20 Mind Blowing Facts Related to Silver

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Posted On: 04 January, 2022

Facts of Silver: If you too are a lover of silver jewellery or any kind of silverware, here are 20 interesting facts of silver you will love to know about this moony metal.

From zillions of ages, silver has been one of the favourite sensory mentions among metallurgists, scientists, artists, poets and jewellers alike. No wonder, countless poems have been written on it and millions of products have been created using silver as the base metal. Just like its colour tone, silver is literally like a moonbeam which spreads itself out into various fields and shines its droplets of light therein.

If you too are a lover of silver jewellery or any kind of silverware, here are 20 interesting facts you will love to know about this moony metal.

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1.  Silver Can Keep You Warmer In Winters

Silver carries an amazing quality of providing natural warmth to the skin. This is highly useful during winters, especially in areas with heavy snow. It has been proven that silver hand gloves are highly effective in treating a skin infection known as Raynaud’s Disease. This is a kind of disease which turns the skin of a person white and finally blue due to severe cold conditions.

2.  Silver Is Used In Laundry Washing Powders

Silver is highly effective for removing the odour of coffee or the smell of sweat which you struggle to wipe out of your dresses and shirts quite often. The ions comprising an atom of silver acts like a cleaning agent, sometimes deodorant-izing agent too.

3.  Silver Is The New Rain God!

Yes! You might think that the tinkling of a pair of your silver earrings are enough to inspire the rain gods to shower some monsoon. You might be correct. However, our scientists have a scientific angle to describe this. That is, cloud seeding. Cloud seeding is a process in which silver crystals are blown upon the clouds in order to modify weather, to bring rain or to control hurricanes.

4.  Silver Can Purify Your Drinking Water

Silver is widely used in water filters manufactured across the globe. Colloidal silver acts directly on the pathogens breaking them down further. This helps in killing bacteria and protozoa if any in the water.

5.  Humans Consume Over 250 Tonnes Of Silver Each Year!

Time and again, silver foil has been used to garnish eatables like saunf, elaichi, mithais and gulab jamuns. Known as vark, the silver foil garnishes a variety of foods, nuts and sweets especially in the South Asian platter. In regions like Bangalore and Chennai, you might also find dishes like silver-coated dosas and utthapams!

6.  Your Memorable Photographs Are Made Of Silver

The film roll used for capturing photographs makes use of silver halide crystals which carry this fantastic property. When these crystals come in contact with light, they react and record the latent image on the film. This image is then developed into a beautiful photograph. So, all those wedding photographs and school albums you have are literally silver!

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7.  Silver Can Increase The Life Of Your CDs And DVDs

Even though most DVD manufacturers use aluminium foil for the coating, some of them make use of foil made in silver alloys. The addition of silver makes it difficult for people to take off the coating from the DVDs thus, making them last longer.

8.  Health Of Newborn Babies Can Benefit From Silver

You might have heard the statement born with a silver spoon. Well, it is not just a statement. The antimicrobial properties of silver are actually proven to have certain benefits in the health of newborn babies. Many mothers use sterling silver milk bottles in place of regular plastic ones for feeding their babies.

9.  Silver Sticks Are Used To Treat Skin Ulcers

Known by the name of Caustic Pencils, silver nitrate sticks are used to treat various skin conditions particularly ulcers. It is said that these sticks combine the action of silver nitrate and potassium nitrate to cauterize skin and ultimately to remove the unwanted tissues such as warts and corns.

10.  Historical Stained Glass Windows Contain Silver

All those stained glass windows you might have seen in historical monuments and medieval forts like Jodhpur fort and Udaipur palaces, contain silver. The stained glass makers and artists are most likely to add silver pigments and silver stains in glass and ceramic appearance to make a good quality stained glass.

11.  Doctors Wear Silver Coated Lab Coats

Almost all the top-of-the-line doctors, surgeons and treatment specialists prefer wearing silver coated lab coats. It is believed that this is not just healthy for doctors but for patients as well. The toxic-resisting property of silver helps in preventing the contagious infections from spreading.

12.  Your Silver Earrings Are Made Of Stardust!

This is because, silver comes from stars. Not just some taradiddle, but interestingly, when stars explode in explosions like supernova, metals such as silver and gold are emitted from the space onto the deposits on the Earth. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons why silver is the most reflective metals in the universe and its usage in mirrors.

13.  Drinking Too Much Silver Can Turn Your Skin Blue

Well, many homeopathic doctors and treatments recommend drinking various silver solutions for the purposes such as colon cleansing, detoxification etc. However, drinking too much of silver can turn a person’s skin blue, a condition named Argyria.

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14.  Silver Is Among The First 5 Metals Discovered By Humans

Silver was discovered by ancient Sumerians and it is among first 5 metals discovered by humans. The rest four are gold, copper, lead and iron.

15.  A Day Is Named After Silver – Silver Thursday

Silver Thursday is an epic day in history marked by the story of Hunt brothers who invested their money on silver, made billions on it and then lost it all with dipping value of the metal.

16.  A Sheet Made From A Grain Of Silver Is Thinner Than Paper

The metal silver comprises of one of the finest ductility among the metal family. So fine that just one grain of silver can be converted into a thousand-metre long wire or a sheet of foil thinner than paper.

17.  Astronauts Drink Water From Silver Filters

Just imagine this. If silver wouldn’t have been there, the astronauts wouldn’t have been able to drink purified water. Most space shuttles are equipped with silver made water purifiers so that the water remains distilled and fit-for-drinking for longer time.

18.  Only A Silver Bullet Can Kill The Werewolf Virus

In some ancient folklore traditions, when there were no hospitals, people would describe viruses by means of lores and storytelling. One such deadly virus was sulphide. They described it taking the analogy of a werewolf. Ancient people said that a werewolf can be killed only by a silver bullet. As we already know that Hydrogen Sulphide is the root cause of many viral and inflammatory diseases, the explanations can be verified with scientific evidence.

19.  Musicians Like To Play Silver Plated Instruments

From trumpets to flutes and saxophones, many musicians like to use musical instruments which are silver plated. While most common metals used for this purpose are brass and copper, the use of silver offers even more resistance to rust. Most commonly, the alloy of silver and nickel are used in plating these instruments.

20.  Silver Has Ancient Origins In Wound Healing & Cosmetics

When the soldiers in early world wars would get wounded, they would be treated with medicines and equipments containing silver. Also, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, talked several times in his writings about the natural healing properties and antibacterial effects of silver. Also, if a person is suffering from fungal infections in finger or toenails, a coat of silver based nail lacquer is said to offer relief.

It is needless to elaborate the glory of silver, for it is but a certain thing.

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