Living Room Ideas | Most inspirational living room ideas for all your home improvement needs

Are you planning to decorate your living room? Here are some of the most sought-after ideas for starting with the process. From decor to design, you will find the best results here. Here are some of the best living room ideas to start with:

It is a contemporary and open living space. Hence, you have something that appears modern yet is rustic.

The beamed ceiling is a reminder of the rustic decor. You can bring in a few vintage pieces into the modern decor to complete the look. You can also bring a contemporary sofa to boost the overall look of your room.

    Victorian style

With a Victorian-style panelling, the room becomes light and airy. This brings a breath of fresh air to your living spaces. The modern prints or geometric patterns of rugs lend a welcoming atmosphere to the room.

If you opt for grey or neutral shaded walls with this decor, remember to add in electric blue or neon cushions to bring colour to balance the neutral looks. Also, accessories like flowerpotschandeliers, etc. are other additions that can be brought to the living room with this decor style.

    Modern oriental style

To bring a modern and Oriental mix into your home, you need to choose the right furniture with clean lines. It brings a relaxing environment to the room and boosts your creative talents.

Another reason that this decor is so popular is that it allows light to circulate the living room. Hence, it is perfect for your home if you have a small apartment or living room.

    Royal velvets 

A velvet sofa in a vibrant colour palette is a vital asset to own for your living room. A floral wallpaper provides an excellent backdrop to this beautiful and elegant sofa.

To add a perfect finishing up, add velvet cushions in the same colour palette as a sofa. Do add a contrasting trim to get that beautiful living room decor! You can never go wrong with this style. So, if you are new to the stuff, it is recommended to start with this decor idea for the best results.

    Layering and pairing

Layering adds a sophisticated appeal and relaxing effect to the room. It is best to keep the same contemporary and pared back. For this, use drips, drops or splatter patterns. This creates an impeccable style identity to the living room decor.

    The Roman build

With minor tweaks and changes, you can add a sophisticated appeal to the living room. Use a Roman blind along with textured flooring to get an elegant update to the area. This brings enormous benefits on a budget. Also, you can use the following points to amp your living room decor and style - 

  • Add modern, traditional or shaggy carpets or rugs. 
  • If you are still confused, go for modern rugs or carpets. 
  • Using the right accessories is important. If you are still in a dilemma, opt for an expert to help you with the process. 
  • Botanical is in! 

Use vibrant shades of fern, green or moss to get this look. This brings a natural and luxurious appeal to a neutral colour palette. 

Use lighting solutions and darker shades like black to create depth or definition.  

    Play with patterns

Combine straight, curves or angles to get the graphic appeal for your living room decor. Use these along with splashes of colour and texture to give the best request to the living area.

However, while opting for this type of Living Room Decorationit is recommended to have an understated background to achieve elegance and sophistication. 


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Use abstract floral wallpaper to create a dramatic backdrop in the living room. The metallic ceiling pendant, along with a contemporary table lamp, can bring a sweet contrast. Also, you can use a wooden coffee table along with the neutral rug to balance the decor. This adds texture and softness to the area.

    Eccentric grey

White walls, along with soft grey upholstery adds a welcoming appeal to your living room. Use wooden furniture around the living room and a classic sofa to act as the centrepiece. Once done, use colours to mix and match the collection of patterned cushions and geometric rugs to get the best results. 

    Eye-catching sofas

Choose eye-catching sofa, furniture and accessories to create a bold appeal. These create a bold impact in an airy room that has high ceilings. Use this idea to create a bold mix of old and new designs. 

    Vibrant florals all around

Use an extremely vibrant floral wallpaper to define and accent the colours of your living room. Use soft sage green on a sofa and complement it with a petal pink armchair. To neutralize the bold decor, paint the legs of the couch and recliner in black. This creates a cohesive design and brings a contemporary look to the living room decor. 

    Pink is still in 

Pink has a soft and romantic appeal that makes you bask in the glory. When used with grey, a rose-pink sofa becomes the cynosure of eyes. To get this focal point right use patterns along with cushions and rugs. Contrast the soft colours with a large floor lamp and a beautiful coffee table. 

    The luxurious vibes

To welcome colder weather, add extra comfort to your living room by bringing cushions made from linen and wool. These add a toning mix and brings in the perfect autumn or winter appeal. This creates a cosy space that will become the ideal place to entertain your friends on weekends. 

    Duality of colours

A living room with a two-tone colour palette is always in style. Here grey and chalky whites can be combined to make the room feel more spacious and comfortable.

For the right results, paint three walls of the room in the chalky shade and one in grey. Adorn the grey wall with light artwork to create a perfect match along with a balanced look.

    Welsh designs to adorn

Use a Welsh style plank and leg coffee table to bring a cosy appeal to the room. This brings a rustic charm to the place. With cream and bobble rugs and adding wooden logs - you can add depth and texture to the living spaces.  If you plan to own a cottage, the same can be renovated using this approach into a cosy and rustic vacation home for your friends and family. 

    Pair the opposites

Vintage sofas bring in an elegant feel in the Victorian-style home. Use a coffee table to create a sense of intimacy or an open plan. If you have a big room, use the seating arrangements over a classic rug to bring the cosy appeal within the ample space. Remember that the statement coffee table is a must to achieve the desired results. 

    Dark yet cosy spaces

Dark walls combined with bold graphics can leave a big statement about your home decor style. It must be combined with a mustard sofa to create a cosy appeal to the seating area in the room. 

    The riot of colours for small spaces

In a small lounge, bring a riot of colours to liven the space and your living room area. For instance - a small lounge area can comfortably accommodate a tactile velvet sofa in the bright shade of gold.


Similarly, combining fringed and patterned cushions adds uniqueness to the city. When all the accessories are used in a tactile way, it adds style and depth to space. Hence, it is perfect for elevating small areas and rooms. 

    Styling a room with a view

If your living room overlooks a great view, then use a low back sofa in contemporary design. This will help you enjoy the view easily and adds an appeal to the area. A corner sofa can help to give shape to a featureless room. Use a console table along with tall vases to give this room a scheme height.

    Country tale

Use classic country tale style scheme to get a relaxed and informal style. Use squashy sofa and chairs in neutral or natural textures to get the right results. Another great addition to the room is a gilt-framed mirror or glamourous table lamps. These add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the room. 

    Artist's palettes

Turn the living area into a masterpiece. Use patterned fabrics, artistic effects and soft colour palette to get the right results. Also, you can choose fine cotton, linen and silk in varied colours to get the right results. Use highly decorative pieces with streamline furniture to get a perfect match of both form and functional appeal. 

    Create a sense of space

Soft and grey tones, along with crisp white detailing, helps to bounce light. This creates a contemporary style of the living room. You can add pale furniture to keep the room bright and airy - all around the year. You can use black feature walls and engineered wood to create a natural focal point in a small-sized living room.