Story of Radha Krishna – Indian Mythology

From mythological to this technological era, Radha Krishna has always been symbolised as a benchmark of love. These two words in our Indian history are never been taken separately. Whenever we talk about Radha, it is impossible for any human being to not to think about Lord Krishna. It definitely strikes our head and compels us to think at least once about the everlasting tale of love.

They shared an eternal love with each other. Regardless of the fact that they never tied a nuptial knot together, they are worshipped together. These days, modern-day couples admire these pure souls most and make promises to each other to be like them. They are the representation of the purest bond, love, and emotions. It is their purity and serenity only which has made their love and care unforgettable.

There are several life lessons which young couples can learn from their story and implement it in their life to make their bond of love stronger and better. From the mythological days of the universe, Radha is known to be an avatar of Goddess Shakti and the most dedicated devotee of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna’s flute was enough to mesmerise her because she was madly in love with him.

Radha Krishna together has not only taught us to love each other but also taught that with love it is necessary to have patience, power of sacrifice, and strength to support your love. It is you that can bring your love in front of the society.

It is not easy to always keep that same spirit of love for anyone. But the great devotee Radha has proved whatever the situation comes in the life; if you have a pure love spirit no one can demolish it. You are the one who creates that feeling and you are the ones who can preserve it. Difficulties and problems are part of your life as happiness is a part of your life.

Apart from difficulties, we can also say that these problems are the exam of life, which that divine spirit takes at certain intervals of life. Who gets through these exams becomes an example and who fails have nothing except accusing the life. The Bhagavata Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata or other epic scriptures have a lot to teach you.

These books have all the solutions to our daily problems. In order to sustain, we also find answers by ourselves but sometimes we land up wrong answers. It is necessary to find ethical answers. Your wrong methods for succeeding may help you once or twice but for every time it is not possible to succeed.

Have you ever thought about how this spirit of love and lessons will be transferred to your children or the coming generation? There are too many answers to this question. Well, it is not only about love that makes it imperative to be taught to your children. It is necessary because we are on the edge where we have started losing our culture and values.

But the question is what can a parent do? First, it is excellent if you have a habit of always teaching them good lessons and good values. As it is said that visuals create a great impact on humans. Including the Radha Krishna paintings at your home can be the best way to inculcate the spirit of devotion, love, sacrifice, strength, and more in your children.

Goddess and Lord Radha Krishna are the symbol of divine love and the bond of togetherness. Their paintings exhibit their love story which is eternal and sublime. Radha Krishna is the divine union between the individual self and the universal self.

Radha Krishna Paintings

Their paintings are immensely prominent, not because they are a strong presentation of love and devotion. They are also very important for your home decor. If you have a wall with a beautiful Radha Krishna painting, then you will definitely get compliments from your guests. Some things are designed in such a way that it becomes almost impossible to resist your eyes from gazing at it.  These paintings also have a great prominence in Rajasthan Paintings. It takes a lot of creativity and consciousness to transform your imagination into reality. Rajasthani paintings were stared around 16th-19th centuries in western Indian.  Stories of love and affection of Radha Krishna has been shown in numerous Rajasthan paintings.

Including Rajasthan paintings, there are several more regions and talented artists who use their skills and hard work to craft different kinds of Radha Krishna paintings. Some of the forms of paintings are mentioned below:

Radha Krishna in Uttar Pradesh Paintings

The artist of Uttar Pradesh paintings focuses on depicting the Braj raslila of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to the Bhagwat Puran and beliefs of their devotees, Shri Krishna uses to dance along the gopis on the bank of Yamuna River. And, this is what artists depict in their paintings to show how much the gopis were devoted towards their god.

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Radha Krishna in Basholi Paintings

These paintings come from mountainous regions. Formerly, it originated from the Basholi region of Jammu Kashmir to depict the lyrical Kangra paintings. These paintings reached the pinnacle when artists tried their hands on the love story of Radha Krishna.

Radha Krishna in Pattachitra Paintings

One of the most famous form paintings, Pattachitra comes from the Orissa. It is a Sanskrit word, where patta means a canvas and Chitra means picture. A common characteristic of these paintings is that they are made of bold lines and brilliant colours. All colours used in these form paintings are natural and brushes are made of bamboo sticks.

Radha Krishna in Pichwai Paintings

Pichwai paintings are a form a cloth painting that depicts the scenes from the life of Lord Krishna and Radha. They are famous because they are a very real kind of painting style. The use of blue colour for Lord Krishna skin, the jewellery on hand, neck, nose, hair, waist, and ankles makes it even more real. Most natural colours are used in the painting.

Radha Krishna in Tanjore Art

Tanjore paintings are classical south Indian paintings from the town of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. The Tanjore artists give a very rich and adorning touch to this form of paintings. Vivid colours, compact composition, and the glittering gold foils are used to give a rich feel and look. Tanjore artwork is considered as the stepping stone in the world of artists.

Radha Krishna in Mysore Art

Mysore paintings are more like modern paintings. The process of making Mysore paintings includes several stages, primarily a sketch is made, all the jewellery or those parts that are needed to be elevated are filled from a paste called ‘Gesso paste’. When it gets dry then the rest of the painting is completed by the watercolours.

Radha Krishna in Gujarat Art

Dwarka the kingdom of Gujarat has masterpieces of beautiful and intricate wall carvings and paintings depicting past times of Lord Krishna. These arts have a rich cultural past. If one wants to go in the past to feel those cultural vibes then he must go for Gujarati paintings.

Madhubani Art

Madhubani paintings come from Mithila region and the adjoining parts of Nepal. These paintings are done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib pens, and matchsticks using natural dyes and pigments and are characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns.  The most famous feature of these paintings is that no space is left and if it happens then it is filled with flowers, birds or some attractive designs.

Lessons from Radha Krishna paintings

  • The eyes of most loved couple divulge the serenity and depth of soul, the crown with the peacock feather shows divinity and enhances the colour of your life, the hands turn you into his flute and their feet makes you a great devotee. The painter who paints and adds vibrant colours to the painting himself gets indulges in piousness and purity.
  • These arts inculcate a sense of new inspiration and joy in the human minds. It also brings creativity, intuition, and inspiration that nurtures and help you in introspecting yourself. When the subject of the painting is itself Radha and Krishna then automatically it brings divinity, positivity, cosmic vibrations and attracts all things that are on the same frequency.
  • Artists from all over India and outside use their optimum creation, talent and experience to create a beautiful Radha Krishna painting. Their life has so much charm and grace that it is extremely difficult for an artist to resist himself from curating their life into hues and colours.

Home Décor

Your home décor can be the depiction of your personality, your thoughts, and your way of living. And, if you have a Radha Krishna painting on your wall then be assured that you will create a good impact on your guests. They are a symbol of love and affection so installing their paintings at your home helps you in filling your heart with love, divinity, affection, and serenity. From late centuries of the mythological era, people have grown huge faith in these holy personalities. Not because they taught us to love and sacrifice.

In this fast-paced growth world, we want a face where we can go get peace and solutions for our problems. The pure and pious face of Radha Krishna is itself the solutions for many problems. They are also an important element of home décor because they are beautiful and elegant. The Radha Krishna paintings range from 300 to 300000 and they are worth.

It takes a lot of precision and precision comes from hard work and dedication.  Handicrafts manufacturer knows how much devotion it takes to create the elegant paintings, and when it is about the personalities of famous love tale of Mathura then expectations automatically gets high.

Whether it is a bedroom, dining room, or guest room, these paintings are fit for all. Wherever you feel an empty space at the wall, fill it with exceptionally beautiful Radha Krishna paintings. These paintings will always keep you delightful, peaceful, happy, and energetic. What else a person wants in this running life?

As mentioned above in the article, Radha Krishna paintings have diverse variety and ranges. Different artists use different skills to craft a unique painting every time. And also if you have any ideas or thoughts, then you can also get it crafted into reality.

If any of the walls at your home is empty then get it filled with the symbol of togetherness. Nothing in this Earth is now more important than togetherness. All the relationships have now come to your mobile phones, laptops, or other gadgets. The life will automatically get sorted when we will start taking out time and space for our family, friends and other relations.

Get your life into a right track with awesome Radha Krishna Paintings. Exclude the negativity and depression from your paintings and fill it with love, joy, and passion for life. For a beautiful, it is extremely important to have a peaceful heart and mind. This has become the most expensive because money is not the way to buy it. You have to create peace by yourself; you have to find the ways which can gift peace and calmness. In this virtue, Radha Krishna paintings can play a vital role.

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