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Girls love to have a room that they can decorate as per their dreams, a place where they can lose themselves in their world of fantasies. Right from when she was just a little girl in her beautiful nursery to a teenager with strong opinions and thoughts, her taste and interest changes and the same is reflected in the way she wants her bedroom to be done up that coincides with the one she sees in her dreams.


If you wish to decorate your Lil’ girls’ dormitory in such a way where she can relax and enjoy, here we bring you to top girl bedroom ideas that are sure to appeal to her.


1. Creation Space

If your daughter has been blessed with creative skills, you can decorate her room as an all-purpose art centre. Besides having a wardrobe full of stylish clothes, create space where she can store her art and craft supplies.


There can be a simple desk which can be used for studies as well as an art area where she can create some of the one-of-her kind artistic creations. She will sure like creative imprints everywhere in her room.

2. Costume Play Stage

If your daughter is nothing less than a style-conscious diva or a fashionista, recreate her room with one of the best girl room ideas that suit her style and persona.


You can design an adorable costume play zone with curtained-off stage and a lovely costume closet. Install a spotlight, so when your daughter is ready in her perfect costume, she can show it off.

3. Sparkle Everywhere

Your daughter has brought the sparkle in your life, and she deserves everything that is the best in the world. Create a gold glitter wall in her room that looks adorable and add glitter to her simple room that transforms into a swoon-worthy space. Choose pillows and bedsheets that goes well with this theme.

4. Swinging Time

If your daughter loves swinging and loses herself in her world of dreams, hang an appealing rattan double swing which will create a play-inspired whimsy that is sure to be loved by her.

She can take her book or listen to her favourite music while settling down for a relaxed time. It is also a perfect place for cuddling and sharing stories. 

5. A Reading Corner

It is one of the best ideas for girl rooms. If your daughter loves reading, this is the best room décor idea that will appeal to her taste and interests. If she is yet to start reading, this décor idea is the perfect way to encourage her.


Place a lovely bookcase in the corner and line it with her favourite authors. You will soon find her lost in her book. For added comfort, throw some cushions and a soft fur that will keep her warm and comfy in harsh winter nights.

6. Princess Canopy

Many girls share the dream of living the life of a princess. If your daughter also feels the same way, go for a princess canopy in her bedroom and make her dream come true.


A beautiful bed canopy will make her feel safe, protected, loved, and treasured. Every girl loves to feel like a princess. You can help her live a life of a princess with wavy, soft fabric on bed and a canopy above that make her feel like royalty.


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7. Ombre the Sea

If you wish to create a marine ambience for your little girl’s bedroom, complete with the mysteries of the nautical world, this is the perfect way to do it. Create a mermaid centred theme with aqua blues and azure blue waters of the sea which gets lighter as one come up from the deep. Choose furnishings in aqua colours and paint the walls in similar colours to complete the look.

8. Boho Chic Style

If your daughter loves dreamy space, it is the time to go boho. It adds modern and fresh vibes to Bohemian-inspired décor. Create a casual, clean look with contemporary appeal.


Choose a rustic-glam approach and an airy colour scheme that looks perfect in the bedroom for a girl. She is sure to feel relaxed and in her element in such a room. 

9. Vibrant Look

The use of bright and vibrant colours in the bedroom makes it look beautiful and unique. Play with colours like orange and hot pink for your girl’s bedroom, and you are sure to create a fresh, fun, and funky feel. Bright colours are quite a in trend and are not going to go out of style anytime soon. 

10.Hide and Seek

Girls love secrets and secret hideouts. So, why not create her room complete with a secret attic where she can go and hide when she feels like enjoying some me time, away from all. Create a passage above in the attic as part of this décor idea. 

11.Dots, Dots Everywhere

Polka dots design is also quite in vogue. Get her pretty girls’ room ready with shimmering and glittering silver or golden-hued polka dot decals to add a sparkly touch to her walls. Create a girlish space with polka dots on her wardrobe, study table, pillow covers, bed sheets and more. 

12.Metallic Glam

Many girls love the glam of metallic hues. Why not replicate this look in her room where she is surrounded by space that glitters, shines, and shimmers with metallic accents? Give free rein to your creative imagination and choose metallic wallpapers, glitzy accessories, and create a gold-dusted bedroom for your girl.

13.The Foresty Look

If your little girl wishes to live the dream of Mowgli, why not decorate her room in a foresty look. Create a jungle book scene on her walls and wardrobes of wood. Choose bed sheets with Mowgli and other characters from the Jungle Book. If possible, try creating a treehouse in the room with a ladder that takes her to her cosy bed.  

14.Room with A View

Create a built-in window bench making optimal use of available space in her room. She will love this corner and call it her space where she can laze around or read a book, daydream, or spend some fun moments with her friends.

15.Make a Statement

Place a dramatic piece on the room and make it pop up like a statement piece. Its surprising and bold look will attract attention to this piece. If your daughter has a specific choice in furniture or something from her childhood, it can be used to make a statement.