Dress Up Your Walls with Your Favourite Handmade Paintings

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 01 December, 2021

Decorating your walls with handmade paintings will make your walls look aesthetic and sophisticated. Decorating your walls will make your house look fancy and wholesome. People will want to come to your place to chill and work. Therefore, it is also a great way to interact and mingle with people. You can turn your house into this comfortable space by beautifying your walls. Walls set the of the place and will help you showcase a fragment of your personality too. Your house is a reflection of your overall personality and aesthetic sense. Therefore, you have to design it in the best way possible. You will only be able to do that only if you are determined to liven up the walls of your house. Everyone does not get the opportunity to design their homes the way they want. Therefore, cherish this opportunity and give it your best shot.

You can even try wall art if you wish to elevate the appearance of your house. If you are fond of paintings, then you have come to the right place. Buying paintings is also a skill that everyone is not able to master. You need to pay attention to detail and the color scheme. You have to make sure that the color scheme of those paintings matches the palette of your house. You also need to ensure that you buy the paintings from an authentic place. It is very for people to cheat others just to mint more money. Therefore, you need to be mindful and become an aware customer. You will also need to explore many places to get the right price for the painting you want.

If you’re confused about the paintings you should buy, then this article will give some ideas about the type of paintings that you can put up in your house.

1. Radha Krishna paintings

Radha and Krishna are the perfect examples of pure love in India. They are worshipped by millions of people in India. If you’re devoutly religious, then putting up these paintings will prove to be a reflection of your commitment towards these deities. It is also believed that the Radha Krishna paintings will help you in spreading positive vibes at your place. Since Radha and Krishna had a beautiful relationship, their blessings will keep your relationships blissful and healthy. These paintings are also ideal for your bedroom as they symbolize the power of eternal love. You will get a lot of variety in these paintings. You can buy the one that you find suitable for your place. You can even learn to make them by watching tutorials online. These paintings are vibrant.

Therefore, they will add a bright touch to your house. It is also an excellent gift to give to loved ones. These paintings are loved by all in India. If you’re out of ideas to give gifts, these paintings can be a perfect choice. Therefore, there is no doubt that these paintings will look excellent in your house. Your walls will look glamourous, and you will feel the positive energy around you because of these paintings. You need to ensure that you buy these paintings from an authentic place so that it lasts for a long time.

2. Pichwai paintings

Pichwai paintings are one of the oldest paintings and are the pride of Rajasthan. They revolve around different instances from Lord Krishna’s life. Lord Krishna is one of the most worshipped deities in India. You can buy these paintings for your house to show your devotion to this deity. It will also show people the religious side of your personality. These paintings are very delicate and elegant and will make your house look gorgeous and impressive. These paintings are one of the most appealing paintings as their motive is to narrate the life of Lord Krishna. With the help of vibrant colors and different mediums, these paintings manage to invite a lot of attention. Walls are usually plain and dull. If you want your walls to look lively and bright, then these paintings will do that job for you. Pichwai paintings are easily available in the markets as well as online. You will not have to struggle to find them. They have a lot of variety.

Therefore, you can buy the one that catches your heart and eye. They come in the category of folk art. The word Pichwai means textile hanging. In a world where first impressions matter the most, you must buy these paintings to create a fantastic first impression on your guests. You can buy them from an art gallery close to your residence.

3. Tanjore paintings

Tanjore paintings are one of the most unique paintings are they are the only ones that have embossed on them. That means that certain areas in these paintings are elevated which makes them look even more real. These paintings are also popular due to the usage of gold oil which makes these paintings look gorgeous and luxurious. Since these paintings are made from real gold, they do not fade. With such mind-boggling features, these paintings will manage to win your heart. These paintings are extremely popular in South India. This art was encouraged by the Chola Kings. Therefore, having these paintings at your place will show your passion for Indian History.

If you want to show people that you are an intellectual, then putting up these paintings on your wall is a perfect way out for you. Your walls will look very sophisticated and well decorated with the help of these paintings. Therefore, they are valued for money. Thus, they will prove to be an ideal choice for your home décor and will make your walls look stunning. These paintings are also pretty affordable. Therefore, you will not have to exceed your budget.

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4. Thangka paintings

Thangka paintings revolve around Buddhism. The first word that comes to mind after reading the word Buddhism is peace and meditation. If you want that same peace and calmness to prevail in your house, then buying these paintings will prove to be an excellent decision. These paintings emphasize meditation and devotion. If you practice Buddhism, then thangka paintings are the perfect choice for you. These paintings are the pride of Bhutan and are extremely popular there. These paintings are also made on different types of cloth. You can choose whichever painting is according to your liking. The style of these paintings has evolved over the years, but they continue to win the hearts of people. Although flat colors have been used in these paintings, the detailing in them manages to cover up for that.

You will have to explore a lot for these paintings. Go to different art galleries and compare the prices. These paintings are not that costly. Therefore, you can buy them without exceeding your budget. If you’re fond of history, then mughal paintings can also be an ideal option for your home décor. Design your house in the best way possible with the help of these paintings. You will not regret buying them.

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5. Metal wall art

If you’re not that into paintings, then metal wall art can prove a very good option for you. The metal wall art pieces are also known to be extremely durable and appealing. If you’re someone who loves changes then these art pieces will prove to be a perfect choice. You can rearrange them on your wall whenever you want to give your home a new and fresh look. You will be to create a wall based on your preference and taste. That will add a personal touch to your place. The metal wall art pieces are pretty affordable. You can buy a lot of them and still it won’t exceed your budget. Therefore, buying them to beautify your house will prove to be one of your best decisions. People won’t be able to take eyes off of your walls. Your house says a lot about you, so make sure you show them your best side.

Without home décor, your hoe will never give you a personalized feel. Home décor helps you give life to your place. Therefore, decorating your home is of utmost importance. Decorating your walls tell a lot about you and the kind of person you are. It can help people figure out how whether you’re an organized or a messy person just by the choice of your designs. Designing your home also has a significant effect on your mental health. It’ll bring you a lot of peace and also lower your stress. The way you keep your house also defines your lifestyle. Your home is a blank canvas, and only you can turn it into a masterpiece. Your home should tell a story. It should tell other people a lot about the real you. According to some scientific reports, working in a beautiful and calm place can improve your work performance.

Therefore, designing your home in the best way possible will have a significant effect on your productivity and work performance. Thus, you have to set the standards high for yourself! Don’t wait for long and buy home décor as soon as possible!

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