15 Best Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas and Designs

Whether you have been looking to get married under a prismatic setting or maybe under a blanket of stars, this wedding mandap decoration ideas list has something for you.

15 Best Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas and Designs

As the newlywed couple is showered with the blessings of their elders, the bride and groom put garlands around each other’s neck. The garlanding is followed by the sacred ceremony of saat pheras furthermore by a subtle flurry of flower petals from the present guests.

Each of these ceremonies isn’t just a random ritual; rather they carry a whole lot of symbolic meanings behind them. Not just are they important but they also make some of the most memorable moments photographed for the wedding album.

And so, your wedding mandap too demands the same attention as much as you pay while choosing a perfect catering or perfect gift favours for your wedding

If there’s an upcoming wedding in your friend or social circle, or if this is your own wedding, take inspiration from the below mentioned 15 mandap designs. Whether you have been looking to get married under a prismatic setting or maybe under a blanket of stars, this wedding mandap decoration ideas list has something for you.

1.  Grand Canopy Style Wedding Mandap Decoration

A grand canopy created out of drapes with a ceiling chandelier at the centre is one of the most common ideas couples like to choose for their wedding decorations. The best part, this style is well suited for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

2.  Temple Style Wedding Mandap Decoration

The bride and groom will feel utterly special sitting amidst swags of cascading drapes and orange flower bouquets. For drapes, choose bright colours such as sunset orange and hot pink. Other elements which you can include in this mandap arrangement can be a curtain of tuberoses, banana leaves, bells, golden ornaments etc.

3.  Yellow & Green South Indian Style Mandap

If you like the earthy and balmy feel of South Indian style decorations, do try this mandap décor setting in your wedding. Lawn cut greenery and yellow drapes are some of the ideas to include.

Besides, an addition of some metallic touches will make the decorations look brighter than ever. These touches can be from some tiered brass oil lamps, bronze deity sculptures etc.

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4.  Floating Mandap

Synonymous to a poolside mandap, floating mandap is an emerging trend among wedding designers these days. Use simple curtain drapes tiebacked at the centre of pillars with clusters of flowers, flowers matching with the theme colour.

For the inside vedi area, you can use cushioned wooden chairs, a mattress with plain white spread or some chowkis topped with printed cushions for sitting.

5.  Peachy & Pastel Mandap

Colour tones ranging in the domain of peach and pink relate to dreamy style wedding decorations. Simply using some peachy toned curtain drapes along with pastel flowers can make a wedding mandap look glamorous. This is especially true while the mandap overlooks a beach, sea or coast, during a bright sunny day.


6.  Enchanting Fairy Lights Mandap

Turn your wedding dream true with this seaside style of mandap design. This is ideal for wedding ceremonies carried out during the time of evening, and especially facing seaside.

Use fairy light jhalars for the ceiling, white drapes for curtains and minimal decorations for a gorgeous look. Floating lanterns suspended from a twine ceiling are also a great add-on.

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7.  Rose Crown Wedding Mandap Under The Stars

If you have been wanting to use roses in mandap canopy but hesitating to get a roof, this is the thing for you. Create an open air roof canopy while creating a crown of roses outlining the canopy like a ring. Use multicoloured drapes to complement.

8.  Dome Mandap with Crystal Detailing

A dome style is ideal for Indian weddings. To add to its beauty, consider lots of shimmery decorations like glass bead hangings, crystal chandelier and metal pillars. You can also cover the dome in flowers and greenery. If you’re using an existing dome structure, you might as well experiment with different kinds of ceiling lighting for the dome ceiling.

9.  Regal Style Wedding Mandap Decorations

A regal style decoration speaks of sophistication and luxury while preserving the traditional ethnicity at the same time. Red and golden, white and golden, purple and silver, peach and cream; these are some of the ideal colour themes for using a decoration like this. Besides this, you can make use of crystal glass centrepieces and motif style decorations for an elegant showcase to your guests.

10.  Gazebo Style Mandap with Iridescent Flowers

Fabulous idea for outdoor weddings! Get a gazebo erected in the ground using colourful drapes. Add accents of colours with cascading strings iridescent-hued flowers. Use filament light bulbs for the gazebo’s ceiling.

11.  Marriage Mandap with Merry Marigolds

Leave aside the assortments of drapery decorations and switch to the traditional yellow genda phool for the job. From marigold curtain strings to marigold garlands and wreaths, you can carry out the entire mandap decoration with the help of these lovely blooms. To complement, you can use brass bowls or brassy toned centrepieces.

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12.  Lotus Themed Mandap with Greenery

Bring the sacredness of lotus flower to your wedding with a mandap designed in the form of lotus petals. Most appropriately, the ground setting can be outlined in carved lotus petals or petals created out of flower arches. Think of open roof structure for this theme.

13.  A Mandap Dipped in Red Roses

Red is the colour of love, and so it goes without saying that it is also the perfect colour for decorating a wedding mandap. Consider a bright red canopy ceiling and pillars drenched in red roses. Add ornate chairs cushioned in red fabric. Decorate with rose string hangings to complete the look.

14.  Simple, Minimal & Inexpensive Wedding Mandap Decoration

If you can’t think of too contemporary or expensive a decoration for your wedding mandap, consider this beautiful idea. Use white or burlap drapes tied to the mandap columns or pillars. For further decoration, use several red kaleva threads to make up for the ceiling chandelier. Dazzling, isn’t it?

15.  Rustic Style Wedding Mandap Decoration

Rustic style decorations call for plenty of space and light, ethereal accessories. Some examples of rustic mandap elements include twigs, suspended lantern pendants, wooden logs and a trellis constructed out of dried tree branches.

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Posted On: 09 September, 2022

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