I know you must have spent maximum time in finding out ways to improvise your house and showcase your entire hidden talent. But I am sure there must some more things left which you will need to be recreated but are not getting ideas for the same. Don’t you worry because I have some of the ideas installed in my mind that I would definitely like to share with you all?

One such one fo the important furniture part of your house are the chairs! They are found in every household and you always want them to look unique in some of the other way/ in this post, I will share with you some of the brilliant ideas that you can use in transforming your chairs into masterpieces with just a few simple items that are available in your house or your nearby areas!

Since all these will be DIY projects so you can add as many creative ideas as you want and guess what, there will be no bars or constraints to enact your ideas. So let’s get started!

1. Wooden Dowel Chairs

The best part about being a DIY project creator, you can be as creative as you want and hence this time why not to switch to a chair which is comfy as well as gives a certain boho style look. For this reject, you would need, 2 wooden dowels cut to 24 inches, 2 cut to 30 ½ inches and 2 cut to 24 inches, 1 to 26 ½ inches and 1 wooden dowel cut to 24 inches.  Rest you need a drill machine and other related sets of screws and handles to create a masterpiece.

2. Stick chair

This kinda chair is not for people of every age groups since it is a little hard on a surface and small in size. It will best suitable for kids and for areas of less space. You would need large sets of logs, drill machine and a spray paint.

3. Simple yet modern wooden chair

This is easy to make a simple chair with no modern instruments or designs involved. For some of you it might look strange but for many, it will be the most relaxed and soothing item in the entire house.  This is by the far the easiest to make a chair. Cut all the boards using a compound mitre saw. Make sure that the ends are straight cut and smoothen them out with sandpaper. Attach the boards to the longer thinner boards and remember to keep a space of 1X in between the slabs. Then add the arm pieces and repeat the process with other armour pieces. Attach all the [pieces careful and then paint them with a semi-transparent waterproofing stain and sealer and you are done! Place soft cushioned foam on the seat and put cushions at the back of the chair.

4. Cushioned stool

This is a unique kind of furniture that can be made in hardly 5-10 minutes. For this, you need a small stool whose top can be removed easily and a Mongolian lamb cushion cover. With that stool top, cut a piece of cardboard in that same shape and then cover it with a cushion cover. Pave the top on the metal part of the stool and bolt it tightly with a screw. Ready to use!!

5. Hammock chair

A hammock chair are the comfiest chairs that can be easily made at home using basic items. They are multipurpose chairs both for the kids as well as the adults. First, you need a canvas for making the seat. The size of the canvas depends on your choice of the width of the chair. For example for a small kid, a canvas of 1.8 m of size is enough and for making a deeper chair, fold the canvas in long ways. Once placing and folding the canvas, hem each and every edge of the fabric. For making the chair look attractive, paint the chair with beautiful pattern and designs with fabric paint. Next comes the most important attaching a seat and for that, you need a strong thin rope and dowels.

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6. Beanbag chair

These are common ones which nowadays every household has. But why to waste time and money on finding and buying beanbags when you make yours at your home itself! All you would need is polyester stuffing and leftover fabrics, some sewing skills and a zipper.  Cut the fabrics of size say 30 X 45 inches and sew the liner fabric with the main fabric. Remember to leave one side open to fill in with the fabrics. The gap left can be of say 2 inches which will be enough to fill the fabrics and the polyester. Sew the part and then cover the liner with the main fabric. Sew the zipper on the main fabric and once covering it with the liner part, close the zipper and keep it anywhere in the house and use it in as many ways as you want.

7. Wooden stools

 These stools are simple and a hell lot of fun. They can make any boring conversation interesting along with a happy ending. All you need is a big thick log of wood which is cleaned with all the sawdust and made smooth with paint. Next, take small comfy cushions of the size as that of the circular portion of the wood.  Fit them tight with nuts and bolts and voila you’re amazing any time use DIY stools are ready!


8. Bookshelf stool

This kinda chair is a bit bulky but serves the best purpose for all the book lovers. As described above the procedure of making the simple wooden chair, similar is the method of making this chair but this time with some shelves added upon. While competing with the chair, add a few shelves with a simple method of cutting and fixing the smalls wooden planks and these chairs will serve the complete purpose for all the book lovers!

9. Dining chairs

I personally feel that every part of your house needs an updating so this time why not with the dining chairs of your dining table. You can make your with these simple steps and can cover them with any beautiful handmade cover. These bulky and upholstered chairs are easy to make as you would be needing just a few logs of wood and a driller. They will serve the complete purpose and will look perfect with your dining table.

10. Tiny stools

These 2X$ inch stools are all time purpose for any relaxing time where you just need a cup of coffee and a book in your hand. They are easy to make and can be made with any wooden logs of small equal sizes and you are all set to embellish a new tiny place for your ‘me’ time!

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Posted On: 29 September, 2022

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