Top 10 Christmas Tree Decoration Hacks

Posted By : Srishti Pandey

Posted On: 23 July, 2022

Christmas is the very beautiful time of the year! Every country celebrates it with happiness and excitement in order to forget all the bad times that they suffered in the last year. From lip-smacking delicacies to beautiful, magnificent decorations, this festive eve welcomes the upcoming of a warm and cosy winter season that is full of joy and laughter. People celebrate the festival with melodious jingle bell song and mesmerising X-Mas tree decorations. From small to adults, everyone loves to decorate Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments and Christmas items. Therefore, Indian Shelf brings a wide variety of Christmas tree decoration ornaments available in different sizes, colures, and materials. In addition, we are with some super cool Christmas tree decoration hacks. Read more to find out and use them this Christmas to make it more beautiful.


1.  Beautify your home with the handmade stars

It is a very easy and simple decoration idea to decorate your home. As Christmas is incomplete with the stars, so we suggest you light up your home with the handmade stars. Create stars with the mix of paper, metal, and wood stars in various sizes and shapes and hang them on a three-dimensional gallery wall and on your Christmas tree. You can also leave it up for the rest of the winter.

2.  Put little Christmas tree on the door to welcome your guests

The little Christmas trees decorated with Christmas tree decoration ornaments are the best to welcome the guests on the Christmas Eve. Welcoming the guests with the beautiful mini Christmas trees will definitely leave a great impression on them.

3.  Display Holiday Greetings on your Christmas tree

Along with Christmas tree decoration ornaments, enhance your Christmas tree by putting handmade greetings for your guests. Write different messages for different guests and let them pick their greeting card from the Christmas tree. This will definitely be a very impressive gift for your guests.

4.  Get the Kids involved

Instead of adults in the home, children are the one who is most passionate about Christmas Eve. Thus, share these moments with your children and believe that this Christmas tree decoration will turn out more beautiful and memorable.

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5.  Dangle Christmas tree decoration ornaments

Use different ornaments with different size and colours to beautify your Christmas tree. Choose from the wide variety of ornaments available at the Indian shelf. Order them today to make your Christmas dazzling and beautiful.

6.  Style some Stockings

Christmas and socks have too many stories. Every year children in our homes keep socks under their pillow and wait for Santa Claus to come with beautiful gifts. Therefore, the decoration of the Christmas tree is incomplete without socks and stockings. Dress up store-bought stockings by adding fringe or ribbon and fix them with a glue gun on the decorated tree.

7.  Get a little tree

Christmas is not only about decorating the Christmas tree. When you light-up your entire home, then the feel of Christmas day comes. Therefore, buy tiny Christmas trees and place them at different places like a dining table, windows, door and other spots of your home to enhance the look and feel of Christmas at your home.

8.  Decorate it with lights

Decorating your Christmas tree with lights is also one of the easiest ways that you can opt to decorate your Christmas tree. Decorate it with blue, green, yellow, red lights and make your Christmas tree more aesthetic and dazzling.

9.  Decorate it with gifts

Everyone always loves handmade gifts. Thus, create little handmade gifts made by coloured papers and other crafting materials and put them on your Christmas tree. Not only they will make your Christmas tree cute and beautiful but also the tiny gifts at Christmas tree will divulge your hard work and dedication.

10.  Decorate with a theme

You can follow many decorative themes on Christmas day for decorating your Christmas tree. Following a unique theme can make your Christmas more interesting. The theme could be any colour, symbol, hobby, or anything. Whatever be the idea, there are plenty of inspirations that can fuel your creativity. This Christmas, bring out a unique decorative theme and decorate your Christmas tree according to that to leave a benchmark on your guests.

We hope that you like these Christmas decoration ideas and will apply them at your home to spruce this Christmas Day even more. Thus, it is high time that you should start buying the Christmas tree decoration ornaments to make your festival an edge over the others. I am sure you will not only buy these decorative pieces for yourself but will also recommend these to your friends and relatives! Every one of us celebrates this festival and decorates our houses in some of the other ways but using the decorations offered by Indian shelf is worth watching and complementing.

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