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Best Lighting Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Posted By: Neha Bhatia
03 January, 2022

The day of 2019’s Diwali isn’t much far. While planning the lighting decorations for this year, you can consider some amazing ideas from the following list.

There are millions of people living on the planet who celebrate the scintillating occasion of Diwali with uttermost zing and zest each year. For most of them, the day of Diwali is marked by the return of Lord Ram and queen Sita after their 14-year long quest in the forest regions.

This day is also a remarkable reminder of the darkness coming to light. To express this, temples and homes are decorated with rows of oil diyas, string lights and lighting of various forms.

Paradox it might sound, but Diwali is considered as the darkest night of the month if not year, and yet it becomes the brightest night too. Added to it, the wellspring of lighting decorations available these days makes this Diwali evening a marvellous affair even more than ever.

The day of 2019’s Diwali isn’t much far. While planning the lighting decorations for this year, you can consider some amazing ideas from the following list.


Diyas and candles are those lighting equipments which are as popular today as they were a million years ago. Simple to operate, cost-effective and safe, a box of diyas and a box of candles are always good ideas to start off.

1.  Gel Wax Candles

Candles made in gel wax burn twice as longer as the candles made of regular paraffin wax. This is one of the reasons why a gel wax candle is quite a saving option for home lighting. Also, the colourful and designer look it carries makes this decoration just fabulous.

2.  Scented White Rose Candles

Like lighting, fragrance is also an essential part of diwali decoration Ideas. And when talking of fragrance, what better option for your table decorations other than a pack of white rose candles dipped in sandalwood aroma.

3.  Fancy Diyas & Candles

Painted diyas offer a playful twist to the regular earthy-hued clay diyas. This Diwali, add a play of colours to the rows of your shelves and the sills of your railings with fancy-designer diyas and candles.

Floating diyas, glitter-filled candles, gota-coated golden diyas and diyas embellished with beads like sequins, kundans, rhinestones and mirror beads - oodles of decorative varieties to choose from.

If you have a large-sized lobby or plain outdoor space, create a glimmering spread of lights by filling it with zillions of little diyas. And see the magic!


For all things electric and for people with hectic schedules.

4.  Fairy Lights

Like diyas, fairy lights are also an evergreen form of diwali lighting and a last minute resort too. Wind and coil your outdoor plants or your ceiling ornaments with strings of fairy lights in multiple colours. Even a string of white rice lights will do as good as well.

5.  Tealight Candles

Tealight candles are often ideal for luxury settings and spacious rooms. If you want to give your home a sophisticated lighting, these are perfect. They will look great in a drawing room, a central hall or a room reserved for attending guests on Diwali.

6.  Electric Brass Diyas

Electric diya is quite a common option among people nowadays. Owing to its ease of use and flexibility of design, electric diyas aren’t just suitable for home decoration but also apt for office spaces, shops and institutions. To go for more expensive varieties, consider the artistic style ornamented brass diyas

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7.  LED Rainbow Lighting

LED Lighting is an emerging trend in the field of decorative lighting. For Diwali, you can use a variety of LED strips which come in beautiful rainbow-coloured options. For walls and entrance, you can choose LED motifs like ‘Om’, ‘Swastika’, ‘Shubha Labha’ etc.

8.  Moroccan Style Mosaic Lamps

Carrying the Turkish origins, the Moroccan style mosaic lamps are ideal for pretty much any kind of home decoration and nearly any kind of setting big or small. And for festival decorations, they are just magnificent.

You will find a wide variety of these lamps online and offline. Mostly, these lamps feature multicoloured stained glass chips, mirrored & ornamental artwork, or variety of fabrics.


Because DIY decorations are always the best!

9.  Fruit Candles

To make a fruit candle, we’d need a fruit which carries slightly thicker peel, thick enough to hold the candle matter comfortably. Apparently, fruits like oranges and sweet lemons are ideal for the purpose. Simply take a bowl of these fruits. Cut each fruit into halves and dish out the pulp. Now fill the empty fruit bowl with oil, wax or ghee. Place a wick in it. Let it settle and then light it up. Just charming!

10.  Wheat Flour Diyas

To make a diya out of wheat flour, make some dough of wheat flour powder by mixing it with water and colour pigments. For colours, you can use a vegetable like turnip, turmeric powder, orange sindoor-tika powder or food dyes of various colours.

Mold the resulting dough into the desired diya shape; make designs on it using safety pins or kitchen cutlery. Now let the diyas dry. Before lighting, fill them with oil or ghee, and dip a tiny wick with its tip in open air.

11.  Hanging Lights

Take a palette of small-sized diyas, candles or bulbs. Keep each of them inside a glass jar or bottle respectively with their lids on. Now tie these containers in your outdoors or through window sills using a clothing rope or a string. Light them up when the sun sets. To add more effect, you can fill the containers with colourful glitter powders or seed beads.

12.  Mason Jar Lamps

When talking of decorations, mason jars always come handy. This time, we are going to use them to make Diwali lamps. To make a lamp, fill the jar with wax, glitters and wick.

You can also use things like flowers, leaves, glass pebbles, beads or glass bangles to decorate the jar further. If you don’t want to use wax, you can make use of string lights to offer a shimmery effect through the glass walls of the jar

13.  Rangoli Lights

Diwali is incomplete without lighting. Diwali is also incomplete without rangoli. Combine the two and make your Diwali decorations whole. If you’re using colour powders to make rangoli, you can use clay diyas with it. Better still, use marigolds with a combination of hand-painted diyas for a graceful look and feel.

14.  In a Nut-Shell

Just like the fruit peels, the shells of nuts can also be used to make dazzling candles. Create a diya by gluing gloss-painted shells of pistachios, walnuts, or almonds. Empty egg shells are good too.

15.  Coffee Cup Glow Lanterns

Take some cool coffee cups made in plastic or paper. Paint and decorate them with sequins, pebbles, sparkle and glossy paper cuttings. Now, take a string of medium-sized light bulbs and around each bulb, fix one of these decorated cups. Switch on the light and look at the gorgeous effect!

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