Stage Decoration Ideas | 13 Simple Stage Decoration Ideas for affordable priced Decoration for joyous occasions

Are you searching for elegant and stylish ways to decorate your stage albeit on a budget?  Then you can use a variety of inspiring and simple ideas like wall hangings that have an appealing touch for your needs. 

Why go for simple stage decoration? 

If you are interested in having a simple and affordable wedding festivities, then you need to look for the simple stage decoration ideas. These ideas are gorgeous and welcoming.

As a result of the same, you need to look for gorgeous and simple decor ideas that appeal to the eyes and are extremely simple to incorporate into any form of wedding festivities.

Simple stage decoration using a focal point strategy

One of the most popular and simple stage decoration ideas is to go for simple floral arrangements. Depending on the type of the flowers used, designs and styles, these Decorations may either be affordable or expensive.

You can also team these up with tealights, lanterns, faux flowers, drapes, etc. to jazz up the festivities. The best part? It is highly appreciated by all the wedding guests.

-Floral stage decoration for wedding

One of the simplest ways to opt for stage decoration for wedding on a super affordable is to go for floral arrangements. For instance, you can

create a focal wall and then opt to dress that up in the best way possible.

These may include a floral chandelier, hoops, a foliage wall, floral rings, etc. By using the foliage, you can easily get the best results on a much affordable budget.

Place some flowers strategically to accentuate the decor ideas. For more affordable versions, you can opt for a foliage wall from your own garden.

This can work well with any form of wedding decor and are especially useful for a traditional and eco-friendly wedding.

-Arch stage decoration for wedding

One of the essential aspects for stage decoration for wedding is to create a beautiful arch. This is again a cool idea for adding a new lease of life to the boring stage Decorations.

The theme of these may impact the overall outcomes of the wedding. So, for the best results, opt for an arch made from flowers or balloons.

This is an affordable way to get a beautiful photo opportunity for your needs. You can also opt to decorate these as per your wishes.  

-Pick out a natural and beautiful setting

One of the best ways to save huge money is to opt for a naturally beautiful place like a garden, beach, hills, etc. This saves you money on spending on flowerpots and similar decor items.

Thus, if you are going for a destination wedding, avoid spending more on stage decoration or venue selection. These venues are beautiful on their own and you will not spend any more on these than needed.

Stage decoration for wedding using drapes

If you are planning for a beach wedding, you can use drapes for an excellent stage decoration for wedding. You can opt for a simple arch built on the sands and hence creating a beautiful and airy elegance. Here you may also opt to forgo addition of a stage. 

-Drapes, buntings and ribbons

If you are tired of having planters as the sole source of wedding decor ideas, then you need to think again. This is because for a garden or beach wedding, nothing works best than having a simple backdrop of beautiful buntings and ribbons. If you still wish to add florals, you can do so at no extra cost of the decor. 

-Ribbons to bring a beautiful charm

Another budget friendly idea for decorating the stage is to hang multihued ribbons on wall hooks. These can also be placed around the fans to create a fun Decoration idea.

The same is extremely affordable and will create a dreamy appeal to the wedding. You can use the idea for a beach wedding. 

-Simplest decor ideas using stylish drapes

One of the best ways in which the simple stage decoration can look charming is that you can forgo the traditional floral ideas with stylish drapes to light up the stage backdrop or arches. Such Decoration is stylish, trendy and adds a beautiful pinch of joy to the traditional home decor ideas.

-Silken drapes

If you wish to have the most royal yet simple stage decoration ideas then you need to opt for silken or Banarasi drapes in exciting shades. For a more affordable version, go for the satin ribbons, arches, decor ideas, etc.

-Rustic wedding decor ideas

One of the important aspects of having a rustic wedding is to use unconventional ideas like burlap sack to decorate the arches along with the flowers. These sacks are available for affordable prices and adds a good charm to the same.

Stage decoration for wedding using candles and lights

Since floral arrangements are expensive especially if you use them to ramp up the stage decoration for wedding, you can do so in bulk.

However, more the flowers, the higher the cost that you pay. So, instead of spending a fortune on the stage decoration ideas, go for the tealights to create a soft and romantic appeal. 

-Tealights, candles and drapes 

If you have an evening wedding, what better idea than to hang tealights around the stage using wall hooks. You can also create a chandelier using tealights and mason jars.

Mix these up with drapes to create a charming effect. This is a perfect way to light up the stage on a shoestring budget plan.

-Floral arrangements and lights

The wall hangings can be combined with candles to create a mystical effect on the stage. This helps to create a stunning backdrop behind the seating area. For instance - candles and floral wreath look awesome especially if you use marigolds. The idea looks stunning and expensive. 

-Floral chandeliers along with fairy lights

You can use wall hooks to hang the paper flowers on a wooden frame. You can also opt for dreamcatcher hoops with artificial flowers hanging from it. These floral arrangements can be decked with fairy lights to bring a charming decor to the wedding stage

-Lanterns, pillars and arches

Another great idea is to combine flowerpots or floral pillars with lanterns, fairy lights, etc. Similarly, arches can be bedecked with clay lanterns and topsy turvy umbrellas and lightened up with the cheap string lights.

These are inexpensive and can be extremely versatile for decorating your home. These can be hanged from tall or vertical pillars or even wrapped creatively around the stage corners.

-Backlight with couple names

An unconventional idea for stage decoration for wedding on a budget is to place a huge hashtag lit with stage lights. This is extremely affordable, funky and lovely. The hashtag announces the name of the wedded couple and makes for a gorgeous photobooth!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Question 1 - What ideas work best for an affordable Indian wedding decor? 

Answer - You can go for two or four aspects of a central theme that blend in well with the overall look of the wedding function. Using the same colors in form of drapes, ribbons, glow lights, etc. will create a cohesive appeal to your celebrations. 

Similarly, you can opt for traditional items like decorative pots with mirror work, Gujarati umbrellas, lanterns, clay diyas, etc. to light up the night function. You can get all these from Indianshelf store on an extremely budget friendly price! 

Question 2 - How to get floral decoration theme on a super affordable budget? 

Answer - Some flowers are more affordable than the other variants. For instance, marigold can be extensively used around the wedding decor at a pocket friendly price. 

However, if you still want an expensive decor for your wedding then opt for smaller rose or white lily bouquets or a lot of leaves to adorn the background of the stage to create a complementary decor idea on a budget.