10 Ways to Celebrate your Childs Birthday During Covid-19

Posted By : Poonam Mishra

Posted On: 13 January, 2022

Most of the parents are now experiencing that due to COVID-19, their child's birthday party had been ruined. Most of the parents have to convince their child that due to present pandemic condition, their birthday parties have to be postponed or cancelled. But its not so easy for the children to accept that they are not going to celebrate their birthday. So most of the parents are now struggling with the ideas which can make their children feel special on their big day. However, we all are quarantined from our lovable family and friends, so it's too challenging to enjoy amidst our family members or friends on the special day of our child.


Celebrating your child’s birthday during this social distancing or stay at home orders is one of the biggest causes of disappointment for any one but children of all ages get badly disappointed by this decision of social distancing.

In the present condition of isolation and social distancing due to pandemic, you have to create some big ideas to celebrate birthday of your loved ones by involving your family and friends.

You must be creative in the present scenario so that your kids will enjoy the special day with full of fun. It doesn’t matter what you plan to do. Do whatever that makes your child to enjoy and make your child to feel special on his or her big day.

After some time, we will again start to celebrate our special day with family and friends in public spaces. But in the present pandemic condition we must support social distancing and we have to be creative to find out the new ideas to celebrate the birthday of our child during COVID-19. Some of the fun making ideas to celebrate your child’s birthday:

1.  Decoration all over the House

Though there are numbers of decorations ideas but in this pandemic decorate your house by huge poster board signs made up of cardboard boxed, streamers, banners, balloons etc, whatever you find in the house to decorate your house. Leave that decoration up for few days to give the feeling to your child that still the party is going on.

2.  Host a Zoom Birthday Party

Gather your family and friends on one of video conferencing sites like google hangout, zoom or any other. Decide in advance that everyone must have some unique dessert like cake, cupcake, cookies, pie, donuts etc then in the video conferencing everyone start to sing a birthday song for your child and after cutting cake everyone will start eating the cake with the birthday child. During video conferencing you can also enjoy video games and thus make the birthday party of your child too unique full of fun and excitement.

3.  Host a Drive by Birthday Party Parade

Ask and convince your family and friends to have a drive by honking, blowing bubbles, waving etc by your home. if they want they can even toss the child’s birthday gifts onto the lawn or in front of your house.

It’s a safe way to make celebration of your child’s birthday party by maintaining perfect social distance. You just have to coordinate a fix time with your family members and friends locally for a birthday party parade and thus make your child to feel special on their birthday.

4.  Change your Routine

Make your child’s birthday special by making little bit changes in your daily routine. It will give a special feeling to your child and he or she will feel too special on his or her birthday.

You just have to change few things like you will feel of having a treat by taking breakfast in your bed. Out of routine you will get the feeling that some thing special is happening.

After that, try to have a picnic lunch in the living room. You will get the feeling of enjoying a picnic amidst your family. Then make your dinner little bit more special by arranging it outside in a tent.

You can enjoy camp fire apart from numbers of delicious snacks sitting on the trunk of your SUV. Generally, kids love to eat, sitting on the trunk of SUV’s. this slight creativity will make you and your child to feel special and your entire family will enjoy a lot. A slight difference will help you to make this day memorable especially in this challenging time.

5.  Keep it Simple

If your family is too small or if you are a single parent, then keep your birthday party super simple. Entire family gather around the table for dinner by turning off entire electronics start singing Happy Birthday’ with some gift and home-made card for your child.

Just enjoy togetherness. Watch your kids’ activity by sitting back. A lot of changes in their activity you can observe when you compare it from their last birthday. Enjoy in a simple way and make your child’s birthday memorable.

6.  Netflix Party

You can easily host a Netflix Party for your child’s friends on his or her birthday. All have to download the app. It easily synchronizes video playback in addition to group chatting which makes your child’s birthday more special. Your child along with his or her friends watch and enjoy Netflix movie night with some popcorn. It will make your child’s birthday too special.

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7.  Host a video game party

Your child can enjoy a fantastic birthday party if he or she is little bit older. You can easily make him to enjoy on different video games with their friends. They can choose the best game of their choice which make them to enjoy on his or her special day.

8.  Host a fancy Dinner at Home

Send invitations for a party to your entire family member. You invite them and as them to attend the party in beautiful dress. If some dress code is there then that too you have to follow.

Decorate your table with candles, cakes, balloons, napkins and play loud music. Even if you serve a pizza it will offer a special feeling to have a fancy dinner and your child will be too happy.

9.  Virtual Scavenger Hunt

If you are arranging a zoom party for your child with your family and friends then this is one of the most exciting and interactive game to play with your family, friends and guests. You and your child will have lots and lots of fun.

List items like an apple, a hat, an old birthday card, and many other things. The person who will come back on the screen with the said item of the list will be the first person to get a point.

10.  Cook Up a Storm

This time celebrate your child’s birthday party by baking at home rather than to have custom birthday cake. You can help your child to make home made pizza by bringing pizza dough from the super market.

Throw a pizza party on your child’s birthday and enjoy amidst your family members. Your child will enjoy a lot when he or she will assemble the pizza by their favorite savory and sweet toppings. Your child will enjoy a lot and will get the feeling of special bonding.

Though in this pandemic, its very hard to celebrate a birthday party of your child in person but by your creativity and fabulous decoration ideas, you can make your child’s big day a special and memorable one. To make your child’s day a special one you have too make lots of research to find out the birthday party decoration ideas.

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