Handmade Paintings: The Best House Warming Gift Ideas

Your house is a reflection of your identity. Therefore, home décor is essential for any and every house to add a personalized touch to it. Paintings can prove to be great housewarming gifts. Everyone decorates their house because it sets the vibe of the place. So, gifting home décor never goes out of fashion. Paintings are loved by everyone. Everyone wants one in their bedroom so that their bedroom symbolizes that it is owned by them through the poster. Thus, gifting paintings is not a bad idea. Never go with a pre-decided design in mind to an art gallery. Be open to new ideas and interpretations.

If you do not have any ideas regarding which paintings to give, then this article will give you a lot of ideas.

1. Thangka paintings

Thangka paintings are one of the most popular Tibetan Buddhist scroll paintings. They are originally made on the cloth and emphasize the principles put forward by Lord Buddha. If the receivers of the gift are a believer in Buddhism, then gifting this painting to them will prove to be an excellent decision. Hanging handmade paintings on walls reflect your taste and your personality. It gives people a little insight into your life and your beliefs. Therefore, giving such gifts to someone for their housewarming will prove to be a wise decision. You will win their hearts as this is a very thoughtful gift.

These paintings come in various colors with different backgrounds. They have a lot of variety so you can buy the one which matches your preference and budget. As this is a housewarming gift, you need to spend within your budget. Do not exceed it as then you will not be able to feel the happiness after giving the gift to your guests. Buy what you can within your financial capacity. Thangka paintings are easily available in markets as well as online. You will have to explore a lot to find the perfect painting for the housewarming gift. So, keep your impulsive tendencies in check.

2. Tanjore paintings

Tanjore paintings can prove to be a fantastic housewarming gift due to their fascinating features. The usage of vibrant colors makes these paintings look gorgeous. They will liven up the walls of any house. Therefore, these paintings are perfect for a housewarming gift. They primarily revolve around Lord Krishna’s life. Lord Krishna is one of the most loved and appreciated deities in India. Therefore, there is no way that this gift will not be loved by the receivers. These paintings also have some unique features like embossing and the usage of golden foils. Such features make these paintings a must-have for everyone. The composition of these paintings will win your heart. These paintings are so mesmerizing that you will end up buying one for yourself too.

These paintings are easily available everywhere. You will not have to struggle to find them. You can find them online and then compare prices. You can also go through the customer reviews to find out all about the paintings and their quality. You to ensure that you check each and everything before buying the paintings. People can do anything to mint money. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe and away from fraud.

3. Mughal paintings

If you are planning to give a housewarming gift to people who have a keen interest in history, then gifting them mughal paintings will make their hearts melt. Hanging Mughal paintings reflects a keen interest in Indian history and culture. The mughal paintings have been made by some prominent artists in Akbar’s court and are one of the most popular paintings in India. Therefore, they will prove to be the perfect gift for all the history nerds. These paintings are heavily influenced by the Persian style of painting. They also have a lot of Jain and Buddhist influences. That is what makes them appealing, and they manage to catch the viewer's attention. These paintings are also very detailed with beautiful compositions. Therefore, you will love shopping for them as they come in various color schemes and compositions. That does not mean that you exceed your budget.

Look at different paintings and see which one suits your budget as well as your aesthetic. Trust your aesthetic sense for buying the painting. Do not think too much, and buy whichever one is perfect according to you. Be mindful of frauds. Choosing a gift is also an art. Therefore, if you want to master it, then start by exploring different places where you can find mughal paintings.

4. Pichwai paintings

If the receivers of the gift are devout devotees of Lord Krishna, then gifting them a pichwai painting will prove to be one of your best decisions. Pichwai paintings revolve around Lord Krishna and are the most vibrant paintings you will find. They can instantly light up any house. They will make the walls look stunning. Therefore, they are ideal for housewarming gifts. Most of these paintings have been done on cloth. These paintings are pretty affordable. Therefore, there is no need to get stressed. You can easily buy these paintings without worrying about your lowering bank balance. Therefore, you can enjoy the joy that people get from giving gifts to others.

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Pichwai paintings are one of the most popular paintings in India. They are the pride of Rajasthan. You can find these paintings in the art galleries around you. Explore these paintings and see which one takes your heart for a ride. Don’t forget that the painting is not for you but for someone else. That way, you will be able to spend wisely after thought and consideration.

Check out all these paintings and see which one you like the most. If you love the painting, then the receiver of the gift will love it too. If you put your heart and soul into something, it is a success. Therefore, put in your best efforts to buy the best gift using the ideas given above.