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Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most celebrated occasions of the country. In Maharashtra, the festival is celebrated with even more joyous pomp and grandeur to honour the elephant-headed Lord. The celebrations include the entry of Bappa into homes, preparation of Modak prasad and daily recital of Aarti. The festival sees boisterous devotees accompanying their loving Lord all through the streets before bidding a final goodbye by immersing in a water body.

On the other side, each year, 2k metric tons of waste is left behind by devotees after the festival. Even though people welcome Lord with celebration into their home yet, they rarely bother about the impact of the same.

On the other side, each year, 2k metric tons of waste is left behind by devotees after the festival. Even though people welcome Lord with celebration into their home yet, they rarely bother about the impact of the same.

Therefore, it is essential to have Eco-friendly and affordable Ganpati decorations ideas to bring festive cheer for your planet and home.

Eco-friendly Ganpati decoration themes for your home

If you have a hectic schedule, then you need to settle for the best and affordable Ganpati decoration themes to create a healthy touch to the festival and illuminate your surroundings with your brilliant ideas. Here are a few of such unique ideas for your home.

The cow dung and fertilizer precious Ganpati statue

An unconventional yet eco-friendly idea is to create cow dung cake Ganpati decoration sets. For this, you need red soil, fertilizer and plant seeds.


Place your dung cake made Ganesha along with seeds inside a pot. At the end of the Ganesh Mahotsav, create a symbolic immersion of the idol inside the water bucket or in soil.  


The Lord and his symbolic Ganpati statue automatically dissolve inside the pot and leave behind the blessings in the form of a small plant. Use ladyfingers, tulsi plants, etc. and watch your green Ganesha give rise to a plant!

Ganpati decoration themes for Aarti Thalis

The Aarti thali is a staple of the Ganesh Mahotsav celebrations, yet it is one of the most overlooked ones by the family. Although you can easily buy numerous variants from the market by decorating the thali yourself - you can bring in a spiritual enthusiasm to the festival. Use grains in different colours to create beautiful patterns and bring in fresh flowers to please the Lord.

Home decoration for Ganpati using spoons

Use plastic spoons in large numbers for creating the sitting place for Lord this festive season. 

These can also be used to adorn the earthen lamps placed on the sides of the Pooja room. All that you will want to have is a hot glue gun, some acrylic paint, spoons, and an earthen Diya for this. 

Use these spoons in a creative way to get a Lotus or rose Flower decoration idea. Once done, add more petals in a strategic approach and then place an earthen Diya to its centre!

Candy wrapped Ganpati decoration

To keep the celebrations eco-friendly and fresh, sculptures of Ganesha are made using candy wrappers. This is another different Ganpati decoration theme. Here candy wrappers painted in varying hues bind together to form a large-sized Ganesha statue. 


You could also order flowers in the shape of the Ganesha statue to magnify the beauty of your home entrances. You can also get flowers and bonsai plants to adorn the house this festive season. 

The bangle tea lights

It is quite easy to design a tea light using bangles. For this, you need some solid old bracelets, glue, decorative items like flowers and pearls to create an elegant Pooja room accessory.

Place a tea lamp and watch your space come alive with divine blessings. You can also use cardboard cutouts to get Ganesha shadows on the room. This is a straightforward and eco-friendly method to make a solid first impression on your colleagues and family.

Chocolate fortified Ganesha statue

If you are a chocolate fan, use the same for creating an eco-friendly statue for the most popular home decoration for Ganpati festival


Use chocolate to create a Ganesha statue. Many Ganesha moulds are available for use. Once you have melted the chocolate, use the mould to get the perfect Ganesha shape. 


As a result of this idea, you can reduce the carbon footprints and create an incredibly beneficial Ganesha statue for your home.


Once the festival is over, use milk inside a small utensil to immerse the statue. You can spread the love by distributing this milkshake between slum dwellers or underprivileged children and seek out divine blessings from the act.

Ganpati decoration using coconut husk

Coconut shells and husks do not need to be thrown out. Use them to create a giant coconut statue of the Lord Ganesha. 

Cut out a giant cardboard box in the shape of Ganesha. Once done, paste the husk to the cardboard boxes using glue. As a result, you can get the

best home decoration for the Ganpati festival.

Giant betel nut leaves

The Ganesha statue design never needs to be too complicated or intricate. It would help if you tried to reuse and recycle items that will help you to save money and the environment.

Anything around the house can be reused. Plus adding a little creativity by putting giant betel leaves can help you bring a new lease of life to the festival.

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Glittering Diya decoration ideas for Pooja room

Use shimmer and glitter to add to the fun of the celebrations of this festive season. So, use the traditional Diyas decoration ideas for your home after adding a touch of pearls, glitter and acrylic paint to make impressive designs. 

So, this method is extremely affordable and reliable. You can also ask your kids to assist you with the idea of bringing in the joys of elephant Lord.

Rangoli to welcome Bappa

While colouring for the celebration, make sure you add a classic touch to the decor through rangoli made from petals of different flowers. Use an excellent choice of petal shades to make the home look good and have a fabulous festive season!

You can add a swirl of colours to the Pooja room floor by using traditional rangoli colours to adorn the place. The idea is eco-friendly and brings a definite beauty to the home. 

You can also use the marigold or rose flowers to design a colourful and modern festival pattern for your home.

Playdough Ganesha statue

There are numerous other advantages of using Eco-friendly and affordable Ganpati decorations ideas to bring festive cheer. For instance, - you can use play-doh to create an eco-friendly statue of the Elephant Lord. This is a simple and easy way to teach your kids about the mythological stories and boost their creative talent. 

As stated above, you can use anything around the house to enhance the overall decor this festival season. You can also use a dough made from All-purpose flour and turmeric to get an innovative and eco-friendly Ganesha statue design that will leave people astonished. These ideas add a unique appeal to your home and will bring the best results on a budget.

Go traditional in celebrations

For adding a traditional appeal to the room, use the lamps or diyas to turn on their magic. Even though wax versions are also available for purchase from local and online stores, yet these cannot beat the effervescent grace of the oil lamps.

Thus, to give a holy charm to the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations - you need to bring in lots of earthen lamps and decorate them using paint and glitters. Another great idea is to use decorative garlands, string lights placed in glass bottles to brighten up the Ganpati mandap.

Develop a green wall behind Ganesha statue

Decent green wall design behind the Ganesha statue can be costly, but an incredibly unique interior decoration concept. Add a few potted flowers to the wall with some fresh coat of brown paint along with strategically placed lights to highlight the focal wall having the great Lord.

Quirky lamps and lighting solutions

Use wall hooks to hang lights. Add a rainbow appeal to the living room with the Ganesha statue by painting the base of the lamp using fun colours. 

Apart from this, use leftover fabrics to create a joyful DIY braided floor rug to sit and enjoy evening prayers. Place these under the lamp to create cheerful appeal to your home. You can easily use these post celebrations for more sitting space.

Beautiful tissue coloured paper flowers for perfect Ganpati decoration themes

If you wish to create perfect Ganpati decoration themes, then these tissue paper flowers can bring a positive impact on the festival decor. 


Real flowers are pretty but are expensive. Thus, tissue coloured paper alternatives bring a beautiful look to the room. Place them behind the statue to get the best results.

These can be used in the Puja room along with the small LED lights by placing them inside glass vases to create a remarkable spiritual connection. You will find yourself basking in the divine glow using these awesome decor ideas.