Flower Decoration Ideas | 13 Flower Decoration Ideas for brightening up your home instantly

Flower arrangements are an incredible way to create a perfect ambience for a wedding, special occasion, anniversary party decor and birthday celebrations. Thus, it is a creative expression of the design, colours, hues to create an ambient and impressive combination.

Also, a variety of flowers, foliage and similar floral accessories are used to bring the best results for your decor needs.

Top flower decoration ideas for your perfect home and party decor

If you are looking for professional flower decoration ideas on an affordable budget, then this can be extremely beneficial for your needs.

These flower arrangements are creative and innovative solutions that help you to get results like that of a professional florist and are both fun and exciting for a beginner.

Tips for a stylish flower decoration

While going for a stylish Decoration, it is essential to go for warm colours like red, orange, yellow, etc. these helps to make beautiful flowers appear closer than they are. Cool shades like blue, violets, silver ferns and off whites can be used to bring a calming effect to the decor needs.

Modern and stylish flower arrangement 

While going for a modern and stylish flower arrangement, it is essential to overcome the rules of traditional methods or western designs.

What worked in the past may not work now. It would help if you used geometric motifs, oriental styles, floral designs, etc. to bring better experience in the modern decor needs. 

Monochromatic colour harmony

Use a monochromatic colour scheme while arranging the flowerpots or planters in the form of single-colour hues or associated shades. 

While opting for any such Floral design, it is essential to choose for the design, proportion, scales, rhythm, unity and harmony of the arrangement for the best result. This must be clearly followed by planters

Hats as wall hangings

You do not need to keep the flower on the windowsill and wall hooksYou can opt to hang these as wall-mounted designer planters with a touch of wood.

This brings spice to your space and helps to make it the focal point of the home. You can install pegs on the wall and hang these hats to liven up space. 

Baskets as wall decor

Baskets can serve as a planter and help to add a breath of fresh air to the walls. You can liven up any space using this idea and bring baskets of any size and texture to spruce up the wall decor.

Place small vases inside a drawer

To arrange flowers inside a pretty artwork, opt for small vases with a row inside the drawers. This is an exciting idea to create an excellent decor idea for small spaces. It is important to note that this makes an excellent arrangement and look stunning in the living room spaces.

Modern ikebana flower arrangement

Here flowers like Camellia, tree Peony, Narcissus, etc. are used to create a holistic approach to flower decoration. Here, Western flower arrangements, leafy greens, stems, etc. are used to provide a unique and calming effect.

This brings a vibrant appeal along with bamboo grass, leaves, pine branches, willows, foliage, etc. as a core part of the holistic decor ideas. 

Acing the ikebana flower decoration

Undoubtedly, the best flowers used in this manner adds a distinct charm to your place. There is nothing better than being greeted into decor with subtle scents of flowers arranged into beautiful arrangements of Japanese ikebana.

The height of the flower decoration should be of minimum one and a half times the actual height of the container. For instance, for a box of the height of 25 cms tall, a Floral arrangement of minimum 37 cm is needed. Anything lower may not work out well.

Bringing Zen style table planters

Having the right Zen style table planters means that you can add a unique peace and charm into your home. This balances the decor of the house and makes it more appealing.

The right decor arrangements mean that you can have a peaceful and calm glow to the living room decor. Also, having the same for the dining table can bring a distinct charm to space.

Floral arrangements for smarter home

This is another vital idea to create wall hangings using flowers. Create a unique circular pattern and then hang it up on a wall hook

This floral arrangement helps you to arrange flowers in a better way, and the same appears exceptionally voluminous. The outcome is extraordinary, professional and beautiful.

Contrast flower arrangement ideas

Contrasts prove to be extremely beneficial for flowerpots and table-scape. Having the right difference means that the elements call in your attention and focus.

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Bringing contrast table-scape

Having teal blue and warm pink contrast can help to boost the complementary decor. For instance, - blue, green foliage like lavender, Juniper, eucalyptus, etc. act as superb companions. The green and blue shades of lamb ears and dusty miller work well with the warm pink.

Tin and can decor ideas

Using flower decoration ideas in the form of tin, baskets, cans or teapots, you can bind a beautiful flower arrangement. You can opt to make a hole in the box or the bucket and then keep these both alive and fresh. Hang them over a wall hook or a jute rope for the best results. 

Amazingly beautiful flower balls

Forget flowerpot and welcome these cute flower balls. Place the small flowers in the form of a ball and opt for contrast shading. These can then be tied up in the shape of a shot at the centre of the room or corridor for the best results. 

Old world floral charm

If you are a big fan of bringing traditional flower decoration for your home, then you need to have an old vase or big glass jar to complete the look. However, if you do not have any antique vases, then you can opt to turn a pot by giving it a touch of copper spray paint.

Once done, place these bouquets into a beautiful floral arrangement and help your home come alive with sparkling colours by sticking to the vintage-inspired contrast colour palette. 

Create flower arrangements using glass bowls

If you make the most popular floral arrangements, then keep them eternal by placing these as a picture frame set in epoxy resin or settle them on a glass bowl to get a voluminous appeal.

If you put the pan in any manner apart from this scheme, it will not stand upright. So, it is best to spend a few minutes to arrange the smaller flowers and leaves in a manner that can be considered as voluminous. 

Overflowing blooms from a clay pitcher

Clay pitchers are lovely and elegant. When adorned with pearls and flowers, you get an arrangement that is best for your living room space

So, add many flowers like rose, lilacs, white lily or tulips into a clay pitcher to create a special touch to the home. 

This style of floral arrangement makes the room appear more vibrant and welcoming. As an outcome of the same, you have a method for your home decor that is both divergent yet creative.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1 - How to prepare the flowers for a floral arrangement?  

Answer - Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the floral arrangements. These include the following - 

  • Clean up the vase
  • Fill the same with water and plant food
  • Remove the foliage of the stems and then place these below water level
  • Recut stems at angles
  • Quickly dip these stems
  • Prepare for the floral arrangements

Question 2 - What kind of flowers are used for Decorations? 

Answer - You can use a variety of colors and flowers like - marigold, orchids, lilies, gladioli, Tulips, Rajanigandha, etc. Similarly, foliage of Ashoka tree and ferns is used for adding volume. 

Question 3 - What are the major elements used for Decorations? 

Answer - There are five major elements of floral arrangement and Decorations - 

  • Line 
  • Color
  • Form
  • Texture
  • Space