Few Life Hacks To Remove Unwanted Stains

Beyond ketchup, drinks and food; sweating is the serious problem with stains on clothes. And frankly speaking, sweats are the worst and most embarrassing when you are out in public! I personally run over finding perfect deodorants that not only work good for getting rid of sweat smell but also do not leave stains on clothes. And if you have the same issues and have to deal with similar problems then please don't waste money on expensive dry cleaning or simply throwing away your favourite clothing just because of this disgusting problem.

 Fortunately, today in this post I am proving you with some seriously amazing hacks that you can try on the stains and will definitely achieve positive results.

Precautions:  a very important tip is to first try these hacks on a small piece of cotton cloth prior to applying them directly to your clothes.



Wet the stained area with vinegar and leave it to rest for the entire night. In the next morning, wash the clothes in usual washing method. You will see positive results instantly. Vinegar works as a good stain remover for coloured as well as woollen clothes. Try to avoid using it directly on white clothes as vinegar has certain acidic substances that can make whites yellowish.                                                           

Aspirin tablets -

Aspirin tablets are multi-talented tools that not only works for easing body aches but also works well for hair and clothes. Apply aspirin paste to the stained area and leave it for 30 minutes. Throw the clothes in the washing machine for regular washing.

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Lemons -

This ingredient is a star in itself! It works best in all the daily facial, hair or food problem, so how can the clothes be left behind?? You just need to squeeze few drops of lemon on the affected area, leave it for 15-20 min and then wash it in warm water.

Vodka -

Sometimes this alcohol can be stored in your homes without even being afraid of answering your parents. Because even your dad sees the bottle of vodka, you will have an answer to it! This ingredient is a powerful tool in removing stains. Just apply a few drops of vodka on the stain, rub and leave it for not more than 10 minutes. Normal wash them and you can see an instant change.

Salt -

Science has taken us far from our imagination. Never thought that how a simple ingredient can do wonders! For this, just the wet the affected area of the fabric, apply some salt and leave it overnight. Next morning, wet it and again apply some salt and then do the normal washing and you will be thanking me!!

Hydrogen peroxide -

Dishwashing liquid and baking soda- in our previous blog posts, we have been suggesting the use of hydrogen peroxide for many cleaning hacks and guys if you have yet decided to purchase then please do since it is an extremely effective element. It is easily available in any chemists stores. For removing stains also, hydrogen peroxide is a perfect solution. All you need is to prepare a solution in the measurements of 4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon of washing liquid and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Apply this mixture in the area, leave for 3-4 hours and throw it for normal washing.

White stains -

Deodorant stains on light coloured clothes are tolerable but white stains on your favourite dark coloured tops are a top notch for embarrassments. If your white stains are not so stubborn, in that case, baby wipes can work for removing the stains, but for actively stubborn stains, you require a few ingredients namely, white vinegar and baking soda. Apply a thick layer of baking soda on the stained area, rub it with your hands then pour few drops of vinegar over it. This will create a bubbly reaction and then repeat the process again. Once the chemical liquid dries up, scrape off the excess crust and give it for normal washing.

Posted By : Nikita

Posted On: 29 September, 2022

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