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Small modular kitchen ideas: Small kitchens having a single counter can work well for small dwellings, bachelor pads and urban spaces. Some of the holiday cabins may carry such small kitchens to accommodate a larger living area for entertaining guests.

Although, a larger kitchen is always a vital addition to any home yet the below mentioned creative small modular kitchen Ideas can also work wonders for your needs. So, if you are moving to a new home or looking for a renovation, then you can take help of these ideas and get the best results on a budget.

Small modular kitchen Ideas for floor spaces

Following a colour scheme is essential to bring uniformity or to create a perception of larger space. The same concept applies to the small modular kitchen Ideas.

For instance, if you have grey coloured walls or white accents all over in the kitchen area, it can work wonders for your home. So, here is how you can make most of your floor spaces.

1.  Add a dash of colour to the place

Having a kitchen in the shades of grey or white accents can prove to be a dull choice. Therefore, you need to add a dash of colour to the place. 

Although, you can opt for the closed shelves or hydraulics to get the most out of the limited space yet bringing a checkered design on the floor-length can make a massive difference to your home decor needs.

2.  Go for vertical stripes

Apart from installing wall hooks to create more space, you can opt for vertical stripes on a square kitchen. This brings a rectangular shape to the same for the best results.

3.  Bring in tiles for shinier effect

Bringing tiles for your flooring can quickly redefine your home decor needs. Porcelain tiles are high on durability and shine. It is also easier to clean them thoroughly using a simple floor cleaner and mop.

Since porcelain and ceramic tiles are fired at high temperatures, these are durable and can mimic the surface of your choice. Despite all this, it is recommended to get in touch with an engineer or an expert for the best results.

4.  The trio of shades

Another smart trick to make a small kitchen appear larger is to opt for a trio of colours. This means that everything about the kitchen, wall hangingsetc. will be in a maximum of three shades. 

This is because the more comprehensive the colour palette, the smaller will be your kitchen area. This makes it appear overcrowded and rigid.

5.  Luxurious marbles

Although, you may be tempted to add wall hooks to manage your space better, yet nothing beats the home decor like a clean and organized space. A luxurious marble can make a massive difference to a small kitchen area. This makes the same appear larger than it is.

Small modular kitchen Ideas for the wall spaces

If you have got elegant countertops and shelves for your kitchen, it is able to lessen the burden of the wall decor to a large extent. Similarly, adding allure to the partitions and the wall spaces can get a new attraction to the area.

Similarly, including tile art, mosaics, etc. can create a colourful show of colours and works naturally for nearly all styles of kitchens. Also, it is simple to clean. 

6.  Go for larger windows

Use the renovation tasks to create a larger window in the kitchen area. This helps you to make it airy and spacious. As natural light flows in, it creates a charming space and decor idea. You can also opt for gilded mirrors to create a sense of larger space and give the best results for your needs.

7.  Bring in metallic paint

Another great idea is to hang out the copper utensils and similar cutlery in plain sight. To complete the look, go for glass decor ideas, metallic shades, paint, etc. to bring in a reflective surface. This makes space seem more significant than needed. As a result, you get to have a contemporary and industrial style kitchen.

8.  High ceiling for a small kitchen

High ceilings can look awkward for a small kitchen. Although this makes it appear larger, yet it is vital to create a unique balance of the dimensions.

For this, bring in tall pendant lights or ceiling fixtures along with reflective drawer knobs to accentuate the space and bring a cosy look to the place.

9.  Create a creative blend of colour shades

You can choose open cabinets or those with glass doors to keep plates, copper utensils, glasses, etc. to keep an exciting blend of shades.   

You can, for this reason, blend cookbooks, kitchen cabinets and other items to create a realistic and elegant decor idea. It is excellent to choose this minus the wall hooks to avoid any further clash of shades.

10.  Use partitions

Using the above idea, you can partition the kitchen and dining area by using stylish partitions. It is essential to ensure that you get sufficient boundary area that keeps the same hidden from plain sight. 

11.  Showcase your collection

There are a lot of wall hangings, and similar products can quickly help you to beautify your kitchen region. This consists of the usage of elegant door handles or souvenirs to prep up space. You can use glass cabinets to keep away dust and grime.

Small modular kitchen Ideas for the cooking spaces

Cabinets and countertops are a vital part of small kitchen Decoration ideas, and every one of us one wishes to make the best results within a small space.

Therefore, you want to have elegant countertops, cupboards, island, cooking area and so on. For organization or storage, a small kitchen can use a creative style to appear both exciting and spacious.

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12.  A tiny kitchen Island

One can bring a small island inside the tiny kitchen. This brings better storage and movement. Doing so helps you to balance the look of the same. This helps to make the area more accessible and welcoming.

13.  Juxtapose the available space

Another smart idea is to extend the countertop to double up as a dining area. Doing this means that you have a great workspace when you are not dining and eliminates expenditure on buying a new table.

14.  Make efficient use of vertical space

Use a mixture of steel cabinets, copper utensils hangers, spices, tea, mugs, antiques, and so on to have a sense of spaciousness and style. This concept works exceptionally well for a kitchen of any size.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Why do I need to invest in a plate rack?

You can opt for drawer knobs, plate racks, and so on to any kitchen to create a lovable style kitchen area. The rack is ideal for adding an innovative streak to the process. Similarly, wire baskets, kitchen cabinets, mirrors help for keeping the spaces organized.

How can I invest in a small kitchen?

Use wire baskets, magic corners, hydraulics, etc. to aid you with the organization process. Similarly pull out trays can be easily used to create excellent savings on space. Use the help of Indianshelf to get the best results for the following.
• Invest in flexible storage spaces
• Hide appliances behind the breakfast cupboard or install partition
• Bring in chimney
• Swap tables for an island
• Turn awkward corners into storage space

What material works for a small kitchen?

There are numerous benefits of opting for modular designs and styles. For this use any of the following -
• Plain wood
• Plywood
• Stainless steel
• MDF board