Garden Decoration (Unique): Top 10 Innovative Ideas For Garden Decoration

Garden Decoration (Unique): Top 10 Innovative Ideas For Garden Decoration

Garden decoration has always been in my mind during my school days. But lack of knowledge, space and time; never allowed me to do so.  But with enough time and space now, We have accumulated and enacted some of the amazing innovative ideas for garden decoration.

Garden decoration is a great past time as it calls for your creative and experimental skills with unused household or backyard junk. The innovative ideas explained below can be easily adopted and implemented without much of pain and expenses.


Decorating your garden area with vintage ideas is a great option and gives a classy look to the entire garden area. Vintage garden decoration ideas is a growing trend nowadays and can be customised both in small or large garden areas. Let’s get to know some amazing vintage garden decoration ideas:

1.  Vintage coffee pot planters

You can easily find coffee pots in your home or can invest in some as turned out to become great planters for small blossom plants. Using a coffee pot planter is a trending vintage idea as they give a lookalike of black and white movies. You can find these pots on any antique shops or auction sites at a cheap rate.

To make it look older, you can place these planters on any old ladder with approximate height of 3 feet.

2.  Well metal buckets

Another vintage idea is using old metal buckets which were used to extract water from wells as hanging planters. Their rustic and faded give a perfect ancient look. All you have to do is make these metal buckets look eye catchy and interesting by planting hanging plants such as money plants or ferns. These green planters will transform the otherwise dead bucket lively and green.

3.  Old sewing machine

It is not necessary that you need to find all the vintage stuff from your house garage only. You can also purchase some vintage items at a cheaper rate and convert them to a beautiful planter or a flower bed. Another uncommon vintage item which is trendy nowadays are sewing machines.

Old styled sewing machines are no more in use but you must have never thought off that how you can transform them. These basic and simple machines can be used as a beautiful flower bed of single colour flowers. You cannot miss the mesmerizing view it will create.


Why to limit your garden view only for the daytime! You can use huge variety of lights for decoration to let your garden sparkle even in the night. Adding lights to your garden will create a tranquil ambience for you and your loved ones.

This easy breezy environment can be created by using string lights or light bulbs in unique and different ways:

4.  Mason jar lanterns

Mason jar lanterns are a perfect fit for evening snack or a light hearted soft party. You can either put small bunch of string lights in the jars or single medium sized bulbs to glow up the evening.

This breath-taking display will never let you go out of sight from your garden.

5.  String lights

String lights can be used in a variety of ways for decorating your garden area. They add that left out glitter and shine to your garden.

You can rest them on planters or sturdy plants. This is the simplest of all the decoration idea as you do not need to think extra for their placement. Another idea is fixing the lights on pre-foxed poles or the garden walls.

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Backyard is an amazing area where you can put your magical ideas and innovations live. Using some of the unused and old items found in your home, you can create wonderful useful items for your garden.

These recycled items can be like old shoes, old tyres, cans, utensils or any waste material. Using recycled items set a new tone for your garden area and provide cost-effective to make your garden look impressive and attractive.

Below is the list of some of the basic items that are easily available and can be used effectively:

6.  Paint can for birds

Most of our houses have one small corner where all the waste paint cans with very less amount of paint is kept. This cans are left unused for years. But now they can become home for small birds!

You need to paint these cans and hang them with ribbon around any branch of a tree. Fill the can with seeds and within a span of few weeks, birds will have their new home!

7.  Bottle planters

Often used plastic or glass bottles are never used again. But now we have a way in which we can reuse the otherwise waste bottles in a unique and creative idea.

Cut the plastic bottles into halves and hang them against the wall. These can become great planters for small growing bushes or plants.

Another idea which can be implemented with glass bottles is to surround the planter with glass bottles all around in a circular motion. Though this step requires great skill set and patience but the end result is fascinating.

8.  Old dresser

Old dresser which has been kept in the garage of the house for a long period of time is a big time headache. But now you can use those drawers in an innovative idea. They can become home to small plants and flowers. You can keep these drawers in the centre of the garden area and paint them with some graffiti designs and colours.

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Theme garden decoration ideas are quite in nowadays. They allow planting based on a specific theme that is similar kind of plants fit in one particular theme.

It is an interesting concept and holds the interest of many people. You can niche the idea of your theme based garden decoration depending upon the availability of the planters and decorative items.

9.  Tea based garden

This is a simple idea and is good for all the fitness freaks. You can plant and grow your favourite herbal tea options. This garden will be the most loved place for all the tea lovers as who does not want to drink tea brought from their own garden!

You can chose a variety of herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm, mint, rosemary and many more. You must some basic steps involved in planting these herbs for satisfactory results.

10.  City based garden

Another unique idea for decorating your garden based on a theme are city based ideas. This does not require any specific type of plants to grow as city based theme is in itself is an amalgamation of different colours.

To make it look modern, you can use store bought planters and storage containers with different colours and designs.  You can also put a table and a chair set with small string lights hanging around to give a city life experience.

Garden decoration ideas do not require any experience or prior planning. You just need to work according to your tastes and preferences to make your garden look like a place you always wanted to be. It’s your choice of colours, designs and decorative material on how to introduce them and make the most use of it.