10 Inviting Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas 2020 | Home Decor Ideas | Indianshelf

10 Inviting Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas | Home Decor Ideas | Indianshelf

Whether you like to cook as a passion or perhaps it’s a homemaking responsibility that you’ve taken, but either way, a kitchen is regarded to be one of the welcoming places in a house. No wonder, the aroma of your hand-stirred curries, finger-licking gravies and creamy cappuccinos is enough to get your neighbours to ring your doorbell.

However, just imagine how perfect it would be if the look of your kitchen is as attracting as the food cooked. A bonus add-on, right? In this article, you’ll read about ten of the exciting wall decoration ideas most suited for a kitchen’s walls. Keep reading.


There are some walls in a kitchen which don’t ask for the size of the space. Yet, these walls mostly stay blank and empty unless you have some accent paint. So, in case your kitchen walls are blank and you have no idea what to put there, here are some of the evergreen and easy-to-execute kitchen wall ideas.Some of these will also double up as organization hacks, equally suited for most common kitchen layouts.

1. Kitchen Themed Backsplash Wallpaper

Wallpapers are simple and inexpensive decorations through which you can give your entire kitchen room a cool, colourful look. Whether your kitchen walls are filled with stains of tomato puree or whether their whitewashed plaster is at the verge of cracking, wallpapers almost always come handy.

Get your kitchen backsplash get splashed with some hearty designs and patterns. From a matte finished wallpaper to an intricate patterned one, there are plenty of designs to choose from. 

2. Chalkboard Lists

If your kids are always asking “What’s in the dinner today?” or if you have been wishing to organize your meal plans, or maybe if you don’t maintain a list notebook for shopping your groceries and kitchen items, then do consider a chalkboard. From a tiny sized board to a full-fledged chalkboard wall, there is no limit to what you can do with a chalkboard.

While on the regular days, you will use this board for writing lists and plans, on other festive days, you can use it to give your kitchen a decorative rustic fashion with some coloured chalks!

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3. Rolling Pin Wall Mount

If you live in India, a rolling pin or a belan is that one accessory which gets used nearly two to three times a day mainly for rolling chapattis. Most household kitchens don’t have a storage designed especially for this kitchen item.

Mostly, it is placed in a drawer or placed vertically slanting atop the kitchen shelf with the wall’s support. So, it’s an exciting idea to give this royal kitchen accessory the place it deserves.

Get a rolling pin wall mount for your kitchen. Besides displaying your favourite pin in a decorative format, the mount also acts as storage without eating too much space.

4. Kraft Paper Roll Dispenser

If you need something in your kitchen to write things down, a Kraft paper roll is perfect for the job. These days you will also find high-quality Kraft paper rolls coming with a wall mounted dispenser.

Write your recipes, doodle your moods, note your cooking observations, just about anything you’d like to do during the time you are cooking in the kitchen. Apart from offering wall decoration to your kitchen, a Kraft paper roll doubles up as a great manager too.


A big kitchen gives you excuses to experiment with its look and decorations. Sometimes you might like to go heavy on decorative accessories, other times you may like to keep it plain and minimal.

Sometimes you may like to keep it organization ready while other times you might want to show a neat display to your guests. So, below mentioned are some fantastic decoration ideas for wide and spacious kitchen walls.

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5. Oversized Calendar Hanging

Crazy about schedules and planning? Well, you don’t have to compromise this aptitude of yours while in the kitchen. Instead, get one of your walls covered in an oversized calendar wall hanging.

So that you can mark, track or brainstorm your next appointment while you’re waiting to turn off the gas as the milk in the pot boils. Ideally, a black and white calendar with wider fonts and bold letters is perfect. If you want to chose a printed designer calendar matching with your kitchen’s colour theme, even that will look beautiful. 

6. A Simple Ledge

If you’re a kind of person who likes to experiment with your home decorations very often, consider this simple and minimal style wall decoration. Get your wall a dividing panel in the form of a narrow ledge made in wood or marble. Use this ledge to display your solo collectibles, herbs, photos, notes or pieces of your favourite cutlery.

When empty, the ledge will act as a support as you read a recipe book while cooking, or for keeping your mobile phone as you’re referring to a recipe video for cooking. To make it even more attractive, polish the ledge in some bright coloured paint.

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7. A Greenery Wall

To have an area in your kitchen dedicated to plants and greenery is not just a fabulous thing to do but also essential. And when you have a large sized kitchen, it’s like a bonus because now you have some interesting ideas to bring greenery to your walls. From wall planters to designer succulents and herb pouches, there is a good deal of wall planting ideas you can consider.

If you don’t want to use more of expensive decorations, even placing a bunch of foliage in wall mounted mesh baskets is a great alternative. If you have a window in your kitchen which leads to a garden or tree area, you can also grow a tree outside while extending some of its branches in your kitchen via the window. 


The main factor in narrow kitchen’s walls is that, it leaves no space for decoration in the lower wall areas. Most of the times, only the upper area of the wall is available for decorations, while the bottom portions have been utilized in cabinetry.

If you have this upper wall space free of obligations to any further storage, do consider some beautiful wallpaper. Else or otherwise, following are some eye-catching wall decorations which will also help you repurpose your daily items as display-ful decorations. 

8. Pegboard Wall

A kitchen includes so many little-little accessories that something is always lost. Mostly when it is needed. Be it a knife or a rolling pin, something always gets placed in a drawer or a cabinet where it is not meant to be.

So, when talking of wall decoration for a kitchen, an intelligent thing to do is to combine decoration and storage together, especially for kitchens spanning a narrower area.

For a small sized kitchen like this, think of a wall covered in a pegboard. While you will use some peg hooks for hanging your everyday kitchen utilities, you can use some of the remaining hooks for decorative lanterns and danglers.

If you don’t want to cover the entire wall in pegboard style, do think of a smaller sized pegboard for displaying things like knives, cups and bottle openers.

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9. Wire Grid Panel

Much like a pegboard wall, a wire grid panel also offers the same storage-cum-display function for smaller kitchens. Think of a mesh style wire panel on the wall above your kitchen sink or on an empty wall.

Some of these grid panels also contain protruding wire baskets for keeping lightweight items. Depending on your budget and kitchen style, you can select from different kinds of materials for the grid including rose gold wire, copper wire, iron wire etc. 

10. Shelved Pot Rack with Hooks

Showcase your collection of copper pots and saucepans while organizing them in order with the help of a wall rack. Many such racks feature shelves for keeping the utensils intact on the wall hanging.

While choosing a rack, consider the one which comes with additional hooks for suspending any lightweight pans or mugs you have. To make it look extraordinary, play with the colour choices or simply paint the rack in a paint matching your kitchen décor 

In a Wrap-up

If you have a knack of mixing, matching and personalizing, each of these ten ideas is as good for walls in any or every kitchen. The only thing to note is, to avoid extremes.

That is, make sure that if you have a small kitchen, then you don’t make it overwhelming by filling too much on the walls. On the other hand, if you have a large sized kitchen, its better not to waste the wall space by keeping it plain. Either way, happy kitchen!