I am the first step that you take to move towards your destination, I am the first that appeals you to put your first step, I am the first one that attracts your eyes and I am the one that enhances the beauty of a door. But, who am I? I am a door handle who witnesses hundreds of people daily, and hundreds of people witness me.

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History of Door Handles

Have you ever imagined that door handles can also have a long and a beautiful history? Door handles have a very interesting history.  Well, there is no accurate year which we can determine for the birth of door handles, but research says that around 1878, door handles came into existence.

An African-American inventor named Osbourn Dorsey is known to be the inventor of Door handles, the U.S. patent office received a submission made for improvements on a door-closing device by him. Doorknobs and door handles are now a vital part of modern doors!

Before The Invention of Door Handles

Before the door handles were invented, people only used lock and keys. Lock and keys were only used when they have the capability to afford them. If not, then they used to keep their valuable items in the boxes that could be locked and the keys were kept safe. For the high-class section of the society, a servant called Chamberlain was hired in every family as a trusted keys holder. He was the only one to be responsible for the security of all the treasure locked in the boxes.

The problem for not using the door handles as they were expensive. Poorer people have not enough money to afford door handles. In order to find a simple and cheaper way, they came up with latch-string. The latch-string process involved the use of bar across the door, and with this people were kept safe and so were their possessions. This latch-string method wasn’t really practical for interior doors of larger houses and it took too long to redo the latches if anything wrong happens with it.

Types of Door Handles

The type of the handles depends upon the creativity of a manufacturer. Because, now these handles are not used for the security purpose, they are a source of grace and beauty to your home décor. It is the creativity that can bring the newest styles and trends of door handles in the market. Here are some common door handles that one can easily find in the market.


    In the long listing of door handles, ceramic handles are the most common type of handles that are generally used. Ceramic is non-metallic materials that provide high-strength, hardness, and anti-static features to the handles.


    These are most popular in contemporary designs. Glass handles, these are the elegant handles that add the vintage, shiny and a classy look to the handles. Get them to install at your home to amaze your guests.


    When we talk about quality and durability, metal handles ranks first on the list. These handles are long-lasting because they have anti-bacterial properties and are rust-free.


    These types of handles are another variety of handles that are widely used. The reason behind their wide use is they come up at affordable prices with a subtle and classy look. Manufacturers make them in different styles and colours to give them the atheistic touch and feel.


Door Handles and Modern Decor

Gradually, door handles and door knobs got widespread. Both the interior and exterior doors started including the door handles. Now, with the evolution in interior designing and the new décor concept has increased the value of door handles even more. Regardless, the security issue, door handles are also very responsible for the beauty of the doors. They are available in a wide variety, varying from traditional to modern designs. According to the consumer’s contemporary needs, manufacturers try different and unique ideas while creating the door handles.

Handles are not a piece to be placed only on doors. Including interior and exterior doors, handles are also placed on cabinets, cupboards, almirahs, and etc. They come up in different sizes, colours, designs, and finish. From ceramic to brass to glass, the list of handles is endless. They transform the house into beautiful décor, complimenting your kitchen, bathrooms or living rooms. From classic vintage styles to modern contemporary designs, handles can be found in beautifully crafted designs.

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Posted On: 29 September, 2022

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