5 Easy Ways to Make Cheap Jewellery Look Expensive and Long Lasting

Let’s accept it. It’s not always a wise decision to purchase expensive diamonds or platinum for every second occasion unless you are in the kingdom of Croesus. Especially for daily wear or for workplace, we can trust on jewellery and accessories that are less expensive.

But that doesn’t at all mean that you’d need to compromise on your style or looks. Neither does it mean that you’d have to manage with cheap imitations of jewellery from big brands.


Apparently, it looks cheap otherwise too. In order to help you create balance and to utilise your lesser expensive jewellery items more efficiently, here are five amazing tips. They might inspire your imagination to repurpose your low-priced jewellery in a royal style and use it in way that it lasts long. With this, let’s go ahead!

1.  Use Old Faux Gold Jewellery in New Ways

As a matter of fact, gold never grows old. Even, every few seasons, the retro style gold jewellery from 80s and 90s makes a comeback in the list of fashion trends.

Your faux silver jewellery that you bought for weddings or family functions too might set you on walking a ramp of fresh style that might inspire other women as well.

And not just gold, it goes well for other metals too, such as silver or copper. Begin with a pair of gold earrings. Ideally, gold jewellery is best suited with ethnic fashion, preferably salwar-kameez, if you’d like to try it with modern fashion, palazzos, formal suits and dress gowns are some of the choices.

2.  Pair Low-cost Accessories with Expensive Clothing

If one of the things is slightly cheaper, let the other be expensive and compensate for the same. It creates the will-o'-the-wisp effect.

A common example you might have observed too is, many ladies pair cheap seed bead chains or hair clips with expensive sarees to pin it or clasp over the blouse. Another example is bracelets or kadas.

You might have bought them from a roadside market but when paired well with a matching dress, suit or kurti, they can create magic. There can be many such innovations to implement this. Experiment with your ideas and share with us how it went.

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3.  Repurpose your Charms, Earrings & Pendants into Brand New Bracelets

A very common issue of cut-priced jewellery items is that they tend to fade away sooner.

Especially the chains which, most commonly, are made in metallic materials, tend to fade away as quicker as a bath in the rain. What is left is a big box of pendants, beads and medallions which we don’t know how to use or pair up with.

If you too have this kind of box, with all those unused pendants, charms, lockets, earrings, fingerings or medallions lying spare, why not create a brand new necklace out of them. Or, maybe a bracelet too is a good idea.

Simply take an expensive looking chain or bracelet chain or anklet, and slip in all those old pendants inside it. So, expensive plus cheap is the brand new.

4.  Use Old Brooches & Hair Clips

Just as the fast food can make you lazy and slow, expensive jewellery doesn’t always guarantee to make you look royal and so. Sometimes, even the cheap jewellery goes well if paired correctly.

An excellent example of this is your old brooches. It would be a much wiser decision to use an old brooch with a new coat suit in a black tie function instead of buying an all new one purchased especially for a one-time occasion.

Another wonderful idea is to use your hair clips in an innovative manner. Take out some hair clips made of rhinestones, crystals or glass beads. Now take out some bottles of nail polishes.

Colour these hair clips neatly with these nail paints. Besides turning the cheap into a much more expensive one, it helps these accessories last long by forming a layer onto them.

5.  Cheap or Expensive, Take care of Storage

Storage is one of the biggest factors that determine how long lasting your relationship will be, with your jewellery. From cleaning to storage, jewellery requires a delicate hand to take care, whether cheap or expensive. Even the cheapest jewellery can add wonders to your look if maintained well, and even the most expensive of jewellery can look clumsy if not taken care of.

Posted By : Praveen Mishra

Posted On: 29 September, 2022

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