Vastu Guide for Paintings and Art in Your House

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 14 December, 2021

Our house reflects our personality. So why not make it a place that unites us and keeps us enveloped with positive vibes all around? Today, many people use ecology and its principles to make their homes happier. Everyone loves owning a good painting or a piece of wall art in their home. The paintings you display in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and gallery have many influences. And if you want to make your home a more practical place to live, Vastu Art will help you decorate and bring positivity to it. Ecology, an ancient science still highly relevant and proclaimed today, has become an important space design element. The ecological concepts adopted in the painting make the house look like clay-based on natural elements. You can find a variety of fine metal wall art pieces by exploring home decor items online or visiting a handicraft store in your town.

Why should you display art & paintings in your house?

Painting is a way of expression and has always been an integral part of our culture. We are acquainted with our rich heritage today through stories woven into art. Every painting or art you display in your home defines your feelings and emotions. All visual arts and sculptures are powerful mediums that directly define the emotional state of our existence. They make a direct impact on our minds and our neural networks. Therefore, it is very important to choose carefully what you will display in your home. All the paintings present in your home should invite positive feelings and emotions in your mind. If you want your wall to look stunning, then go for authentic pichwai paintings.

Here are some tips that you should follow:

1. The Seven Horse Painting Vastu

A very common form of art, seven running horses are used in this domain, and it is said that whether it is an office or a home, it brings perfection and prosperity to the space. Depending on the environment, other paintings can signify good luck for a place. You can hang tanjore paintings in your home that will bring auspice and good luck to the home.

2. Vastu Painting For Lord Buddha

Images of Lord Buddha have been considered a haven of joy, happiness, and wealth for human beings for decades. According to feng shui and ecology, images of Lord Buddha have the power to increase the flow of chi, which brings wealth and good fortune. Chi is the life-giving force. However, following these rules will ensure that you enjoy the flow of fortune and wealth.

There are different Buddha images outside, but many people prefer the Buddha's meditative posture because it reflects peace. It also includes a collection of small vignettes depicting significant events in his life. To put it bluntly, a beautiful meditative thangka painting adds energy to your career. Placed in the northwest, it attracts helpful people and blessings.

3. Painting representing Flowing Water

The north and northeast sides of your home represent the water element. Therefore, an image depicting water or an abstract design with lots of blue colors can ideally be placed in these areas of your home.

It will help you to control your emotions. Also, since there is a quality of water flow, it will ensure a smooth flow of money and resources in your home. It will ensure a constant flow of ideas and positive thoughts in the minds of the residents.

4. Painting of a Forest or Greenery

An image of a green forest or green pasture is a must in every home. Since the color green represents the element of air according to the ecosystem, such images may be displayed in the east or north area of the house.

All plants and trees have an innate quality of growth. Therefore, a green painting or a forest scene display will help the residents' overall quality of life. If you feel stuck in life and going through a phase of lack of growth, then displaying green paintings can help to change something in your life and contribute to your growth. This painting helps you attract new opportunities in life and connect you with new people.

5. Pair Radha Krishna Painting

The mythology of Radha and Krishna is often cited as a symbolic story about the power of love and devotion. There is an abundance of Indian stories, hymns, and songs glorifying the love of Radha Krishna.

According to Vastu, it is ideal for displaying a picture or sculpture of Radha Krishna on the southwest side of your house. This aspect controls all the relationships of the residents.

Placing a Radha Krishna painting in the southwest creates an aura of love and peace in the house. Placing a painting or idol of a Radha Krishna can certainly change an example of their thoughts and emotions towards each other.

6. Paintings of Butterflies

The butterfly symbolizes change and transformation. These lovely creatures represent feelings of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. They are believed to be the strongest representation of life. Around the world, people associate butterflies with tolerance, hope, change, and happiness.

Since it is the ecology (lord of plants and animals) according to the direction of Lord Parjanya, it is suggested to increase the power of this region by placing the image of a butterfly here.

Doing so will inspire residents with fresh energy and enthusiasm for life. They will overcome all negative emotions and thoughts and look forward to living a life full of happiness and contentment.

7. Paintings of Maa Durga

Goddess Durga, the universal mother, is the most powerful symbol of Shakti (power). She is the power behind everything that exists in nature. She is known as nature or divine nature.

Even the existence of a universal man or Lord Shiva is incomplete without energy. That is why they are rightly called men and nature.

It is better to place a picture of mother Durga in the southeast corner of your house. Southeast, a direction known as the igneous angle (fire angle), gives the inhabitants all the strength to survive and thrive in life.

Mother Durga is always seen in a red sari. The color red symbolizes fire or universal fire. The component of fire in your home is responsible for your health and cash flow.

8. Vastu Paintings For Bedrooms

Depending on the bathroom's architecture, using art or painting in the design of your bedroom attracts loving energy. Choose a painting or artwork that represents the theme of marital happiness, manifested in the presentation of artwork or artwork in pairs.

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9. Vastu Painting Living Room

Indian paintings are known to depict their unique eco-culture are called eco-paintings. This artwork specializes in having a more accessible feel to the gallery. They also draw visual contrasts and revitalize the house. All Indian paintings are not just religious; They are also spiritual. This style is very suitable for single-panel painting; However, in other places, you do not have more than one work of art in this style. The more Indian paintings in a limited environment, the less confident the patrons, will feel and spend less time enjoying the artwork. You can also amp up the look of your dining room space with intricate and impressive mughal painting if you want your dining room to look elegant with a touch of rich ancient culture.

10. Indian religious painting

Over the years, many religions have developed in India, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and the world's greatest civilization. Spiritual ideals have found a strong foothold in modern life. Experience it in your life.

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