hang them all around your home.

10.  Mandap Decoration

It’s the central attraction of the entire occasion so, it is essential to create a magnificent mandap. It is the place where the actual wedding ceremony happens. The bride and groom tie a knot by performing numbers of rituals.


It must be decorated in a unique style with beautiful drapes and flowers. Beautifully painted Kalash are kept near the pillars. The pillars must be furnished with beautiful flowers and colourful light.


It offers a charming and dramatic look to your occasion. It is a central place primarily as a backdrop for photography. Entire Wedding happens on mandap so it must be decorated with beautiful flowers and colourful drapes in a unique way.


Like these, there are numbers of other ideas of stage decoration like grand mandap decoration, drapes and floral, Rustic mandap décor and many others. 

Apart from all these ideas of wedding decorations, people are trying the numbers of new things.


Some embellishments are based on sports, and they also offer a unique and different look. People plan to advance a wedding sports match. Most of the people try only cricket.


You can include your friends with your family members and have lots and lots of fun apart from your wedding occasion. This way, your wedding day will be memorable and full of fun for the host as well as for guest too.

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